Good morning Figments, it's time for the Friday Random Ten. Open those playlists, hit shuffle, and see what comes up...

1. "Jelly" - Blessid Union of Souls (Blessid Union of Souls)

2."Insincere Because I" - The Dandy Warhols (Welcome To The Monkey House)

3."Spaceship Earth" - MARA (Spaceship Earth, Landing)

4."Hanging On" - Gia's Fix (Raw)

5."Drift Apart" - Frenzy (Free Your Mind)

6."Evil Boweevil" - Dose (I-5 Killers, Vol. 2)

7."No Time" - Angie Aparo (Out Of The Everywhere)

8."Anthem" - Phantom Planet (The Guest)

9."Chinese Translation" - M. Ward (Post-War)

10."Here I Am" - John Tumminello (Eventually)

Favorite Song:
I like "Here I Am", John Tumminello has fun, catchy music that have good lyrics and are just a blast to listen to.

Least Favorite Song:
"Spaceship Earth" is not one of my favorites from MARA.

Favorite Album:
Angie Aparo's Out Of The Everywhere is one of my favorites. I love Angie, and all of his albums have been awesome.

Seen Live:
The Dandy Warhols


Yesterday was the first official day to register classes for Fall Term. I'm pretty sure I've got everything I'm going to take. So, Figments, if you're interested in stalking me...here you go!

With room and building numbers and everything. Aren't you lucky? A quick lowdown:

Conditioning is basically working out at Chemeketa's gym and getting credits for it. This is a good thing, because I'm a sad sack of flab, people!

ASC Work is...working for the ASC. For those of you who don't remember, I'm the Student Council Coordinator for the Associated Students of Chemeketa. I coordinate the 21 students on the student council. I'm supposed to work about 13 hours a week, but last year it was more like 40. This year that's changing though. I have 11 scheduled per week, with the left over hours that accumulate over each term going towards wrapping up stuff at the end of the year. That's it!

Math is stupid. But we all knew that. The instructor is one I've had before, so it should be fine.

I'm taking my very first Physics class! I'm not sure how I feel about it. I was going to take it online, but in all honesty, my schedule is so homework intensive, that I feel like I'll be better equipped for doing homework if when I'm at home, homework is all I have to do, not online class lecture stuff. Also - sometimes they light things on fire.

This will be my second Chemistry class. Chemistry has math in it. Boo. Hiss. Seriously though, I don't mind it a bit. I'm hoping it goes ok. This instructor is one I've never had, new instructors = scaryness.

The ASC Class/ASC SC alternates. Two Mondays in a row its a class created for the ASC Student Council Members (which I may or may not be assisting with teaching...from what I hear) with the third Monday it being the ASC Student Council Meeting, then going back to two weeks of classes before another ASC SC meeting. This will alternate all term, with the next two terms of this year only having ASC Student Council Meetings every two weeks, and no class. Maybe. I'm not clear about that one yet.

Japanese! Yay! The only available Japanese classes are at night. So I really didn't have a choice. I really want to take it, but it all stems upon my meeting with an academic advisor next week. I'm unclear as to if I have to have two terms of a language of if my high school language counts. I did graduate before 1997 (I graduated in 1996, but I wasn't supposed to graduate until 2000), but I got a GED, so I don't know if that counts or not. I have to ask. I signed up because they fill fast, and I'd rather drop it because I don't need it, then need it and not be able to get in.

Stuff that isn't on here...

PTK - as I'm the president of Phi Theta Kappa this year, I guess I sort of have to be at meetings and stuff. The first meeting of the year is scheduled, and it conflicts with my schedule, so I don't know if I can make it, or if we want to reschedule it. Other meetings will be scheduled ASAP, for those of you wanting to know...

V ET L - I have no idea about V ET L meetings this year. Sav...we should probably decide a welcome meeting for Fall term and then go from there. Also...do we want elections?

ExBo Meetings - The Executive Board of the ASC has meetings once a week. I have no idea when they'll be. None. Nada. Zip. I may dress a blow up doll to look like me, and send her in my place. She'd be about as useful to them as I am.

College Council - College Council is the council run by the president of the college that I sit on. It reviews, rewrites, and develops new college policies. They meet once a month (thank goodness!) and I'm thinking the first meeting is sometime in September, but it may be October. This year, I'm going to be a much more productive member of the council. I promise.

Also in November is National Novel Writing Month which will have weekly write ins and meetings, and as soon as I find an MCAT prep program, those will have to fit in there somewhere.

