Alright. I've come to the conclusion that I am archive-challenged.

I will spend the rest of my life living day to day with this horrible infliction but I will not let it drag me down!

::sniffle:: I will cope. I will cope.
Well, Kevin's on his way to Colorado...HEY BOY! You promised! Pictures and an email once a day...someone's gotta make sure you're keeping yourself out of trouble. ::giggle::

Erin's a great girl...I wovie her! ::giggle:: so he's in good hands...she'll keep him in line.

Anyway...I've been sucked into the Neopets void again. ::grin:: Cass got me into it last summer, but I quit when fall came around. My neo actually got adopted by Moon! It was so neat!

But she convinced me to go over and play again...so now I'm addicted. ::grin:: One more hobby in my endless list of things to do...

ALL YOUR FAULT CASS! Bad girl! Bad! ::giggle::

Next week is Kim's Bday...I've got to get her a present (Shh...yes! Don't TELL HER!) she needs something good because her birthday last year bit the big one, and we can NOT have that happen this year.

Cass' bday is coming up soon too...::evil grin:: Gotta get her something and SEND it to her. (I've still got her stuff from Christmas..um...heh...::sigh:: )

I might have another sponsor! ::makes doe eyes:: C'mon...I need MORE! Please?

Anyway...I've got some stuff to do since it's Saturday I should get busy on the whole catchin' up with my online work thing.




Well, my Gram's water heater `ploded and flodded her sewing room...so after I'm done working I get to move all her stuff from her sewing room into my garage (Next door) rip out the carpet and move it all back. Yehaw! ::giggle::

Kevin's packing for Colorado...(Moving in with his girlfriend) I hope that this time works out for him.

Got that 900 thing, scam scam scam. Going to call the phone company to see how much running our own is. It's a good money making idea...I hope it works too.

Anyway...I'm off to go do some work in PSP before I've got to go.



::giggle:: Finished my work...was fooling around in PSP...I love PSP...::grins::

Ok, so...it's a mouse...(It IS! dangit!) and an apple with a bite out of it...and grapes...I don't like the way the grapes are...but HEY! ::giggle:: I'm sure I can find a use for it someplace?

Hmm...now...maybe I'll make a whole slew of animals! Yeah! ::wanders away::

So I'm almost finished with alot of the work I should have gotten done yesterday. Alot of our clients are going to fall over stiff when they get some of these notices.

One is for time off for the next year, it's like NOTHING. It's like...four days every three months. Most normal people get three times that much, but they're going to have a cow because they're going to have to say "How am I going to afford it if you take two days off?" Or "Who are you going to get to watch my kid when you take time off?"

I have two words for them. No, not those two words, sheesh.

I was thinking more along the lines of "Ha-Ha", but those other two words work pretty well too.

It's so amazing, they want us to work for 15 days straight 10 - 18 hours a day and NOT PAY US OVERTIME (We only get paid for the first 8 days, and only 8 hours for each of those days. So the rest are 'freebies' because their state paid.) and then want to bitch because they 'don't know what their going to do because I can't afford it if you're taking time off.'

They need like...bugiting classes. In fact, one of the notices I wrote was written just like this:

AFS: All co-pays are now due before 12 PM PST on the
6th of each month or services will be terminated until
corrections are made. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this
rule. If you have problems meeting your AFS required
payments monthly, Robin’s Nest Childcare has information
for financial budgeting on site for your use.


Welp...it's still raining, which is fine with me. I love the rain.

People are still throwing up from whatever it is that's going around, I really don't want to be sick! NO!

Working...working...yuck. I should head home early tonight and unpack boxies. It's weird, I've had my place for almost a year now and I STILL have rooms full of boxes.

Just can't help it...I'm lazy.



To expand on my bad ghosties in house last night.

I came home and all my doors in my house were half shut. ::giggle:: And all night long I heard strange bangs and bumps that were not kitten-induced. (How do I know this? You ask. Well, because my cats refuse to let me use the bathroom with the door shut. So while I was in there, or feeding them, or they were just in the same room as me, there were strange bumps. So there!)

