Happy Halloween to you. I hope you all had a safe one. I had a long one, which I'll post more about once I finish this scholarship that has a deadline of exactly 5 1/2 hours.

Only 5 1/2 hours before NaNo starts (for those of us on the West Coast) so here's wishing everyone the best of luck and remember: when all else fails, a 'borrowed' plot can be a writers best friend.


No haiku for you.
The tiredness is calling,
And saying buzz off.


I think I might have to start stealing a computer to do posting in the Library, because I never seem to be anywhere but there lately.

Went to OSU on Tuesday and did a little campus tour. I'm completely convinced that's where I'll be transfering to. I really enjoyed the campus and the setting, even though wandering around while surrounded by college students who looked like they should still be in middle school was a little unnerving.

I have secured a laptop for NaNo, since I really want to buy one but probably won't because I'm saving for other things. These other things are totally exciting, but I'm not going to post about them yet because I don't want to jinx myself. I hate it when I get all psyched up about something and tell people, and then it falls through. I've found that keeping it to myself and then springing it on people at the last minute is so much more fun anyway.

Speaking of NaNo, only 8 days to go! That 50 some odd days went by seriously fast. I'm completely hyped about this year. Since I'm the ML for Salem, and it's my job to pimp NaNo, I want to mention that the Salem area Meet-and-Greet will be this Thursday (the 28th) at 6:30 at the Salem Public Library in a confrence room. If you want to join us, you're more then welcome. From the way stuff is starting to pick up, I'm expecting a good 15 or more people there. Also, if you're doing NaNo and aren't in my area, but are looking for a place to barracade yourself in and whine about how stupid you are, join TCB Wrimo's mailing list, they're fantastic:


People will probably be submitting what they write as they write it, or talk about plot ideas, or anything like that, so it's a good resource as well as a friendly community of like minded psychopaths.

Anyway, I shall post more in a while, but for now I'm off to watch the most recent episode of Lost, since I was in a class when it was on.


Only eight days left.
Prepare yourself for the worst,
and steal someones plot.


I got my voting ballot! YAY! I love Oregon's vote by mail system. It's so fantastic, it means I don't have to go out in the rain. We're so sophisticated here, even if we have to live by candlelight and still drive stagecoaches.

I find it amusing that some people have no people running against them in some elections. I also am very tempted to write myself in as President, but I won't, because nobody else is gonna, so there is no way I'd win.

Today is Michael's 1st Birthday. Although he's not my kid, I think his first Birthday is worthly of my 1000th post. Wow, that year went by seriously fast. It makes me feel both old, and unaccomplished. I wasted a perfectly good year. I could have taken over another small country by now, and set myself up as their cruel but loved Dictator. It worked so well with Vokslovaklia, they love me there.

Anyway, back to Michael. Here's a picture of him in his Halloween costume:

Is that too cute, or tooo cute? Happy Birthday Mikey!


Robin is a liar.
She tells me nothing and then,
Giggles about it.


I got a present yesterday. Exactly two days over two months from my birthday, I got an early birthday present, right before I had to go to writing. How fun is that? What's even funner (yes, funner is a word, work with me people), is what I got.

Tooooo cute! Isn't he toooo cute? Mine looks just like that one (I don't have a camera to take a picture of mine) the only difference is his stripes are a deep orange. I named him Kero, which means ribbit in Japanese. I bought him a nice new tank and some moss and dirt and gross crickets and plants, so he's got a pretty nice set up now. I'm thinking it's better then my living conditions, which is kind of sad. Yes, I'm gushing over a frog, but I love them, so I can't help it. Shuddap.

I'm going to get a froggy cam, and put it in there. I know you all want to watch my frog do nothing, I know I enjoy it, especally when I should be doing homework.


So much stinky work.
I dream about leaving it,
and instead waitress.

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I'm sitting in the library and I really should be doing something but I'm pretty much pooped out for today. I'm going to sit here and chat while I read six million chapters in my health book and then go to my writing class. I expect to be home about ten. Whee.

I've left NaNoWriMo brochures all over campus, including just 'accidently' leaving them in study cubicals when I leave. I plan on leaving one on this computer desk too. I got the library to agree to let me leave a whole bunch in their brochure holder thingy. I'd like to print a bunch of flyers off and get them approved by Student Life so I can put them on boards around campus, but I'd have to do that monday since I come right back here at 8 tomorrow morning and won't be home until 8 that evening. Or maybe I can do it Friday. I'd also like to get the schools paper to do a blurb about it, I might even have an in, since a certain older brother landed in journalisim completely on a fluke.

