If I vanish today and am gone for a week or so don't worry (Or, don't get too excited) because I'll be back. :)


John Walsh has `Net preditors on his show today, and I agree: There are preditors online.

Just like in your neighborhood, in a bar, in a personal ad, at the local football game....

I think that parents need to pay attention to what their kids are doing (ESPECALLY IF YOUR CHILD HAS A WEBCAM!), moniter their chat buddies, block chat places like yahoo, pay attention to their E-mail, and if they DO want to meet a `net friend don't discurage them, go with them.

I've met a good amount of the people I know online, and I've known almost everyone I talk to from anywhere to a year to almost nine years. I conciter them very good friends. I don't go into chat rooms, unless it's a chat room I own, because I think chat rooms are annoying. My sister enjoys chat rooms, so she's got a rule..she can only go into a chat room made by her or one of her friends that has people we know in them. (Like RL friends) She also chats now and then to the people I know online. But I rarely let her go into public chat rooms because I know how often I get a solicit for cyber, so I know for a fact she gets them.

Plus, did you know there are naked people on webcams on yahoo? Seriously, it's scary stuff.

I can't moniter what she does online at friends house, so I hope the other kids parents do. But I don't think it's too much for a parent (or the mean older sister) to put limits on what younger kids do online.

Paying attention to your kids would solve so many problems in the world today.

The Net can be dangerous just like every other place can be, but it can also be really great. A good place to meet good people, explore your hobbies and learn. It's all in how you use it.


I've been out running around tacking up new advertisment for LKP, so we threw the kids in the car and took them with us. We were going to stop at the park but unfortunatly Mackinzie wet her pants, so she was in a diaper and a T-shirt and there was no way to take her out of the car. On the way back, they all pretty much feel asleep, so we just came back here.

I've got bunch more ads to put together so I can go put them out tomorrow, but first I'm going to call everyone in the phone book so I know who has public BBs so I don't have to waste time driving all over the place.

I'm so darn smart.


Even though I didn't get anything I needed to get done this week because of my foot, some good did come out of it. I've been signed up for a seminar on publishing your first book, it's on the 10th, which is great timing because it'll give me an extra boost to get me through a tough spot during Nano.

I've also been invited to a writing group, they meet every second Saturday of the month. I'm really excited about this because I've tried to put my own together but most local people shy away from it because they're already involved with one or don't want to expose their writing in fear of being put down. I'm told this writing group is very nice, which is good. There is also a second writing group I've been told about that I might be able to join. This is great because I need more positive input from local people who are serious about writing like I am.

This time sitting has given me a lot of time to think about plots, as well as alot of time to do the paperwork type stuff for LKP. This paperwork stuff includes newsletters, menus, curriculam, forms, all sorts of stuff. So it has kept me a little busy that way. I spent most of today designing a newsletter. So far I have a little over three pages done, which includes the first in a three part series of articals on the importance of early childhood development, and an artical on positive coping with separation anxiety in preschoolers. All written by the very bored yours truely.

I'd work on the website but I can't do much from this laptop other then text stuff because I don't have any graphics software on here. I can, however, play mind numbing games.

Thank God for that.


Nothing new, still stuck on the couch, and I still can't walk. It'll be the end of next week before I'll be able to, as it looks right this minute.

My foot is a wonderful shade of yellows and greens. It's so attractive.

In the mean time, I have nothing to do, and I do believe I'm going bonkers. Well, more bonkers then I already am. I hate this couch...somebody bring me a game or something to do. Please? Or I'll be forced to throw wet papertowels at the ceiling for fun.


I am the worlds biggest klutz (After Pranie that is), I'm a cripple now. Yesterday while I was walking back to the computer to get back to work, I stepped down wrong and totally messed up my ankle. It's swollen to about the size of a lovely softball, and I can't move it, let alone walk on it. (I'm all propped up and iced on the couch with the laptop, incase you're wondering.) This all makes working, and going to the potty, very very difficult.

And it hurts.

It'll be another day or so before I'll even be able to attempt crutches because the swelling hasn't all gone down yet, so I'm offically couch ridden.