Now, some of them were the heater...some were the squirells in the tree outside, but alot of them where who knows what. When I first walked in there were a ton that made me think Ewok (Kitten #1, A.K.A Very Bad Kitten) was behind the couch, but no beanies. She was in the kitchen with Boots (Kitten #2, A.K.A Other Very Bad Kitten) tearing around under my kitchen table.

So I peeked behind the couch thinking one of the cats from my mom followed me home and slipped in when I was watering my poor dying why-haven't-you-planted-us-don't-you-love-us flowers, or getting my mail. (No mail...I was crushed. Send me mail?)

Then I realized it was from my bedroom (Which is on the other side o' the living room wall.) so I go in there, and nope, not a thing.

Fed the cats? Bump...bump, bump.

Cleaned the litter box and cleaned up the HUGE mess they made in my garage with newspaper? Bump, Bump, bump.

So after about 20 minutes of bumps, I decided to go to bed. (Yes, I ignored it...stuck my tounge out a few times...you know, normal stuff.)

So, I slept BAD last night, stuff kept waking me up. (And my back hurt, poor me. Damn bed.)

When I got up to use the potty and went back to bed, something pulled the pillow out from under my head AND made some bumping noises in the corner of my room. It wasn't appriciated at all.

I finally fell asleep and slept fine. Nothing weird after that.

Bad ghosts.
WARNING! Don't play with Ouiji Boards Your Nose WILL FALL OFF!

It's true, it happened to a friend of a friend of my cousins best friends dog sitter's sister in law twice removed.

Honest, I wouldn't lie to you

I've gotten a good four letters this week proclaming the evils of Ouiji boards, and spirit boards in general. I disagree.

In fact, I LIKE Ouiji boards, especally the one we have the glows in the dark.

I've never been possessed (Ignore that pea soup folks), never had strange hauntings that vary from the NORMAL hauntings in my house, never had any glowing eyes stare down from the ceiling, never had Satan proclaim my soul to be his, (Sorry buddy, my soul belongs to me, keep on movin') Never had strange smells invade my home (Unless you count the kitty litter box), I've never had my head spin around and quite frankly I never want it to, I've never had my board scream (Then again I've never tried to burn/break it, that's a waste of money), I HAVE done it alone, and obviously I've lived to tell about it. (Unless of course I'm just a demon now and I'm play-acting so none of you are the wiser.)

Anyway, people rant and rave saying Ouiji boards open gateways to spirit worlds and cause demon possession. What people DON'T understand, is spirits are ALL around you ALL the time. AND THEY ARE NOT DEMONS! (I'm not keen on the idea of viewing my dead loved ones as bile spitting neitherworld creatures wanting to eat my head. It's not flattering.) Sure, they (The Ghosties) might be attracted from down the street from the energy of the board, but you don't just open a vortex and poof your house is full of spirits.
Your house is full of spirits right now.

The people who yell and scream about Ouiji boards are the same ones that condemn anyone with any slight abilities at all. (Maybe they're all a bunch of PDK's and their jealous? PDK= Psychic Doorknob)

I'm not denying if done wrong you can make all sorts of problems for yourself. Just in all my time of using them, I've never had anything fly off the shelves, attack me, posses me, or try and steal the cheese from my fridge.
A toy? No, it's not a toy. Use some common sense people! Don't go around asking for something icky poo to talk to you.
Using it in graveyards/haunted houses? YOUR HOUSE IS HAUNTED! Not all the time in some cases, but I'm willing to bet you you've got one energy in your house every day, even if it's just visiting. So, there goes the haunted house theory. (Unless you mean big houses with constant energy? That's fine too. ::rolls her eyes:: My house has constant energy...in fact I came home last night and all my doors in my house were half shut. I thought it was kind of kewl.) Graveyards? I don't find graveyards forboding or anything...I've used them in graveyards....no, not in the middle of the night dressed in black, duh. I'm not a freak, thank you.

Doing it alone? I do it alone all the time. (Oh ha ha) As long as you say a little prayer before you start, don't use it in places YOU don't feel safe using them and don't talk to anything that dosen't feel good to you, I don't think you'll be Linda Blarin' on any of us any time soon.

