I feel like an overpuffed marshmellow. My face feels totally swollen and my eyes hurt and are all puffy! AH! Sort of like somebody stapled them open and made me watch hours and hours of 'Lonesome Dove' and 'Dukes of Hazard' until they stuck that way. Everything is overly bright too, like I'm looking at the world with florecent lighting attached to my forhead.

It's quite uncomfortable and it makes staring at this computer screen really horrible.

I seriously can not afford to get sick, especally not within the next two weeks. Especally not this week at all. My day planner looks like I let a band of angry teenagers paint graffiti all over it. I've got so much to do there is no way I can get it done while I'm fighting off some icky bug. I don't wanna get sick, I don't wanna get sick...

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