It's getting dark and snowy outside. I'm the only one home, and all my lights are off, save the Christmas lights and a few candles in my room.

It's so nice and quiet. I love my roommates, but there is just something nice about an empty house every now and then. It's cozy...a different kind of cozy then the hectic cozy of having everyone home and milling about.

One roommate will be home in about 45 minutes, the rest are out and about at work or away for the weekend. I have nothing productive to do this afternoon, so I'm just going to enjoy the quiet.


It's time for randomness!

Ice has melted enough and it's not snowing right-this-second that I'm going to go do my Christmas shopping. It should be madness, I look forward to it.

Happy Birthday to Michael. Have a good one.

There are cats living under my house, and I'll let them, because this is the most depressing song ever.

Off I go!


The Roommates and I are gearing up for the start of a pretty major winter storm. We've already seen some snow (a few inches, most of which fell on my birthday, a great present if you ask me) and a lot of ice, but it's supposed to get worse.

We've got a couple of winter storm warnings issued for our area: freezing rain, snow, ice, frozen ta-tas. You know how it is.

It's snowing out right now, I was going to put up some more outside lights but I just can't bring myself to open the front door and go out there for two hours while my fingers turn black and fall off. Instead, I updated IBOM for winter with an old favorite layout, and doing some putting around online.

I've got books to read, movies to watch, games to play, stuff to bake, and some pretty good company to do it with. To top it all off I've got 19 days of vacation left and no place to be.

Let it friggin' snow.


Dear Neighbors,

Do you ever get tired of yelling? Sometimes I get tired of listening to you.

The Quiet Neighbor Next Door


Went back to work at The Book Place yesterday, I'm in Customer Service proper this time around, and so I spent a half-day yesterday in training. The rest of this week is half-day trainings as well. Unfortunately 99% of what I'm being trained to do I already know how to do, so it's a bit repetitive. But I'm getting paid to sit around and listen to someone talk, so I can't complain about that.

My Co-ML Hannah is also working there, which I think is going to be a lot of fun. She's such a great person and I really think she'll like the job.

I picked up my SH ID yesterday. I'm now official and can magically open locked doors with the power of my badge. What's super dorky is I'll probably swipe cards, just to see if I can get the doors to open. I'm on my ER shift starting next week, and I hope to start my First Aid/CPR/AED trainer training next week as well.

My living room looks like a storage unit vomited on it. I'm going through everything for a fund raising sale that I'm organizing for later in August, and trying to get some stuff together (six boxes so far, people) of stuff to donate to it. If you're local and have things that you want to donate to help our NaNoWriMo Region raise some funds to function this fall, send me a note and let me know. We'll come pick it up and your donation is tax deductible.


Crunchyroll and I are currently having a love affair. If you've never been to CR you should check it out. It's a site where you can stream all sorts off good stuff from Asia. Dramas, Movies, Anime, and they've got tons of it, so there is always lots of hot Asian guys...I mean, stuff to watch. All happy and subtitled so I know what's going on, which is pretty important I guess. I mean, when I'm paying attention and not drooling over the cute actors.

I've been watching Dramas all summer. There are so many pages of them that I feel like I'll never catch up. It's alright though, because most of it is better then 90% of what's on TV this summer anyway. The summaries of some of the shows are strange and vague at times, so I've found that watching the first couple of episodes is the only way to decide on if a series is worth finishing or not. Watch out for the comments too, they're often no help and full of spoilers.

If you're looking for something to start you out in the wide world of ADramas, I recommend these five, which are my current top five favorite of all time:

5) Nodame Cantabile - Adorable and funny JDrama about a student at a music school who falls in a crazy obsessive love with another student, and their struggles with life, school and their futures.

4) Devil Beside You - Girl gives love letter to wrong guy, girl falls for guy, girl finds out guy is future step-brother. Antics, angst, great acting and a sweet love story ensue. I'm a sucker for the romances, what can I say?

3) H2 - Unfortunately this has been removed from CR, but it's still a great story and if you can find it, I recommend watching it. Lots of good comedy, romance (sorry guys) and sports (there! See! I'm not a complete lost cause).

2) Hana Kimi (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e) - Mizuki Ashiya, a Japanese girl from America, idolizes Izumi Sano, a high jumper from Japan. He quits the high jump, however, and Ashiya decides to disguise herself as a boy to attend the all-boys school in Japan he goes to, and convince him to jump again. This one is too cute.

1) Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2 - Also been removed from CR (cry) but can be watched elsewhere if you're crafty with Google. This is my current all time favorite series. Both seasons are great. A story about a poor girl who attends a rich school and gets targeted by rich boys who run the school. It eventually develops into good time angst romance. Yay! Watch in small doses, otherwise your heart might not take all the crying and gooshyness.