Just my humble opinion, of course.

Grrr..this thing won't update right!

So, I'm sitting here updating my journal really quick before the mean boss-lady comes and catches me and forces me back to work in the evil drone mines of the Childcare Kingdom. Each day I hope I'll get some tainted paste and end it all...but alas.

I just got done making some new name tags for the Cubby/Hook wall for each of the kids. The old ones we had were falling down, and out of date. So, wonderfully creative me remade them all. Now I'm covered in glitter. ::beam:: It's nap time...

and of course I'm super-dee-duper happy about that one. It's actually almost quiet! `Sept for the kids outside. Their batteries never run down...::sigh::

Speaking of kids outside! My sibs came back with their visit to their dad Sunday. My sister came over to see me, and when I opened the door she burst into tears. I guess she had a bad time. So, she told me ALL about her trip while I got ready for work (which, I mean, is like...getting dressed and walking across the street to the damn classroom thing attached to my moms house...wooopdie right?) and she gave me a present!

Soap and shampoo she snatched from their suite at the coast. Yes, they stayed in a suite (That's not suprising, so did we, what suprises me is they LET them stay in one. ::hides:: Kidding. Yes, she brought ME the soap AND shampoo, Oh...I'm just...all a flutter with joy.

I was like...thanks, I see you spared no expense. And here I went out of my way to buy her a present when I was down at the coast. Sheesh, can you not feel the love?

::grin:: Nah, I was flattered. I think I'll start a soap collection...so here goes! For ALL of you going away this summer (MIKE!) please send me A SOAP and a POSTCARD! I'll love you forever and ever and ever, or at least until I get a new hobby.

BBQing a roast tonight...I love the way a BBQ smells when you first light it. Maybe it's the fluid I like...not that I've ever actually opened a bottle of lighter fluid and smelled it to see. I think I'll pass. I've only got one brain cell, and I need it.

I noticed the comments actually worked for me when I checked them this morning. I wonder why they wouldn't work last night? Probably all Casses fault! She jinked me! ::giggles::

I should get back to work. Oh, and would you just look at that, I'm all out of root beer, I can not work without that. Gee wiz...I had better go and get some. ::cough::


Mean, mean, mean, mean, mean!

The comments work for other people, but not for me! ::scream:: Wonder why?

Any ideas anyone?
Well...::grin:: I had comments working, now they don't..maybe rebloggers site is down or something. If they're back up when you read this, leave me a comment! I love that!

Mister What's-His-Face deleted my letter from his journal. Hmmm...wonder if it was just a little too grown-up for his little self? Aww...can't you just HEAR that violin music? I hate it when the truth hits a nerve. Tisk-Tisk

Ok, so maybe that was mean (For me it's mean!) but...I also find it quite amusing. Let's play "everything I've told a huge slew of people for almost 6 years is a lie, and hope they all just go away". ::giggle:: I'm away, but I can't say the same for the people who are angry about it.

So while I was waiting to get online (An hour. ::growl:: ) I was messing in PSP....

See...I was bored. But ain't that just adorable? ::giggle:: I thought so.

I'm still looking for sponsors. ::gives everyone some doe eyes:: Please? I know everyones been thinking about it, but you can donate anything you can afford, so even 25 cents would help. ::smiles::

Anyway, I'm off to go home! Thank you God! ::giggle:: ;)


::giggle:: Added COMMENTS!

I really should leave it alone. ::rolls her eyes:: Really.

Spent my weekend mostly goofing around. Have to get back to work tomorrow. I can't believe it's already 7, how scary is that?

Ok! Moved all the graphics. WoW! That's SO much faster and better. Yay.

I'm hungry ::wanders away to find something to eat::

Ok, so I was TRYING to put in a pop up for the Ducky Rating System. But it won't work. If anyone has any knowledge of Javascript that surpasses my um..none, could you possibly offer me some advice?

I'm thinking of changing servers for my linkage. My graphics keep coming up broke because of Envy. ::sniffle:: Maybe I'll host them someplace else. I mean, I HAVE domains, I should use them.

