It's getting dark and snowy outside. I'm the only one home, and all my lights are off, save the Christmas lights and a few candles in my room.

It's so nice and quiet. I love my roommates, but there is just something nice about an empty house every now and then. It's cozy...a different kind of cozy then the hectic cozy of having everyone home and milling about.

One roommate will be home in about 45 minutes, the rest are out and about at work or away for the weekend. I have nothing productive to do this afternoon, so I'm just going to enjoy the quiet.


It's time for randomness!

Ice has melted enough and it's not snowing right-this-second that I'm going to go do my Christmas shopping. It should be madness, I look forward to it.

Happy Birthday to Michael. Have a good one.

There are cats living under my house, and I'll let them, because this is the most depressing song ever.

Off I go!


The Roommates and I are gearing up for the start of a pretty major winter storm. We've already seen some snow (a few inches, most of which fell on my birthday, a great present if you ask me) and a lot of ice, but it's supposed to get worse.

We've got a couple of winter storm warnings issued for our area: freezing rain, snow, ice, frozen ta-tas. You know how it is.

It's snowing out right now, I was going to put up some more outside lights but I just can't bring myself to open the front door and go out there for two hours while my fingers turn black and fall off. Instead, I updated IBOM for winter with an old favorite layout, and doing some putting around online.

I've got books to read, movies to watch, games to play, stuff to bake, and some pretty good company to do it with. To top it all off I've got 19 days of vacation left and no place to be.

Let it friggin' snow.