Not on here as well are the multitude of conferences, workshops, and events that happen during Fall Term. I'm ignoring these in the hopes that if I pretend they're not there, they will go away.

It's not too bad, it averages out to 20 credits, and I may not have to take Japanese (although I want to) so it might drop down to 17. Yay.

I may also be picking up a second job that I'm not going to talk about until stuff is less up in the air. That, along with the ASC, keeping the few clients I have with BSD going good, and oddly enough, picking up a couple of curriculum clients, should keep me pretty busy and paying my rent on time. I hope. Cross your fingers for me.

I'm tired already.


I don't want to go.
Summer should last forever,
Sunny carefree days.


Yesterday Terra snagged me and we spent the better part of nearly four hours at Play for the Cure, a charity softball tournament held by the YWCA of Salem. Local softball teams (including what Terra and I believe to be our very own Chemeketa Storm!) head off against each other from about 9 am to 11 pm at night Saturday and continuing Sunday, five games going at any given time, to raise money for breast cancer. It's a totally rockin' event that gets the community involved.

We mainly sat around in the 9000 degree weather and gabbed, since Terra and I so rarely get to spend time hanging out. Usually when it's just her and I, I'm hiding in the bushes with a long range lense.

We lent our support to the dozens of playing teams by randomly picking ones to cheer for. Mostly, it made me feel like a total schlub for not being more athletic. I thought charity events were supposed to make you feel good about yourself, not make you want to go drown yourself in a tub of twinkees cream filling.

Really though, I had an awesome time, and I only got burned an itty bitty bit. Thanks for inviting me Ter! They did great work out there. The games are continuing today, I won't be going, but I am looking forward to seeing who's going to win. I've got money riding on The Wooden Nickel, so you guys better not let me down! Last time I checked, they hadn't lost a single game. Woot!

After we left about 3:30 or so, we picked up Cory from work, and slid over to Jefferson to kidnap Savanna. Savanna secretly loves to be kidnapped. It's true.

We decided to go see a movie, but the theater was jam packed, so instead we ordered a ton of Chinese food (so much that the lady must have thought we were total hogs and added orders of stuff on the house for us, perhaps she wanted us to die in our heavenly glutton of pork fried rice and kung pow chicken) and sat around my house until nearly 2 AM goofing off. Goofing off = love.

I didn't get any sleep last night. After I booted everyone out of my house while waving a rolling pin at them like a fishwife, I spent some time on the phone with Melissa, and then some time online. Once Melissa went to bed I pretty much spent the rest of the night making CSS snippets and being completely and utterly worthless. I'd sleep, but I'm a freak of nature who can't sleep when it's light out. Lucky for you, I'm here to whine all about it.

I am really tired though. I mean seriously. I've typed the same stuff over and over again, and typed words that had absolutely nothing to do with what I wanted to say. Personally, I think it would be fun to deprive myself of sleep for say...three or four days, and then force myself to post to see what happens. Maybe I'd write something uber profound...or maybe I'd just make everyone's eyes bleed.

I head back to my former night job temporarily for a week starting tomorrow. It's a matter that deserves itself an entire post, with perhaps strong words, which I will write eloquently and with less spittle when I'm not so tired.


I can not see straight.
Time is all blurry and goo,
And sound is scary.


Figments, please wish Frankie a Happy Birthday today. Today she turns quasi legal, 18! Woot! Have an awesome one Frankie, love you!


Man it is hot out.
Concrete is melting outside,
I am melting too.


As the end of summer looms ever closer on the horizon, I find more and more worthless activities to squander my summer away with. Today was using up a ten pound bag of potatoes to make a fifteen pound bowl of potato salad. What am I going to do with all this potato salad? What was I doing with all those potatoes to begin with? I do not know, but it was a good time waster.

Also today I have company over, company whom shall accompany me in our pretty discarded prom dress dress-up clothes tonight to the 10:00 premier of Snakes On A Plane. It's going to be horrid. I am so excited. I'm not nearly as excited as the people who are camping outside of the theaters, but I'm still pretty excited. It'll be great.

Wanna come?


Snakes on a Plane, man!
The best damn summer movie,
Mr. Jackson said.


Kansas Sen. Brownback is sticking his mucky fingers where they do not belong. He's attempting to block Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law which would "bar doctors from prescribing federally controlled drugs for use in assisted suicide."