I've got about 45 minutes before I have to get going and drive all the way across town. I'm going to stare blankly at my heath book until it's time to leave. Oh, the joys of school.


Nap is in order.
Lots of fantastic sleep and
Yummy fun snoozing.

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I was late to a class for the first time today. 30 minutes late. I guess when I do something, even something bad, I have to go all out. It's the anal retentiveness in me.

Just so you know, I have guilt.


Scholastic madness.
A thinking day planner is
what I really need.

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Happy Birthday to James! An awesome domain host, but an even better friend. I hope you have a great birthday, you deserve it. We love you :)


Lane painted my nails.
Pink is a horrid color.
I am now frightened.

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Lane (that's my sister, who's a freshman) had a competition over the weekend it was for Band/Colorguard. Her team came in first in both the prelims and the main competition. This is their first win, the last comp they were in they placed at fifth. They won seven trophies yesterday. I am so proud, I guess all that stick throwing really paid off for them. They have another one next week, they're hoping to do well again.

However, Lane is convinced it wasn't talent that led them to victory. Her pants fell down during the routine twice, so she says it's because the judges saw butt that they won so many categories. I'm so proud of my little sister, the harlot.

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I'm surrounded by about 200 boxes of donuts and twinkie type treats. If I ate these things, I'd be thrilled, since I don't, I'm pretty much just disgusted. I haven't eaten a darn thing yet today, and those aren't helping my appetite any.

There has to be like a million calories floating around this room. I think I've gained a pound just by sitting here.


Rain! How I love thee!
With your wet clingy droplets,
and moron drivers.

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Long and rambling post that has no point. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I got the job. Yes, bow to my filing greatness! I actually had to retake the filing test, that's why she called me back in there. I missed three in a series of like, 200. Guess I don't know the alphabet as well as I thought I did. For shame.

I got a message saying I can start tomorrow, but I can't start tomorrow so I won't start until Wednesday. Hopefully it goes well. It's only 114 hours over ten weeks, so if it turns out to be the Job From Hell, it's just enough time in hell to build character, not char the flesh off my bones.

I got my first Zoo lab back. I got 13 1/2 out of 14. I actually felt horrible about it, not because I didn't get a perfect score, but because I missed a perfect score by a half of a point. It's just plain sad. This weeks labs? An experiment to test the social preferences of potato bugs. Why yes, I am looking forward to it.

I learned how to play Canasta over the weekend. My brother and soon-to-be-sister-in-law kidnapped me and took me yardsale-ing but we didn't find any, so instead we went back to Molly's house and played. I lost horribly, but it was still fun to learn. It's very rummy-esc. I also spent seven dollars on frogs. I was both excited and guilty over this. Two were frogs I gallantly saved from the thrift store, and the third was a 'Create-A-Pet' kit, where you stuff the frog yourself and then decorate his clothes with paint. Fun and messy! My kind of toy.

I finally got to watch the pilot of Lost last night (Go'bless Suprnova.org). I liked it enough that I strong-armed other people into watching it as well. Good, good stuff. I hope they don't muck it up, it has great potential, not to mention cute actors. I have theories, but I won't go into them now.

I want to learn how to knit, suggestions on where to start?


I have eight essays.
Oh! The agony of the
impending due date.

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I have no idea if I got the WS job. I went to the interview, did the little filing test, and she told me she'd call me back that afternoon and let me know one way or the other. She called, but asked me to come back into the FA office, but that she wouldn't be back in until Monday. This means I don't find out until Monday. Goodie for me, because nothing motivates a girl to enjoy the weekend like anticipation and dread!

I hope I got it, if not I have to go to the Job Placement office and cancel the referral and start all over, which will take like three days. Which means not being told Thursday that I didn't get a job (if I didn't get it) will set me back over a week. I really hope I got it, because I'm thinking about just letting the whole thing lapse at this point. Who needs extra money, right?

Speaking of extra money, word has managed to get around that I put on a good display of pretending to know my way around a computer. I spent three hours last night fixing someones windows so they could get online. This person is the fourth one this week that has had me come in to do tech work. I don't mind it at all, other then the fact that I'm faking it. Actually, I feel bad about charging anyone anything for this sort of stuff. I know how crappy it is when your computer starts working, I feel like it's just rubbing fishy smelling salt in the wound to charge them for the pleasure of my company to fix it too.

I have to go over to their store and pick up my payment sometime today. I'll probably put it off. I really hate taking money from people. The only consolation, I guess, is the fact that I'm gleefully undercutting every company in town who does this professionally by about 94%. It's the little things, yanno.

The HotD:

Stinky rude people.
Stand in the aisles with their carts,
and block my caffeine.

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