Maybe I'll do that now...


I can't leave my layout alone. ::giggle:: I keep having to add and change stuff.

I like how it looks though. All colorful!

Makes you want to...sponsor me....dosen't it?
I think I'm catching the bug thing that's going around here. Because my tummy is deffinatly doing a

thing. Unless of course it was that hot dog.

Those things are evil.

::starts to cry::

I ate a hot dog.



To continue with the library book story. This morning while I was on the phone with my mom, (Yeah, even though she lives a block away, we still manage to spend two to three hours on the phone) my grandma showed up over there wanting to know about the books. (They're hers...::sigh::)

So after alot of "Could you tell her" she told her I'll pay her for the book, and not to beat me up.

You know what she said?

"Tell her I've got her Garage Door Opener"

Oh lord.

I've just found out something terrible.

You know those summer sausage log things? The cheap ones that are made to withstand gale force winds? That can outlive any slimy one celled creature or cockroaches? The ones that sit in your intestines forever? You know the ones that if you eat to many of them your tongue will fall off?

They mold.

And here I thought they lived forever.

Oh...my heart has been shattered by my disappointment in modern science.

Have I mentioned how much I love the spell check?
I just found out that the lovalee Cat has changed donations to anything you can afford.

See! Now you have no exscuses! Sponsor me for .25 even! Every little bit helps, you know?


Attack of the killer bugs!
So a nasty little tummy bug has swept through the Childcare Community (Well, at least ours) in the last three days.

GROSS! We've had THREE kids up and puke after feeling fine all day, then once they do (Leaving yours truly a lovely mess) they're fine again.

It was so cute, one of our four year olds, (after I'd rushed her into the bathroom) started to cry and asked me if we'd be terribly mad at her if she didn't want to eat anymore today. ::makes her aww face:: She also said she was going to save the rest for home. ::laugh:: I told her that was greatly appriciated.

Two of our clients also got sick, but they ended up spending most of the night sick. Guess it hits adults more then it does those kids.
Passes right through them.

I'd like to say right now that,

I don't want it!

We've got naughty girls in here today. One of our two year olds, that looks like she could be the poster child for Miss Blonde USA, decided she was going to spend the day picking on one of our babies.

She'd sneak behind things and pinch her, and then run.

Now, you can't tell me children aren't manipulative and smart. They know what cookie means just as well as they know what no means.

So you KNOW they know better then hitting.

Alright, I should get back to work. I'm being paged. (Although it sounds like "Deemee" ::giggle:: )



I was trying to fool around with a new look, and I fubared it all up. ::shakes her head::

I think I'll just leave it alone for now. It looks ok right?

Oh my GOD!



I've got another sponsor! Sera! (Kim, thank you so much!) She's SUCH an amazing person! AND SO NICE! ::giggle:: I couldn't ask to be stuck on a team with anyone better.

Speaking of being stuck on a team....I haven't seen Cass in a few days....I'm kind of getting worried. Last time we talked she was tired, tired tired....I hope she's doing alright. I know she got a new roomie...I hope that's working out for her. She deserrrrves to be haaaaappy `cause she's bootiful

I'm at work ::groan:: and it's lunch time and I'm on lunch duty, so I've got to go feed the little bra..er...kids.



I'm a dork. I can't get my archives to work for me now.


Oh! One other request, if you can't sponsor me, and you can't join the `Thon. Could you please link to me (www.skyte.blogspot.com) from your personal site, or spred the word?

I'd appriciate it so very much.

My first sponsor! Badbabysitters.com! :) Thanks so much Robbie! ::giggle::

Now, come on! I need more! Pleaaaaase? ::giggle:: You'll get a link! Don't you want a link? And good Karma...everyone needs some of that.

I have no idea why half the time my images load broken. It's irking me. Envy's good, but ::pouts:: I just need a domain to host all this at insted of all over the place. If your images load broken, right click and hit 'show picture' or hit refresh and it should help.

::waves hi to Kim and Mike::

I realize that my Bog isn't as advanced or purdy as some other ones. But I happen to like the way I have it, including my little bracelet menu thing. I thought that was creative.