If you live under a rock, and don't know what Oregon's Death with Dignity Act is, then pay attention and I'll give you a quicky. It was passed in 1994 and again in 1997 by Oregon voters which gives patients a right to, with consulting their doctors and meeting criteria set, end their lives. Many people get up in arms over this, but why people would want others to live while suffering horrendous pain is beyond me. It's your life, it's your choice, and nobody has the right to take that choice away from you.

I think suicide is a selfish thing in most cases, but if you and your family have talked about it, and you're exceedingly ill, and in pain, and that's your choice, then who is anyone else to say differently? It certainly isn't up to the government.

Last January the Supreme Court held up our little law here when Bush decided to try and upend it, but apparently Sen. Brownback thinks that they're morons and don't know how to do their job. He thinks that this will be a great platform for Anti-suicide people to start making a stink.

Brownback says "When the law permits killing as a medical `treatment,' society's moral guidelines are blurred, and killing could gain acceptance as a solution for the chronically ill or vulnerable."

Good job Brownback! I'm so glad to see you're putting your focus on the important issues, like doctor assisted suicide laws that were passed over a decade ago, rather then oh...war or education. Who needs an education, right? With the tiny amount of Student Loans I get, it obviously isn't me!

Sen. Brownback is not from Oregon, he's from Kansas. Kansas does not have a Death with Dignity law, Oregon does. Oregon voters voted it in, twice and like I said before, the Supreme Court upheld it. Hmmm...

Don't you think that's a pretty big neon sign? Don't you see it? It's really clear...and it's flashing big red words: Dudes...stop messing with my state and go pay attention to something important for once.
How was my trip? Ah...

Saturday morning we left about 8:30 or so, and it was lovely outside. Nice sunny weather. We got to the beach about 11, and couldn't check into our beach house until 4, so we did our first session outside. This was a huge mistake, figments. You know what happens to me if I'm even in the sun for a minute. Lobster Skyte makes her ugly appearance. Yours truly was burnt so badly, that when I woke up Sunday morning my eye was swelled up, the left side of my face was swollen and my nose was entirely blistered.

I was whiny Sunday. Also, our lovely weather vanished, and all we got was a ton of fog for the rest of the trip.

Other then the burn, everything went really good. It was an awesome house (G'job Cory!) and it was a great training session that I think really benefited the new officers. Hopefully it will make the year go smoothly.

It also was a good chance for me to get to know my new officers. One I know already from working with, but the others I didn't know so well, so it was really fun and productive. I have pictures someplace, but not of my poor face because it's ugly.

I got home about 4:00 or so on Monday, but was so hurting and wiped out that I pretty much just took some tylenol and went to sleep.

Yesterday morning however, I got to find out that someone had broken into my car (which was not parked at my house because I was threatened with being 'written up' because I don't 'drive my car enough' which is bogus and most likely illegal, but I moved my car anyway because I have so much going on I didn't need one more stresser.) and stole stuff including my stereo and speakers. So, I was mad. It wouldn't have happened if my car was parked in front of my house in the space I pay for, now would it?

Now I have to decide if I'm going to bother with putting money into a car I'm not keeping to get another stereo (a cheaper one...this one was like a 500 buck one that was given to me, which makes it worse somehow) or not bother with it because I don't plan on keeping the car long.

Stupid rude stupid people. Damnit.


Stop putting my chain.
Either I'm working or not,
Give me a break, man.


I'm on my way out the door, headed to a lovely beach house until late Monday afternoon. It's a really nice place right on the beach, and I'll be with good company, so I'm looking forward to it.

Unfortunately because of my trip I'm missing a Willamette Wordsmiths meeting. I'm sad about this, as I had presented stuff to my fellow Willworders for review. We only meet once a month, so I'll have to wait until next month to get feedback from them on the chapters of my novel I have finished. I'm sure they'll have an awesome meeting without me, I'm pretty useless most of the time. Geesh, I finally get it so I can't be booted off the raft...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sand between my toes,
Lots of planning and thinking,
Crashing ocean waves.


I'm an angry little Skyte today, Figments. I am not an angry person, I'm pretty easy going about most things, but unfortunately today far too many things have built up, so today I'm angry.

I'm making my angry face and everything, although it looks just like my normal face and I act normally so nobody can really tell, but it's my angry face, honest!

People have let me down: people I thought were friends, people I paid money to for services (not those kinds of services, you don't pay for those until they're rendered!), and people who I mistakenly relied upon. You think I'd learn with that last one, but I'm a sucker for trusting people. Guess I am as simple as people assume me to be.