I also recommend Lunch Queen, Nobuta Wo Produce, Attention Please, Great Teacher Onizuka and It Started With A Kiss and it's second season. So turn off the bad summer reality shows, and watch cute cute Asian Dramas. You'll thank me, I promise.


I'm off to finally get my ID badge made for the Red Cross, I also have a meeting to get all situated to start my training to be a First Aid/CPR/AED trainer. I'm very excited about it, I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

I have about five hours of emergency response training next Tuesday, which I think is going to be really interesting and informative. I've got 35 hours left after these five before I can be a national responder, which is my goal. Until then, I can do local and state response.

I worked canteen on Monday and I met a really nice lady who gave me the contact number for the State Hospital's volunteer coordinator. So what did I do? I called of course.

Anything to keep me busy and out of trouble, right?

I have Bookbyte training on Wednesday, so then I'll be back to work there. I need the money, and it's time to go back to work anyway. I'm sad that I'm losing all my volunteer time, but I'll just move everything back into the evenings and it should all work out.


So my Co-ML Hannah and I are running errands today to try and get the prep for Sunday's Off-Season BBQ of Awesomeness done. We think we're going with a luau theme, maybe. Nothing says fun like a bunch of neurotic (no, I don't really think you guys are neurotic) writers skulking around in grass skirts and coconut bras. It's going to be good times.

You can still join us if you're interested. We'll be in Bush's Pasture Park at 1:00 on Sunday, at the far end opposite the Crooked House Playground.
So I took a leap today and met with the person who would be my adviser for Biology/Pre-Med at a different college, and talked to him about getting away from the horrid, evil cesspool that is The Current College and transferring to theirs.

It was an amazing meeting. He was very supportive and genuinely interested, which is a complete 180 from the person who is 'advising' me now at TCC. All I've ever gotten from him is the feeling that I'm inadequate, unable to do it, and that he feels like I'm a waste of his time.

Just the general atmosphere of The Different College was lovely. It's a smaller school, so the class sizes are about five times smaller then TCC. I feel like I learn better in a class where the teacher knows I exist and actually cares that I'm there.

So he started a file for me (even though I'm not even enrolled) and said to get enrolled and that he'd meet with me again in a couple of weeks to figure out my classes and help me set up a plan. So, I'm putting in my application this week (I've already sent my FAid papers over) and then I'm going to formally withdrawl from TCC. I'm so excited about it, I feel so much better that TDC is the school for me.

He also eluded that I wouldn't have to transfer my one-term crap grades from TCC, which is awesome, because everything that I ever had to do with that college just needs to stay there, and they can suck it.


I was in a local private practice Peds clinic today. It was a completely different feel (obviously) then Peds at a hospital, since most of the children at the clinic were there for well baby check-ups or ear aches, while the children at Peds in the Hospital are there because they're not not doing so hot or because their clinic sent them over.

I was there for about four hours, and in that span of time the doctor I was with saw about 20 or so patients. Mostly ear aches and sniffles, which is what I figured would be pretty common.

It was very interesting and informative, and what amused me the most is the majority of the complains I heard from staff were a direct result of the parents. I had childcare flashbacks, parents overreacting, parents bringing drama in, parents, parents, parents, parents. Ah, you got to love them, right?

As I followed my Doc around, I realized that there is absolutely no reason why I can't do what he does, and I've already got the experience in dealing with crazy parents, so give me Med School and I'll be good to go.


Behind my house there are two storage units. Not the pre-fab sheds that lots of people have, and not garages, but two tiny house-like buildings that I don't use because they're dirty, home to stray cats, and I'm pretty sure they've been broken into and I'd like to keep my stuff, as crappy as it is, not have it sold for Meth money.

I was outside today trying to get my yard (which is a mess, let me tell you. It's what I get for not doing it sooner) into shape, and there were these conversations coming from one of the locked storage sheds. So either a) someone has a key and is living/hanging out in them, b) I'm insane and hearing things, or c) my neighbors next door were sitting on the other side of the storage shed talking and I just couldn't see them.

I'm hoping for C, but A is always an option. The key to the shed is floating around my neighborhood (it's a long story, but one of the many reasons I won't store my stuff in there. I'm two seconds away from stripping the locks off them and buying my own) so there is a possibility that someone has they key, and hangs out in there. There is a bolt lock, so it can be locked from the inside, and since I don't have the key, I can't open it and check to see if anyone is inside.

A few weeks ago my neighbors told me they saw some people trying to get in there, and that they've seen a 'man with a bag pack' banging on the doors and walls of the shed a few times while I wasn't home. I've already told my landlord if I catch anyone in my yard, regardless of if they have a key to the shed or not, I'll pop them for trespassing. Nobody has any reason to be inside my fence but me, and nobody has any business in my storage sheds at all.