Now look what you did, you've made me pout.

I hope you're HAPPY!

AHII! Vote for Blogger at the Webbies! Blogger is the best.

So there.


I just spa...er sent an email to a whole bunch of people for sponsoring me. ::waits for the slaps to come back:: I hope someone does.

::bats her lashes::

People are VERY angry at me because it's the 21st and I have yet to open Hot Lake. I am terribly sorry, but I have like NO time anymore to do anything. ::whines:: I need to be rich so I can hire a staff.

I will get it open soon though, that's a promise.

I have my days split up right now, that each day is for a different thing so I don't get angry at being pulled all over at once. ::nods:: Today was supposed to be preschool work...supposed to be. Did I do any? No...shhh...maybe I'll get lucky and she'll FIRE ME! ::runs::

I joined the Blogathon!

It just looked too dang fun not to. My Charity? Oregon Food Bank. (Thanks Cat!)

If you HAVEN'T signed up but thought about it, go do it! It's for a great cause!
If you aren't going to, then sponsor me. Please? C'mon! You know you want to, I'll be your best friend! I'll give you a coooo-ooookie.


Well, I drove to the library and dropped off the almost-week-late book. Lordie it's hot outside. My arm is burnt! ::shows you her owwie:: ::sniffles:: I deserve ice cream for that....::wanders away to find some ice cream::


Well, when I was on vacation I took some novels with me. (Chalktown, which I borrowed because I loved Mother of Pearl. The Losers Club, which I borrowed because it looked ok, and one other...which I'm only halfway through because I don't *really* care for it so far.)

The first two are library books...welll....Chalktown was supposed to be back Friday, and I forgot to drop it off before I left for Newport. The Losers Club, I read in the hotel room Friday night. (In less then 30 minutes, I love being able to read fast.)

The Losers Club is missing.

Yep...missing. I can't find it ANYWHERE. I know I put it back in my duf before we left the next day, and then when I was putting stuff in my backpack to take down to the beach, I know I LEFT it in my duf because I'd already read it.

Now I can't find it.


I STILL haven't taken Chalktown back eaither, so tomorrow it'll be a whole week overdue. ::stomps:: I feel terrible, because...

It gets worse...

They aren't on MY CARD in the first place.

::cackle:: The person I borrowed them from is going to have my hide.

So if I can't find it, I owe late fees to her for Chalktown and I guess I'm buying a book from the library.


I'm sitting here talking to Moonie, who in fact just got engaged. (A very big congrats to you, my dear! I promise Josh'll look great in a dress. ::grin:: )

She's such a sweetheart, she's talking about her wedding colors. ::giggle::

Lordie, practicly everyone I know is eaither going to/getting/ or already married and it's not right, man! (KIM! Congrats Kimminie! SEND ME PICTURES WOMAN! And P.J! And Becky, and everyone else I know I'm missing because it's 12 am and I'm tired...)

I of course, am going to die a lonely old cat lady because there isn't a guy yet who can keep up with me. ::squirms and grins::

I am not picky! Teeth, it's a wonderful thing. ::winks:: Actually, I'm going to stay single. I don't get in relationships unless I totally click with someone (Who always ends up being a long term friend before we date.) and I've just got energy to put somewhere else right now. But HEY! I'm always looking for a shower buddy that looks good in tight jeans....::wiggles her eyebrows::

Wow, that sounded slutty. Moving on...

Been talking to Ally a WHOLE lot lately, I've really missed talking to her. We spent a good six hours on the phone last night just babbiling away about everything. I'm currently planning to kidnap her and take her to Stas, but shhh, don't tell.

Talk about a partner in crime. ::cackle:: I swear, one day we'll dominate the world, and everyone will drink tea. You just wait.

Since it's almost midnight, and I've got to be at work at 9...(Summer hours, 9 insted of 6, oh thank you lord.) I SHOULD go sleep. Really...I should.

So, I'm going now. I'll probably end up writing. (Yes yes, and finish something for once. Shut up.)

........I don't wanna work tomorrow.....no moommmmy, make the bad children go away....