So today I'm mad at the whole lot of them. Mad at them for being dishonest, for behaving inappropriately, for being impostors, for not providing the stuff I pay money for.

I'm just mad.

I'll get over it.


Finger nails ripped off.
I write this kind of stuff yet
Watching is painful.


The Sister, as many of you Figments may well know, is currently 16 and works two jobs. Both are in food service, which is disgusting, one is at a private local University as a caterer which she doesn't mind so much, and the second is at a internationally well known fast food franchise which she hates.

First off - I want to commend her for being 16 and holding down two jobs. Lots of 16 year olds barely hold down one, or none at all. She's a good responsible reliable smart kid who works really hard, and she's a cutey patootie too. Personally, I'm not sure how we're related because she's freaking gorgeous.

So the second job, which is at a fast food join who tells their employees to make every moment a 'Golden Moment' for customers (that should help you figure out who it is) is one where The Sister is constantly being verbally and physically harassed and abused by the customers. Since the customers are 'always right' - a saying that I, as a business owner completely disagree with, you do everything you can for your customer to a point, but if they become physically or verbally abusive then they are not the type of customer you want for your business - the managers and other employees do nothing to step in and help each other out.

I love how in America everyone is so expendable. Employees are a dime-a-dozen, so lets treat them like they are shit, and then pay them less then a living wage so they just barely scrape by, and maybe even have to get a second shit job. As long as we make the Almighty Dollar, that's all that matters, and who cares who gets screwed in the process, employees or customers.

That, also, is a crap way to run your business. I see it all over. I have friends who work for major companies who handle major clients who are told that they are too friendly or too helpful to their clients, they are just supposed to smile and nod and shove them on their way to get to the next buck as soon as possible.

Oh, oops...I was ranting. Ok, so The Sister has a job thats none too good. Take for instance a few weeks ago, the store was understaffed, the lines were out the door, and all the managers had gone to a softball game or to get their hair done (with money from the safe...no less). There were three people working, The Sister at the counter, Worker #1 at the window and Worker #2 making food. Worker #2 was being trained by The Sister at the same time because it was her first day.

So The Sister is out working trying her hardest to get everyone taken care of, and this woman comes up and places this huge order while her half-dressed kids climb all over the counter and other people. TS calls it back for Worker #2 to get going, and W2 has some problems so TS goes back to help. She serves this woman her order, and moves along.

Within five minutes this woman's husband comes back with a complaint, TS fixes it, then the woman comes back with the same complaint and TS tells her she already fixed it and the woman walks off huffy. The woman comes back three more times with complaints, screaming and cursing at TS. Then, the whole fiasco ends with this woman smearing hamburger all over the counters and throwing a hamburger at TS.

Yeah. Threw it at her.

Was anything done to this woman? Of course not, she received three refunds one for food at the counter, one for food and money at the window, and she called in a refund for money about four hours after this happened.

This, however, isn't the end of it.

Two days ago TS was working counter and a woman came up and said her fries were cold. TS replaced them and the woman left, but came back. This is the conversation, as transcribed by me, from TS:

Woman: Can I talk to you for a moment?

TS: Can I help you?

Woman: There are two boys outside who say they know you personally (take that as you will, Figments!), and they say you have herpes and I need to know before I feed these fries to my son.

TS: excuse you?

Woman: It's ok, you don't have to be embarrassed, I understand these things happen with young girls, you should just tell me the truth.

TS: Dumbfounded...

Woman: I don't see any sores on your mouth yet!

At this point TS went and got her manager, who only told the woman he didn't see any signs of herpes. TS was pissed. I was pissed for her, Figments.

Then yesterday one of her friends mom came in, and let the kids go play while she ordered food, and another woman got in her friends mom face and cursed her out and so she got her kids and left, and then another woman got into the other woman’s face and cursed her out...all while the manager was standing right there and did noting.

So, TS is fed up.

TS put in an application for a job as a customer service assistant at an upscale grocery store in the town where she lives. The grocery store is part of a chain, but it's a local chain, rather then national, that is owned by a local man who is very involved with the community and takes care of his employees. Yesterday she had an interview and got the job within five minutes, today she's giving her two weeks notice at both places.

I say, good for her. Nobody deserves to be treated like that, especially not over some poorly made hamburgers and fries that are going to clog arteries and kill someone anyway. "It's food service, that's what happens" is not an excuse, it's a cop-out.


