I love fall. Not for the changing colors, or the crispness of the air. Not for the back to school sales where in you can buy darling shoes and a matching handbag for less then got for selling your sisters used retainer on E-bay. No, I love fall because it is the only time of year you can get large quanities of candy corn without having to pay two bucks per ounce.

Mm. Candy Corn, how I love thee.


Being bored, I decided to amuse myself by seeing what was brought up when using 'Brighterskyte' in a search. Among the things brought up (every single one in referance to me. I'd grow an ego, if I could just get up the energy.) was the Googlisim on 'Skyte'.

My favorite? "Skyte is in for a serious beating in the near future"

Promises, promises.


I admit that I am one of those people who isn't lazy in the sense that they don't do anything, but I'm lazy because I do far too much and my other projects sometimes get kicked into the dusty corner of shame for a period of time. I don't abandon them forever. I come back sooner or later, dust them off, give them a kiss and keep on truckin', but some things just get neglected and then I have to beg for forgiveness. This ritual is not pretty, and does nothing for my self-esteem.

I haven't done a layout (and thus, this post is not being read by anyone but me, and the stalker who's figured out my password so he could read my posts that aren't getting posted) and I feel badly about this. Not because nobody gets to read my asinine thoughts, but because I enjoy my blog and feel it deserves more then the Kick.

I haven't made a new layout because between working, and planning events, and all the other things going on, I just haven't been able to staple my eyelids open long enough to get past the guilt that is injected into my brain whenever I work on something that is purely mine. Stupid, but sadly true. Topping it all off? I have no idea what I want here.

I want something good, something unique, something that will make me feel like I've got some kind of semi-decent skills insted of feeling like I'm some mutated cartoon character pounding away at the keyboard with my four huge white sausage fingers.

Maybe something autumny.


Finally! After years of getting the run around and turned down I managed to swindle a Pell Grant out of the college, and I didn't even have to sleep with anyone. I managed to land a pretty decent hunk of money for Spring Term. This gives me a little under five months to find a car and figure out how I'm going to swing everything I do every day and going to school full time since I have to go full time to keep the grant.

This should be fun.

I'm going back to schoooool, I'm going back to schoooool. Everybody do the happy shuffle with me now! Shuffle...shuffle...shuffle...



To the sweet older gentleman who had the heart attack while waiting in the Doctors office and had to be taken away by the ambulance, and his wife who was very worried. I hope everything works out for the best for you, and that you feel better soon sir!

To the mechanic who sliced his finger to the bone working on a rental car and needed eight stitches. Please forgive me for not telling you they called you but you didn't hear them because you were in the other room and on the phone yelling at someone. I feel guilty. I was torn. I am extremely sorry, and I do hope that they fixed your finger.

Thank you, that is all.


Today is officially Summers final wheezing last stand for me. It is both sad, and wonderful.

Hurray for fall! Hurray for back to school! Hurray for rain! Hurray for longer hours of darkness in which sleeping in like a bag of lazy flesh is almost justified! All of this of course also means I'll have to do my morning mile in the dark, cold and wet.

Oh well, I guess no matter what the season, you just can't win them all.