So, I'm thinking of looking for a part time job cleaning crime scenes.

Oh don't sit over there and cringe. It'd be part time because I already have a million other jobs keeping me busy, but it'd be a great way to get over my blood thing. Otherwise I'll never make my degree. ::giggles:: Experiance is experiance.

I've got to get over the blood thing someday. Unless I want to be like, a wedding planner. There's a low stress no blood job.

But hell, where's the fun in that?


I'm hot. It's got to be a nice 95 outside right now. (Now being about 5:30pm for those of you who don't live in my very best time zone.)

Long day at work, 10 kid day, as I have named them. I didn't get a whole lot done because I was too busy sticking to my seat. Unfortunatly, today was one of those days where EVERY kid wants to sit on my lap. It's too HOT!

I've got an investigation tonight at 8:30 ish (Leaving right after I get off work. Did I mention I'm still at work?)

Going to Millers (Again, I like it there, well...mostly. The church has some way icky things going on in it. It's very 'night of the living dead' isk.) I want to see if staying all through dusk will have a different reaction with energy build up then leaving and coming back did. (So, I have to go to the bathroom BEFORE I leave this time. ::shakes her head in shame:: Bad me.)

I went to the Archives Monday. Found a whole bunch of incoperation papers for companies who've owned Hot Lake. I'm going to have to get dirty and track down Historic Societies records and dig through boxes at the county archives in La Grande and hit the museum there. The site was supposed to reopen today. ::shakes her head:: I don't know when it's going to reopen.

I need new cases for my equipment. My 2-ways keep turning on because I just toss them in my "Ghost Huntin' Bag".

Want to know what's in it? For a BASIC Graveyard Investigation I take:
A set of 2-way Radios
4 tape recorders (3 mini's one full size)
2 blank tapes for each recorder
A compass
A thermomiter
Notepad & Pen
Spirit Circle
4 Flashlights
Extra Batteries
Bag of Sea Salt
Citronella Candle
Small First Aid Kit

That's it, I'm still waiting on my meters and other things to get in so I can order them. Once I get them, it'll have a video camera, digital Thermal scanner & moduals, baby monter, and various meters/detectors (Ion, EMF, ect.)

I found the BEST thing ever though.

It's a video & audio baby moniter. I've been shopping for a good audio one for ages (This is so you can moniter sound next to placed recorders/thermo scanner moduals...ect and not disturb them.) but this one is PERFECT because it has color video as well. ::beams:: It's only 200 bucks, so it's going on my list of stuff to get for my Ghost Huntin' Bag.

::sigh:: I really want a Thermal Imaging Camera or Infra Red...but damn those things start at 6k. ::giggle:: So I doubt I'll be getting one anytime soon.

I'm so abused.


I find myself more and more frustrated as I add more projects to my list. I'm tired of being pulled in a dozen directions with things that half the time I don't even want to do.

I can only focus on one thing at a time, and it's hard when I'm working on a site (that someone asked me to do) working on my buisness work (That I HAVE to do) and someone wants to run in and read me something that has something to do with a totally different project. Then wants to know why I don't look thrilled.

I manage my time the best I know how. But right now, with almost TWO DOZEN different projects going, I have no time for ANYTHING I want to do for myself. My personal sites and groups suffer. People who want me to do things for them get mad because I have to say no, I just don't have the time. My poor cats suffer! I spend less then two WAKING hours at home. That's it, two. I needed the vacation, but the real problem is, is I'm not focused enough for myself, and it's making me angry.

I want to go to school, I want to write, I want to work on the web sites that I feel are important.

I'm willing to offer help to other projects, but I can't run them all.

I decided a year ago to start changing things in my life that were just wasting my time, or not getting me where I want to be.

I'm tired of starting things and never finishing them because the people I work with bomb out on me halfway through.

I really just need to start doing things to benifit my life, rather then going all out for things I don't want any part in.

::shrug:: When you pull 12 hour work days, and are setting up four new buisnesses along side of your running one, you're going to burn out. I burnt out YEARS ago, and I realized I'm only sticking around because I feel obligated, and that's not right.