Today is Tuesday.
Weirdness abounds my Figments,
In the shape of jobs.
So the new fall schedules for Chemeketa are out. I have friends whose gorgeous mugs are gracing both the covers of the fall schedule and the CCC catalog. I'm tempted to scan them and draw mustaches all over them put them on display. I think they need to sign them, so when they are rich and famous, I can sell them on eBay for big bucks and then blow it all on candy paper. Mmm...candy paper. Finally, something worth taking notes on!

Since the new schedules are out, it means that I have to actually think about Chemeketa instead of avoiding it like a 19th century plague. I have to decide what classes I'm going to take come September 25th. It kind of bums me out, since there are still a few days over 40 until classes actually start, but I know that if I don't figure it out soon, I won't register in a wild-eyed panic on the first day of class registrations and will end up with classes I don't want just for the credit - like basket weaving...or math.

Actually I do have to take math, much to my dismay. I need to take about six more math classes before my wonderfully torturous process of attending classes for a shiny piece of paper ends. I've got to get through calculus and trigonometry. Which wouldn't be that big of a deal, if it wasn't advanced Calc and Trig. Taking classes that will pretty much never come in handy make me such a happy little girl.

I also have to take Chemistry and Physics. Actually, that's all I have left to take before I transfer into my department in January...Math, Chemistry and Physics. I, ah, may have sort of put them off until the last minute. I'm good at that sort of thing. Why don't they give credits for procrastination? I would have had my medical degree by now.

Rumors tell me Physics may be swappable with astronomy. Which is better? Both involve math, which is just sick, but one involves big fiery balls of gases and tracking their movement through space, and the other involves electricity, gases and the chance of perhaps blowing stuff up. This is a really hard choice for me, I'm a big fan of blowing stuff up. But a friend is taking Astronomy. Oy! Peer pressure is such a hard thing to withstand. I need to talk to my academic advisor and see if Astronomy is even allowable as a substitute.

Somehow or another I also need to work in a Conditioning class, which is the class that gives you credit for working out in Chemeketa's gym. I've decided to take it every term for the next year and get my sorry sack of a self in better shape. I took Conditioning last year, as well as swimming, and really enjoyed them both. I might take them both and alternate them every other day. It all depends on my class and work schedules and if I manage to find another job in between now and classes starting.

Or maybe I'll just bite my thumb at it all and take bowling.


The roar of traffic,
And the sounds of busy work,
Another Monday.


Happy Birthday to my fantastic friend Terra! I hope your birthday was wonderfulific. I love you!


I just spent the last hour doing something that was awesome.

Oh yeah, if you've gotten a phone call from me you know what I'm talkin' about.

It's Snakes on a Plane baby!

If you don't know what SoaP is then you've been hiding under a rock. Snakes on a Plane (SoaP) is Samuel L. Jacksons new thriller movie about...dum dum dum...snakes on a plane. To learn more, visit the Wiki.

On the Snakes on a Plane website you can have Samuel L. Jackson call people (yes, it really does call them) and talk to them about seeing the movie. It is one of the most stomach achingly hysterical things I've heard in a long time.

It's easy, you fill out a few fields like their name, which Mr. Jackson will say if it's in the name bank (and he says yours too!), what they do, how they get around, ect, and then give either their E-mail to have it sent by E-mail or their phone number to have it call.

I'm telling you, it's awesome.

I've gotten so many phone calls with lovely things like 'that was just disturbing' to 'what the fuck is wrong with you' to my personal favorite: hysterical laughter.

I encourage everyone to send all their friends this lovely call about the summers motion picture blockbuster that will take a bite out of your butt, Snakes on a Plane.

By the way figments, I do plan on seeing it. Wanna come with me?
It's time for the Friday Random Ten, Figments! If you don't know how this works, it's super easy: open your favorite player, hit shuffle, hit play, and list the songs that come up. For those of you boy band inclined, no skipping!

Bands are linked to their websites, if they have them. Songs that are linked take you to a wonderful sparkly fantastically magical land where you can download the song. You're welcome.

Here's my list:

1. The Silvery Light Of A Dream, Pt. 2 - Apples In Stereo (Tone Soul Evolution)

2. Star Of The Sea - Mediaeval Baebes (Mirabilis)

3. Understand - Moe. (Dither)

4. Anything But Beautiful - July For Kings (Swim)

5. Neverland - The Knife (Silent Shout)

6. She's Alright By Me - Angie Aparo (For Stars and Moon)

7. I Am Over It - The Dandy Warhols (Welcome To The Monkey House)

8. Motel Room - Christopher Dallman (Race The Light)

9. Don't Wanna Know - Toby Lightman (Little Things)

10. The Perfect Summer - The Petit Project (6 Week Summer Vacation In Hell)

Favorite Song: Motel Room is awesome. Christopher Dallman is an amazing artist.

