The countdown begins. Only a few hours left before NaNoWriMo starts. A few of my Wrimos and I are in a chat room counting down the hours before we can type in a mad frenzy and become novelists once again.

If you're interested pop by and join us here:

Salem NaNoWriMo Chat

While we're chatting I'm watching Silent Hill (hurray for Halloween) and giving out candy to hordes of sticky little children in adorable costumes. I haven't had this many trick or treaters in ages, this is my first Halloween here so I wasn't sure how many I'd have, but I've already had over 30.


Look forward to the first installment of the awesomenessly awesome craptastic Bawdy Parts later this evening. My word goal tonight is to hit at least 2500 words before I crash in bed this evening.


Halloween is great,
Little goblins and ghoulies,
Strung out on sugar.


NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, for those of you who live under a rock) is quickly approaching once again. I feel like I just got done with a November, and here it is sneaking up on me getting ready to bash me over the head with craptastic word goodness.

In taking a break from a clients website today, I decided to finally throw together a super quick layout that will grace IBOM until NaNo's demise in December. I'm much more on top of things this year then I was last year, so hopefully this year I'll reach my 50,000 word goal. Keep those piggies crossed, Figments.

My idea is pretty simplistic. Nothing too deep or involved for me this year.

We've already had our Kick-Off party. Our best yet, if you ask me. I had 60 (yipes) RSVP'ed but only really had about 23 show up. We had a nice mix of new Wrimos and old Wrimos, I think this year is going to go great.

Our next event is a Virtual Countdown to NaNo on Halloween night, and then a General Write-In on the 3rd. If you're around and interested, come by and join us. We'll be at the Salem Library in the Plaza Room.


Fall is rushing by,
Colored by leaves and first frost,
Holy freaking crap.