I'm trying very hard not to be rude.

Why is it when you try your hardest to be polite and pay attention to the people who get ahold of you even though you're working, they still get angry when you don't pay ENOUGH attention to them?

Cranky people.


Know something really neat? I was writing my "NO" one for my away message.

In fact I wrote:

Today I Strive To:

Know that "No" is a perfectly alright word to have in my vocabulary. No is good. We like no. I don't have to say yes just because someone asked me for something, AND I don't have to be treated badly (Or FEEL bad) just because I said no.

Saying "No" does NOT make me any less nice.

So there.

And just as I was going to go away, someone IMed me asking me to send them a bunch of PSP tubes.

Now normally I would do it, but I've got a notebook full of RL work to catch up on, a ton of web page stuff to catch up on, I don't even know where the tubes they want ARE and I'd have to zip them all up...ect...ect.

This person only contacts me when they want something, so I said no.

I said NO!!!! ::Beam::

And you know what?

I feel almost just fine.

(Although as soon as I said no because I'm working, they asked me to do something else for them. ::chuckle:: )

Only problem I'm having is it's such a simple thing, I feel like I should do it. But one thing turns into another thing, turns into 50 things, I don't get a thank you and then it's assumed of me, I just don't want to put myself into that position anymore.

Today I Strive To:

Never again let someone's thoughts, words, actions, or love make me feel like mine are unimportant.

Always go with my intuition. God is never wrong, and he kicks your ass if you don't pay attention.

Learn that bathrooms near your investigation sites are a good thing. Even the public ones.

Learn that even though I completely forgive someone, I don't have to make them tea.
(For those of you who aren't real big on Jam-Eese, that means. Even though you've forgiven someone you don't have to go back and do things for them, or be their very best friend, or let them do it again. EVER. Forgivness is divine, a wonderful trait and sign of a growing spirit. Letting someone stick a tack in your ass twice in a row, on the other hand, is stupid.)

Learn to be fine, with the fact that I am fine.

Be more assertive. Just because I speak up, isn't going to make me less of a nice person.

Know that "No" is a perfectly alright word to have in my vocabulary. No is good. We like no.

Never be hurt again when someone treats me like the bad guy for saying "No". If you only like me for what I can do for you, then I don't need your energy in my life.

Not be frustrated with myself when I don't complete all my ideas all at once. I'm not superwoman, and as much as that breaks my heart. (I want the power bracelets mommy! Gimmy!) I need to learn that it's cool if I don't get stuff finished all at once.

Know that along those same lines, not to take it to heart when someone is pissed off at me for not having something of my own
not finished when they think I should have it finished. I work for myself, not for anyone else.

Ok, that's enough for today! ::grin::

I so love self growth.

Didn't go to Millers, went to the river insted. It was so lovely there. I like Donna's house. (Even though I have to admit sometimes I feel like I'm in the way there.)

Mark (Donna's husband) was a happy camper because he got 20th when looking himself up at MSN's search thing. Should go visit him and see what he's been up to. (www.buildersplans.com)

Back at work today! Yuck! So I had a good vacation, I really needed it. It was great to have four days with NO kids and NO work and NO responsibilites. Should have asked for a week off. ::giggle::

I've got a ton of catch-up to do though. Web pages, flyers, advertisments, files...I've got a whole filing system to redo. I also have a couple new buisness ideas I have to start pounding out. Somedays I'm just thrilled and pumped for all the ideas I get, and then other days I just wanna know why in the world I'm cursed with a gajillion projects all at once. ::giggle::

Anyway...I suppose I should start working or I'll never get it done.

Taaaaaters - Me


Hm...I wrote that yesterday based on a comment I read someplace else.

Three minute poetry is back baby!

(Three minute poetry: when you give yourself three minutes to write a poem or as many poems as you can. Trust me, some great stuff comes out of it! Plus, it's good practice.)