I'm so sick of sitting here.

In other news, start watching Haunted (9pm Tuesdays on UPN) or they'll cancel it. The show is about a private detective who dies and comes back from the dead, and now he's being 'haunted' by spirits who want his help. It's actually not cheesey at all, I enjoy it. (And I am the worst critic of anything that involves paranormal, because they do it cheesey or just plain wrong.) I promise you if you watch it you'll love it. You can always tape stupid Smallville, or watch it when they repeat it on Sundays, you know.

I missed last nights episode because of my damn ankle. Damnit.


Um...I can't access my template. It gives me an 'out of string space' error. Any ideas?
I feel like an overpuffed marshmellow. My face feels totally swollen and my eyes hurt and are all puffy! AH! Sort of like somebody stapled them open and made me watch hours and hours of 'Lonesome Dove' and 'Dukes of Hazard' until they stuck that way. Everything is overly bright too, like I'm looking at the world with florecent lighting attached to my forhead.

It's quite uncomfortable and it makes staring at this computer screen really horrible.

I seriously can not afford to get sick, especally not within the next two weeks. Especally not this week at all. My day planner looks like I let a band of angry teenagers paint graffiti all over it. I've got so much to do there is no way I can get it done while I'm fighting off some icky bug. I don't wanna get sick, I don't wanna get sick...
Last year I had a package of ravioli and no sauce, so I debated cooking the raviolies up and just eating them straight. Which didn't sound very good to me, so I went digging in my kitchen.

I came up with a can of chicken broth, and figured since I didn't have sauce (and it kills me to eat it anyway) I'd cook the ravi's in the broth and make a soup.

Thus, Jamie's version of Ravioli soup was born. Of course, I thought I'd found something new, but unfortunatly my ego was crushed to find other recipies of it online.

But, none of them were like mine at all!

So, I've remade my soup a few times, and everyone I've forced to eat it loves it. I figured, I'd share my soup with you. If you make it, tell me what you changed (if anything) and if you liked it.

My Ravioli Soup -

These measurements are from the top of my head. I made this up myself and I don't work from cups, I just use what I have or as much as I think I need. Feel free to wing it. This is my third version of this recipe, every time I make it I change it (for the better I hope) to accommodate what I've gotten or whatever whim I want to try.

This soup might not LOOK pretty, but it tastes good.

You need:

2 Qts Chicken Broth and two cups water


As many cups of water you need & 1 chicken bullion cube (or tablespoon of powder) pur cup of water


1 Qt chicken broth plus whatever extra water and bullion you need

Use MORE liquid then you think is needed, because the ravioli swell AND the liquid tends to run out after everyone's been eating the soup. So you're left with a half pot full of ravioli and stuff, which isn't bad, but isn't soup either.

1 lb - 2lbs (depending on how much you want) raw sausage of your choice (links! Not ground. You get less grease with links. I've used everything from kelbasa to Italian, it all works.)

2 lbs ravioli, I always use cheese and a second kind. Pick that suits your taste. I usually use whatever ravioli complements the meat I'm using and then cheese. IE: sausage ravioli..see, easy.

2 cups finely diced mushrooms

2 cups finely diced onion

2 cups finely diced celery

1 cup finely diced green pepper

1 cup finely diced baby corn (Opt.) (I like baby corn - you can also do olives (which sounds odd, but good at the same time), carrots and other veggies if you want. I have yet to try these in mine...but I will next time I make it.)

2 tablespoons finely diced garlic OR 2 tablespoons powdered garlic

1 teaspoon oregano, 1 teaspoon basil, 1/2 teaspoon sage and 1 teaspoon thyme (or two teaspoons Italian seasoning mix! It's cheating but it works!)

1 tablespoons pesto (yes, pesto too! yum!) Alot of the seasonings above are already in pesto, but it adds an interesting taste to the broth.

Salt & Pepper to taste

1 cup fresh shredded (shredded, not powder, or I'll hurt you) parmesan cheese


Cut up everything you need to cut up to smallish size pieces, including the sausage. Think tad smaller then bite size, bigger then speck. You want everything to be cooked nicely by the time the ravioli is done.

