Boys are stupid and icky. They do nice things that make you cry and then it messes up the pretend make-up you have on.

Thank you Fred. I love you.
Savanna came over tonight for a "Lost Season Finale Party" it was a total blast! I had invited one other person (I only know TWO people who watch it, how freaking sad is that?) but I think she got called into work and couldn't make it. :(

The season finale was the most frustrating thing on the face of the planet.

I loved it. I don't think I can wait an entire summer. It's gonna kil me.

I get to go to the Zoo tomorrow! I get to go to the Zoo tomorrow! The ZOO! Are you not super jealous? I have to be on campus at 7:45 or my professor will leave without me, so I need to go get to bed, since it's almost midnight.

I'm going to take a ton of pictures. I am so excited! A field trip! To the ZOO!


Oh, the sunshiney.
It will be so nice,
nearly 90 out.


I keep coming in to post, and either forgetting what I was going to say or I get distracted by something shiny and just don't finish my thoughts.

Lane was in the Iris Festival Parade on Saturday. She's in McNary's Colorguard for those of you who don't know. Yes, I sat outside for three hours just to watch her walk by. How's that for dedicated older sibling? I have some pretty good pictures of her doing that thing she does with the pole, you know, for blackmail. No, not the ones at the strip joint, those aren't really appropriate for my G rated blog.

Don't make that face. I've heard the lecture a million times:

"It's not a stick, it's a pole! It's not a gun it's a rifle! It's not a sword it's a saber! Get it right!"

Then she usually smacks me upside the head with her flag, and I lose consciousness and wake up on some dark boat somewhere heading for a country where I'll work in a turnip feild for one set of clothing and six pennies a year. Geesh...sisters.

Anyway. I just wanted to throw something up to let you know I haven't died. I've got to get back to my Zoology homework, it's due in the morning.

Leave me a comment, yeah? I love those.


I need more then this.
Two days is not enough,
I am so burnt out.


A friend is picking me up in about an hour. Why? Because she's forcing me to go stand in line so I can watch Episode III with her. I'm not thrilled.

Seriously though, she's a blast, and we rarely get to hang out, so that part will be fun. Also, my OTHER friend is standing in line somewhere else, so at least her and I can swap freaky freak stories on Friday in class. No, I don't plan on being one of the freaks.

Sadly, I shall miss Lost. Somehow, I'm just not sure standing in line, in the rain, for hours to watch a movie at midnight is worth it.

The things I do for my friends. Geesh.


Only three weeks left.
Oh glorious summertime,
I love thee so much.


"Pencil Sitter"

"Pencil Sitter!"

"Pencil Sitter! Pencil Sitter!"


There was a loud thump. I tilted my head, and peered around one of the displays being rumbled by the wind. Her big hazel eyes, almost level with the booth table, peered right back. She had a bright yellow rain slicker with flowers on the front on, all tucked up over her hair, strands of which were currently blowing into her mouth. She spit a little to try and clear her mouth, and made a very frustrated noise. The kind only kids her age can pull off, and still look cute.

"Hello." I said.

"Yeah." She said back, staring at me. Children can stand unblinking for hours. It is both awe-inspiring and unquestionably disturbing. They have a magical sheen over their eyes that prevents them from drying out. It dissolves off as they get older. One of the signs of growing up...that need to blink. All the best starers have been children. It's a fact.

"There is a problem." She stated simply. I raised my eyebrows, and quickly did a mental scan of the days events. Had I broken some Kidinal rule without knowing it? I was usually so very careful about these things. Let's see: waved to all the wavers, smiled to all the smilers, gave candy to the ones who could have it (and the ones who couldn't), laughed at all the jokes, made sympathetic noises to all the sad stories, tied a shoe, found a sock, caught a wayward balloon before it could fly off into the grey sky forever. Nope, I couldn't think of a single thing that would have offended the surrounding child populace.

"A problem?" I encouraged, and then waited. You learn to wait, with children. To form a thought, think of words, string it into a sentence, and push those phrases out their mouths take time. Sometimes loads of time. I had time, I could wait.

She had a lopsided purple heart on her left cheek, it looked like one of the other kids had panted it. Sighing, she raised her right hand. Suddenly, I could see what the problem was.

In her iron grip was a green pencil. The kind I was giving away in our booth. It had our companies name embossed on it, it also had smiley faces, because I couldn't resist. She had come to my booth before, I remembered, and carefully picked out two. A pink one (because it was her very favorite) and a green one (so her mommy wouldn't feel left out). The pink one was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's your pink pencil?" I asked.

Another sigh. "I don't know. I am thinking I lost it, I think."

"Uhoh. Where did you lose it?"

"I was eating my sandwich. It had meat-stuff on it. I like meat-stuff, but I don't like the white kind, just the baloony kind. Oh, and there was a bug. I had to show the bug to, um, I had to show it because it was a bug. I left my sandwich, and my pencil wasn't there no more. Just the green one, it was here." She waved her fist under my nose.

Bugs these days, stealing little girls pencils. "Do you want another one?"

She blinked. I could have sworn it was for the first time. I told you, stare champions. "Yes, I mean, I want a pink one please, like the other pink one."

"Help yourself." I said, smiling at her. She trotted over to the other side of the booth, all I could see was the top of her jacket. Reaching up, she pulled down a handful, pulled out a pink pencil, and put the rest on the table. "Thank you pencil sitter!" she screamed raising her pencil into the air, and ran off. I was eternally glad the pencils weren't sharpened.