Least Favorite Song: Although I'm a huge fan of The Dandy Warhols, I Am Over It isn't one of my favorite songs of theirs. It's a good song, just not one of my favorites.

Favorite Album: Ah, that's hard. All of them are good albums. I think July For Kings' Swim is an awesome Post-Grungy album with good lyrics, good singing and catchy tunes. Although July For Kings is no more, I still love them!

Seen Live: You know, I need to go to more concerts, but I'm a broke little college student.


Today is Friday.
At least I think that it is,
I can't remember.


I'm off in about 30 minutes to accompany Savvy to a job interview partly because she doesn't know where the company is at in South Salem, and partly because she's a chicken and doesn't want to go there alone. Also, the fact that I'm lazing about today and have nothing better to do then drive all the way to South and sit in a car may have also played a part in this decision making process.

While I'm out there though, I'm going to toss in an application to the company. Who needs sleep, baby, I need another job!
I'm a Scriner. I'm a proud Scriner. Scrine, for those of you who've never had the pleasure, is a home for wayward and lost sentences. The Scrine community, although small and growing, is a fantastic one that I encourage everyone to join and add their lost sentences to the mix.

Scrine is currently holding it's Fortune Cookie Contest, Fortune:Redux, where members post their made up cookie fortunes. It runs from now until August 12th and Keith (tender of Scrine) has eluded to prizes. Prizes people!

If you enjoy writing, or just want to try it out. Head on over, sign up, and post your fortune. You will be warmly welcomed.


Only two more now,
And I will have surpassed her,
That sneak Coyote.


I would like to start a petition to send to congress to have them pass a law decreeing that I no longer have to part with my hard earned money for frivolous and unnecessary things like rent and power, that rather these things will be given to me free from now on.

Sign on the line, please.


It's bill time again.
Open my checkbook and watch
The money fly by.


I've added a sidebar for Tasty Books that I plan on reading through the rest of summer. Here they are thus far:

Legacy of Masks - Sallie Bissell
Deception Point - Dan Brown
Sweet Dreams, Irene - Jan Burke
Storm Front - Jim Butcher
Lost Lake - Phillip Margolin
Black Water - T.J. MacGregor
Carter Street Hangman - Anne Perry
Book of The Dead - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
Cabinet of Curiosities - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
Dance of Death - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
Relic - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
The 1st Deadly Sin - Lawrence Sanders
The 2nd Deadly Sin - Lawrence Sanders
Crow In Stolen Colors - Marcia Simpson
Sound Tracks - Marcia Simpson
The Beach Road - James Patterson
Three Days To Never - Tim Powers

I am looking for more suggestions for books to add. Most of the books I have here are fantastic junk food books (books that are fun and quick to read but most likely have very little substance) although Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child (my two new favorite authors...viva le Agent Pendergast!) write some pretty damn good stories.

As many of you Figments know, reading inhumanly fast is my super-secret mutant power. On average can get through a 250-300 page book in about an hour to an hour and a half. When I get going, I can read a little over 1000 wpm, which is nutso, as the average is about 200-350 wpm. Reading fast is really the only thing I've got going for me. Seriously, I'm a freak of nature.

With the current list I have, all but six of these books are in my possession, and I will most likely have them done within the next week, so I really need some more suggestions on what to read.

So throw them at me, Figments! I will read anything, fiction, non-fiction, you name it. I'd prefer stuff that won't bore me to sleep, with a decent plot and characters that do not make me want to rip my eyeballs from their sockets, but I trust your judgment Figments.

If you don't give me suggestions I'll be forced to pick books at random, and although sometimes those give good results (like Mr. Preston and Mr. Child's books) sometimes it's just a very bad, bad thing.

I'm counting on you.
Custom Ribbon Magnet: Support Broke College Students


Custom Ribbon Magnet: Steal This Ribbon

Ribbons are so unintentionally stupid. But intentionally stupid ribbons are even better!

Both of these were made by yours truly at Support Our Ribbons. Go make some of your own.

I am half tempted to actually buy them and stick them on my car. Especially the steal one, just to see how long it takes before someone actually does.


Posts were made before.
The world will never see them,
The Emo-ness ruled.