In a good sized pot, dump in your liquid (Make sure you leave room for the ravioli and use a pot big enough to accommodate the ravioli swelling! I mean it, or you'll be sorry!) and turn your stove on low. Throw in all your seasonings including the pesto (it'll give it time to melt and mix with the broth). Let it get to about the simmering point, and give it some good stirs.

Throw in the diced veggies and the garlic, let that simmer for about five minutes. You don't have to pre-cook any of the veggies, so don't worry about it. They'll all cook fine in the pot.

Toss your ravioli in (well, place it in gently, you don't want disgruntled ravioli) and then about 1/2 cup of your cheese. Turn it up on med. high, stir in very well and then throw a lid on it. Let it cook until the ravioli is tender, make sure you stir it every few minutes or so.

Once the ravioli is cooked, turn off the heat (or turn it on low (low low low)) and dish up some bowls as soon as you can. Throw a little handful of the remaining cheese on top of each. (It makes a fun sticky gooey mess! I love it!)

The rest of the soup will sit in the pot, and the ravioli will get a little mushy. It's ok though, the soup will still taste good. If you don't want this to happen, make sure you force feed the soup to everyone as soon as the ravioli is done.

This keeps well for a couple days in the fridge, and tastes fine with microwave reheats. It also freezes something awesome, just incase you want to give it away. (I've made poor souls try it, and so far everyone likes it! They call it my 'ugly' soup.)

I serve it with french bread and spinach dip, because that's the kind of freak I am.


I got a phone call last week from my moms church asking if I'd come back and do their younger kid group thing for them on Sundays because they're starting to get more widdle widdle umpkins again.

I said sure, 'cause I'm nice like that.

No more free Sundays for me! So, I'm getting ready to flee out the door again. (The story of my life.) I don't mind doing this for them, it's not like I do anything else Sunday mornings. It also gives me a load more kid faces to practice my face painting on. Woo. I'm thinking of taking a camera so I can grab shots for a face book I need. (I've got to get it done before the Ag Fest in April, where I will be running a face painting booth.)

I do have a question though, why are services held so damn early? (Even thought technicly H.O.M.E's services aren't until 11) 8 is an ungodly hour to get up to get ready for anything on a Sunday, you'd think God would deem it blasphemy and put a stop to it.

You're slackin' God, I'm terribly disapointed.


I'm getting ready to flee out the door to take my Great Aunt away so she can putt around some tropical islands in a boat for the next two weeks.

Tough life hu?

When I get back tonight I have to start taking pictures of the Avon crap so I can sell it on Ebay. These pictures of the items have to include a picture of each one in and out of it's box. I have a good dozen cases of Avon stuff, which comes out to about 300 seperate items. Which is about 600 pictures. Which comes out to about 1/4th of the rest of my natural life taking pictures of Avon crap. Did I mention all of these are filled with nose wrinkling, eye watering horse urine? And I don't have a Hazmat mask?

I am so looking forward to it.


Oh, and for those of you who wanted to know why there are no pictures of me, it's because I manned the camera. However, since you whined so well...here you go.
I have started to take the borrowed digital camera everywhere I go. I find I enjoy very much taking pictures of unsuspecting people in strange situations. May I present to you the first of a long series of photblog entries that will either amuse you or bore you to tears, depending on my mood. These entries will continue until the owner of the camera realizes I'm abusing the privalge and takes it away from me while slapping me with the carry case upside my head. Do pray it be a long while off, becase I'm having quite alot fun. Oh, it's long too...I apologize.

Yesterday, after I had been pestered and pestered by our preschool kids, I gave in and set about 'Painting' them. During this ritual which involves alot of me repeating the same phrase (You've got to sit still) over and over, I had an idea. We had been talking about a field trip for the last couple of days, and since we only had a couple of kids (two, in fact), I figured why not do it today?

So, after I had finished painting them up I suggested my suggestion to the all powerful Boss-Lady. (She's only the Boss-Lady on odd days, so she of course played the part in full.)