The box held a secret, a black growing sin.
Let out from the effort of letting them in.
It sat in the corner and hid behind eyes,
And grew from the panic of unconstrained lies.
I watched through a shard of my one way glass,
As you stumbled and stuttered trying to pass.
Every breath that you took you were trying to be,
I mused to myself, don't you think I can see?
I gave wait to the truth, to just be a friend,
I got kicked in the gut, when it came to the end.
Walking away, I wish you the best,
Knowing in life that this was a test.
The truth it does matter to people like me,
But I've never stopped seeing the best you can be.
YEEEEEEPS! Look at this! I haven't updated this darn thing in forever!

I have a reason! Honest um...I've been busy? (Ok, it's not a good one. But it's the truth!)

Ok, so, since I have to backtrack here....

The lovely owner of Hot Lake got ahold of me and told me I'm not allowed on the property OR to host my web page. (Snicker snicker...) because I never asked, it's not haunted and I premote "Lookey Loose" and vandalizim.

And I do, of course, get your bats boys! We're a goin' ta Hot Lake!


So, I ignored her, and I still have my web page. (http://www.hotlake.com) and I refuse to take it down. In fact, added to my 'list of things to accomplish in my life' is to be nominated for a Webby for Hot Lake. Wouldn't that just, keel? Yep, I think so too.

Went to the coast insted! Had a great time, rented a suite right on the beach, maybe 200 feet from the waves. Oh my lord, talk about a view. I've got pictures! I'll up them when I get them developed.

Did the stupid tourist thing. Rips, Wax Works, Undersea Gardens. I have to admit here, miss big and buff ghost hunter always gets wigged out at certain places in the Wax Works. They're CREEPY ok? Very cool though, spent a couple hours wandering around.

Alright! On another note, Mister So-in-So isn't being honest, and I decided after knowing for over a year, that I'm done.

OAAHHHHH! You can't imagine how GREAT I am. It's wonderful to finally have made up my mind, and know I'm right. (If I'm not right, then why is he pretending I never exsisted and won't speak to me? Hmmm? ) I've slept better in the last week then I have in months.

Of course, I hold no hard feelings. I got over being hurt and angry probably eight months ago. I wish he would have told me the truth though, but hey. I'm not going to twist any arms, and I refuse to chase him down.

So I'm single! AND STAYING THAT WAY! At least till I find someone worth the strain of relationships. Of course...someone who looks cute in jeans...but I didn't say that.

Ahh...websites. I'm working on a few new ones. Badbabysitters.com a providers resource site. Due open in late July. Hot Lake which'll open someday, and of course, ` Skyte Designs, which I have a whole lot of new things to put up, just not the time to do it.

Ghost story! Check this out fellow heap big ghost hunters! Went out last night to Millers (A graveyard outside Silverton.) it's located on a crap of a road that's BAD to drive at night. (But it's worth it) spent from about 8 to about 9:30 then, and I really had to go potty. (Side note, always make sure you know where a bathroom is nearby your investigation site. It's a good thing.)

So, we go off and find a local Safeway and use the bathroom there. (I have guilt for using it and not buying something, but they're a mega huge grocery chain, they don't care do they?)

Anyway, we head back to Millers thinking we'll pick up where we left off. (Another side note, nothing on the recorders, haven't gotten pictures back yet. Going again tonight....more info? Check out the Millers section of other investigations at Hot Lake...when it's open.)
We pulled into the road just before the cemetary driveway and I got this smothering feeling that someone was going to walk right up and tap on my window. I ignored it, and we pulled into the little dirt parking lot for Millers. (We pulled onto the first road to let the people who wanted to die driving home pass us.)

My lord, I felt like the whole graveyard was standing outside the car waiting for us to get out. ::cackles:: What a rush! So, I wasn't so brave and it was so intense that we decided to leave.

But we're going back tonight. So, hush.

Let's see...what else?

Not much, going to start another couple ideas I have for buisnesses. I want to add a shop part to `Skyte Designs. I LOVE making candles, soaps, ect. So I'd love to open an online shop and sell them. I don't ever do anything unless I do it completely unique. So it'll be kewl.

I've got some stories in the works, that's another thing on my 'to do list' get something finished for sending to publishers by my birthday. I'll do it, I've got faith in me....