"Mommy!" I heard her yelling, "Mommy the very, very nice pencil sitter gave me another pink one! Another pink one like the pink one I lost! Mommy look! Mommy look! Mommy! Mommy!"

Her mother reached down and held her hand, and as they walked out of my line of site I could still hear her yelling about her pink pencil.

I went back to manning my booth, but I decided I'm to change nametag. Below my name, and my official title, it will read in tiny little letters "Pencil Sitter". I like that. I like it alot.


I got a sunburn.
That sunshine always gets me,
Even when cloudy.


I'm in my 'all-kinds-of-professional' attire today. I'm even wearing my heeled sandles, which I swear to you are plotting to break my neck. I don't even know why I bought them, most women buy heels to be taller right? I really don't need to be any taller. Do I? No, I don't think so either. They have to make me like...nine feet tall.

I have a confrence...well, I have two confrences. Mostly because torturing myself is fun. One today from 10 to 4 here in town, and one tomorrow from 8 to 5 in the Land of Port. I'll be running presentations for PST, I'll also be running a raffle. It won't be one you're interested in, unless you need training hours, I'm raffling off a mail-order class. I might raffle off an online account with a free class as well, it depends on how I feel. I might not raffle anything at all! Eh...no, I will, because I'm just not divant enough to say I will and then not do it. Wimpy. It's sad.

I need to be running out the door, and I still need beat fix my hair. What I really want to do, is go back to bed and spend the day sleeping. I haven't had a good nights sleep in decades.

Ok, enough whining! Have a spiffy weekend.


Confrence stuff today.
I hope it does not rain, yo,
Soggy Jamie head.


So, I'm off to see how unlucky today really is.

Will there be a pop quiz? Will I flunk said quiz? Will I forget to turn in my application for rehire? Will I be fired? Will I lose control of my bodily functions and have an "accident"? In front of the entire student body? Will I run away in tears? Blinded by those tears, will I get lost? Will I fall off the tenth floor of some Godforsaken building, plummiting into an Office Max truck full of unboxed thumb tacks and meet my horiffic fate? Will I go to hell, only to be rejected? Will I be reincarnated? In the South?

Only time will tell.


If you live down South,
I was only joking, `kay?
Don't beat me, it's mean.


Does anyone else think Site Pal is completely disturbing, or is it just me?

I should totally make one for PST, make it say things that aren't suggestive but could be completely taken out of context as such.

Even better, make it ugly, really, really ugly. No! Eureka! I've got it. I'll take the really young girl with piggie tails, make her all freaky glowstick-eyed with white hair, and make the scary female hive voice come out of her:

"Hello Childcare Professionals. I hope you do these classes and take goood care of your little children. We will know if you don't."

Scary, Hu? I don't know how it effected you, but I think Prana just wet herself a little.


Beware the stare, yo.
Freaky, but no wire hangers,
That's another flick.


Fred called me last night. Finally. We rarely speak anymore. Not because we're not speaking, I mean, I totally forgave him for wearing my brand new undies without asking, so that isn't it. It's just because we're so busy that we have a heck of a time tracking down one another for any sort of proper illicit activities.

Somehow he got the bright idea to start working the night shift. How am I effectively supposed to stalk the man, if the only time he's awake is when I'm stalking Naveen Andrews asleep? So, I've ordered cameras installed in every smoke detector, light fixture, and bedpost in his home and place of business. I plan on live-streaming it, so if you're interested, just let me know and I'll give you the site. It should be...Interesting, especially when the FBI break in and arrest him for all those terrorist activities he's been involved in that I've so kindly informed them about.

You know. Just doing my job as a caring, patriotic citizen of the US!

Ignore me hu? This'll freaking teach him.


I am so tired.
Time for bed with me early.
And sleep until nine.


I apologize for saying 'seriously' twice in the last post. Seriously.
Further proof that I have the coolest job ever: I just got paid to draw with chalk all over the Quad.

Seriously, we drew a 10 foot high daisy and got paid for it. We even got some students involved and they drew everywhere. It looks so awesome.

Granted, I'm being picked up by a teammate at 5:45 tomorrow morning to go set up for the Spring Craft Fair, but it's totally worth it.

Anyone going to be on campus tomorrow? Don't forget to stop by the New Quad and see the Spring Craft Fair. Buy a raffle ticket and have a chance to win a $200.00 gift certificate to the bookstore. Seriously, you could buy a whole book with that.

I won't be posting again until Sunday, unless I get access to a computer before then. I'm leaving straight from campus to go to a conference and I won't be back until Sunday afternoon. Don't cry. It should be super fun, I'm really excited. Hopefully, Figments, you won't miss me too terribly badly. I'm taking the digi cam though, you know, for blackmail. So, you'll get to see most of it.

Have a fantastic weekend!

By the way, Lost was fantastic. I've got a whole six page post on it, I'll finish it up and post it later.


Sayid is hot stuff.
I want him all too myself,
So hands off sister.


I had a meeting today at 1:30 and I forgot about it until just now. I feel so awful about it. I won't cry though. Honest.

Ignore the broken images. The best host in the world is installing a SSL for an online store I'm creating and has had a few bumps. It's no big deal, cause he's fantastical.

Goodbye you big pain.
It's time to move along now,
And stop bugging me.


Somehow my Chemeketa address has become the breeding ground for viruses. I've had nearly two dozen sent to me there in the last hour, and I'm not sure how they got my addy. What's worse is they're masking them as Chemeketa addresses because they think I'm dumb enough to fall for that, or something. Think I should report it to IT, or send them a mail bomb? Readers choice.


Stupid viruses.
It's bad enough that my mail,
Gets my grades in it.