So once we were all in agreement, and the kiddies were strapped into the car, Robin, Elaine and I drove our little bra..umpkins..to Martha's Pumpkin Patch.

Martha's is a localy owned farm that sells seasonal produce and what not throught the year. During Christmas time you can get trees, and during Halloween you can get pumpkins. Lots and Lots of pretty round orange pumpkies. I love pumpkins, at least for the first week or so, until they turn white and squishy and you have to scrape them up with a shovel and throw them away. But, before that, I love pumpkins.

So, we pulled into Martha's, got the excited kiddies out of the car, and thanks to a suggestion from Martha herself (Should I have asked for an autograph?) we piled the bouncing girls into a wagon and prepared to treck out into the pumpkin feilds. That's right, no pre-picked carton sitting pumpkins for us, we were going to capture ourselves pumpkins in their native habitat. Once we were settled with our caravan, we were on our way.

At first our party was cautious, as our trail leader Robin scouted ahead, Elaine faithfully followed. We were confident that we would not be attacked by savages in this wild land, although we allowed ourselves one look back to civilization.

As we continued into the vast wilderness of pumpkins, we came upon a few that we thought might be decent enough sorts to carry back home with us. As Robin made herself more familiar with the natives, she decided that they no longer wished to be left upon their sides and tops, so she took it upon herself to upright every pumpkin she came across so that they were sitting on their bottoms. The pumpkins she helped were most pleased, seeing as how they have no arms or feet to right themselves alone.

While Robin played nursemaid to the pumpkins, our travilers in the wagon ventured further into this uncharted land. At last the glad cry was sounded, a pumpkin decent enough for our travilers was found! The gladness of this event was lost quickly however, when we realized we were approching a dense and somewhat unsettling Pumpkin Patch Corn Forest. The outside of the forest was marked with strange signs, that we feared were strewn with warnings of this place. What were those other more colorful items? Perhaps some odd torture device? A Pumpkin Stock forged to hold the heads of tresspassers? Carefully we grew closer.

As we stopped just a few yards away from the strage stock-like device, one of our bravest travilers lept from her seat in the coach and sped toward the device, hedless to our cries of warning! Just then our caravan was attacked by a hoard of savage pumpkins, taking our youngest traviler Mackinzie hostage!

What could we do? I ran to find Robin were we had last seen her, but she was nowhere to be found, and when I returned I saw why. Somehow during her travels to help the pumpkins, she was captured as well. Now all my companions were caught, and had been locked into the strange torture device and guarded by pumpkin soilders. What was I to do?

Thinking quickly I grabbed the nearest pumpkin guard by suprise and threw him to the ground, each pumpkin guard I managed to thwart after a long and hard battle. I am ashamed to say many a pumpkins died that day, but it was for my friends life that I comitted pumpkinside, and as I freed them, they survayed my handywork.

After a long talk, we decided we couldn't risk going back the way we came, so we fled the only way that was left. Into the forest. The forest was dark and smelled faintly of mud, as we marched down the path we fought our way through the sharp and stinging branches of the tree-husks, and eventually found outselves in a clearing. We stood dumbfounded as we faced a most unusual person, there before us stood the Witch of the East in all the Witches glory! Tentivly we approched the witch for help, hoping this move was wise.

The Witch told us that to escape the forest, we must visit each witch and as their permission. Brushing us off with a disinterested hand, the witch bid us to carry on, for we were spoiling it's relaxing footbath. With that, we left the East Witch behind, and continued on our way. Soon, we came upon the South Witch, and while she dried her hair we asked her permission to leave the forest.

Sure, she said, no problem.

Well, so far so good. As we continued we eventually came across the West Witch. She was terrifying! She divebombed us on her broom while trying to kick us with her shoes and cackled all the while! We fled as fast as we could and ended up smack in the lair of the Witch of the North.

Despite our initial fear, we found Ms. North to be quite a lovely hostess. After offering us tea, she kindly showed us the way out of the forest, and told us that we had her permission to pick any pumpkin we wish on our journey back to Martha's. She even posed for a picture with our troupe.

We bid Ms. North farewell and continued on our journey. The day was growing quite late and we found that it was time to pick our final pumpkins and make our way home.

At last we had what we came for! With our travilers and our pumpkins safely stowed in our coach, we returned to Martha's.

Returned to the real world, paid for the pumpkins, stuck them in thecar, and headed home.

We also went to the store and carved the pumpkins, but I'll save that story for later.
I have this tree in front of my house. It's huge, and has probably been there for a good 40 years or more. It's covered in pretty ivy and some flowering plant that smells pretty nice. In the spring it's home to iddle bitty cute pudgy birds that eat the bugs that live in it's branches and fluffy chipmunks that scurry up and down it's trunk. It's leafy boughs shade my little house and keep it cool all summer long. In summer it is a blessing.

It's fall that's the problem.

You see, when fall in Oregon hits and all the leaves turn crispy and orange, an evil lurks in my pretty tree. An evil that litters my yard and driveway, that bangs all night long, that causes great black stains to appear on my porch and my living room rug. An evil that startles my cats when their napping and dents and dings parked and passing cars. It's an evil my friends, that will leave a knot the size of golf ball on your head or shoulders. This evil causes me to run from the corner of my street to my front porch on windy days in fear.

This evil, is The Walnuts.

Great nasty greenish grey husk-covered Walnuts. They fall from way up high in the tree and zoom down on their targets with a walnutty fury. They bang, splat, thump and bounce of every single surface within twenty yards of the tree. They're smelly, slimy and extremely annoying when six or seven fall off at once in the middle of the night.

And their leathal.

Today Elaine became the first victim of the season. Minding her own busniess while walking under the tree to deliver the mail to my Grandmother she was startled by a burst of wind that signaled the arrival of The Foe. While attempting to flee to safety she was struck viciously in the head by a Walnut. She survived the ordeal with a slight bump on the head and a few harsh words about The Walnuts.

"They're Evil" She said.

I agree. Unfortunatly there is nothing I can do to combat this foe. Perhaps I will walk my life with an oversized umbrella in hand, or raid a nearby construction site in the attempt to steal a hardhat. But, in the meantime, as I search to find one who is so brave as to risk going under my tree (Or one who would steal two hardhats, and give one to me) to rake the mess that is piling up in my yard and drivway, I realize that fall and winter will be long in my house, while The Walnuts dive until all that is left on the tree bare branches is the ivy and the few leaves which refuse to fall. And each day those who must wander under my tree take the risk of being horribly maimed or meet their death by one of those mischievous green flying orbs. It would be an interesting way to go.

Happy Birthday to James! Happy Birthday to James! Happy Birthday to Jaaaaaaaaames! Happy Birthday to James!

James! Have a good one, you deserve it.
Someone should have told me my layout looks like total crap.

Guess I'll spend today redoing it. You've got to remember I create my layouts for how they look on MY computer, which was very good, thank you. However, after looking at it on someone elses, it turned out to be like those people I wonder how they ever get designing jobs.


So, more then likely you're NOT seeing it the way I intended it to be seen.

Yes, exactly what is on my nano page..I'm lazy. So there!


My Nano Page

Go give it a visit and please tell me what you think. Not everything is there by a long shot, but it should all be done by tomorrow evening. Yip! I can't wait to get going.


I love fall. Especally when all the apples are ready to make stuff like applesauce and pies. Everything smells like apples and cinnamon now, and tomorrow I'm going to work on the pies. Woo!


Official NaNoWriMo 2002 Participant

Wohoo! Well, I'm signed up for NaNoWriMo. (Where you write a 50k novel in 30 days, starting in November..but sign ups are open now) I'm going to try this thing again this year. Last year I didn't finish but I did try, so don't be too ashamed of me.

So far my partners in self-torture are Kelly and Fred. I've got a couple more people teetering on the edge, and Prana is one of them who hasn't succombed to the dark side, but I think she might..and our little group (The Cardboard Box Wrimos) is open for more friends in misery so if you sign up (and I think you should) let me know and I'll add you to our mailing list.

C'mon..what's it going to hurt?