I came home early today from Booth-Sitting at the Saturday Market with the most amazing migraine behind my left eye. I couldn't sit out in the heat and bright sunshine without feeling like I was going to die and vomit all over the customers. I skipped out about 10:30 this morning. I'm attributing it to the heat and the fact that sleeping isn't something I've done much of in days. I fell asleep about a half-hour after I got home, and practically slept my entire life away. My temple is still throbbing, and rapid eye movement is painful, but it's better now.

Sleep, it's magically delicious, you know?

I should utilize the rest of the weekend to cleaning my house and doing yard work. It's just so hard to drag myself around to do anything when the temperatures are pushing the 100's.

We're supposed to have thunder storms tomorrow night. We rarely get them, so here's hoping.


There is a completely different feel in the Mother & Baby Unit then there is in Peds. Maybe it's the reason behind why people are where they are. You know, new baby vs. sick baby, but it could also be the fact that the air conditioner in M&B was working or that it had windows. Peds was like walking around a stuffy old grandma house, M&B was open and cool. Everyone smiling and chatting me up. Everyone in Peds was rushed, tight and worried.

I was at M&B for two hours today. Babies are too cute for their own good. The person I was stalking only had three 'couplets' as they call them, so although it was slightly slow, it was still very informative.

Once again, while I was leaving, the interesting stuff happened. One of the babies was being sent down to the NICU. It was a bummer for two reasons: the first being that the baby needed to go to NICU, and the second being that I missed being able to see it.

I'm at a neighborhood Pediatric clinic on Monday for five hours. It'll be interesting to see how a Peds clinic differs from Peds at the hospital.
Shadowing is awkward. Mostly because I always feel awkward, and new situations never make me feel more at ease. I'm not stealthy or sneaky enough to pretend like a spy tailing a target, I'm more like a old, blinded, three-legged jungle cat trying to catch my dinner and just can't quite get it. The sad part? Whatever it is I'm trying it catch is right in front of me on the ground with a broken leg.

I was in Peds yesterday, following around an RN who was kind enough to put up with me for the afternoon. I got the impression I was her first shadow, so much like waking up next to someone you don't remember bringing home, I think it was just as awkward and strange for her as it was for me.

I enjoyed it though - the shadowing, not strangers in my bed in the morning (although it has it's moments). The floor was very quiet, with only a few patients admitted, and most of them were sleeping, so we had some very enlightening conversations about equipment and procedures. She walked through an entire admit, and explained all of the paper work and that was a good learning experience, as I'd never seen the boring paper-pushing office side of the hospital. I am always amazed at how much work Nurses do and how little respect and appreciation they really get. Someday when I have a clinic of my own, I shall throw the nurses parties every Friday, encourage them to wear tiaras, and bring them cookies shaped like hearts.

I'm in Mother & Baby this afternoon, which I'm looking forward to. Not just to scope out which babies will sell well on the black market (and with my newly acquired information on how the Hugs infant protection system works, I'll be filching babies in no time) but also because babies are cute, and I love them...in pie.


Our new Regional website for National Novel Writing Month has opened. Go visit Plot Box of Doom, and join the Forum.

It took me ages to finally get it completed, but I'm happy with the design and I think it will work well as a home-away-from-home for our Wrimos. Plus, it will make stalking them so much easier.


It's been a long few days. I had a family emergency on Saturday, and now I'm out of town helping out. I haven't slept since a bit Saturday night so I'm a little loopy.

Things are a little better, and I should be able to return home tomorrow evening or Thursday at the latest. I brought my homework along with me but of course I'm not getting any of it done. I'm going to have to bust my tuckus over the next few days. I've got a test in Trig on the 11th and I'm not really steady on the concepts. I'd rather not bomb this one, because then I'd have to retake Trig and that's just sick.

Happy Super Fat Tuesday to all of you. What are my predictions on this day of caucuses and over-indulgence before Lent?

I think there will be a sweep for the Republican candidate, and a crazy close race for the Democrat, that probably won't have a 'winner' so to speak. Also, there will be many drunk people, and not just because it's Mardi Gras.


I have a meeting in about an hour. It's a super secret meeting about super secret things I haven't told a single person. I'm very excited about these super secret things, but not so excited as to jinx it. Not that telling anyone would jinx it, or anything. I mean, you guys aren't bad luck, that's not what I mean. What I mean is, sometimes these things are better left in the dark at the beginning. Also, suspense keeps you Figments coming back, and if you stopped coming here, then who would I talk to when I'm all alone?

So, if this meeting goes the way I want it to, and then if all my cute fluffy baby ducks fall in a huggable row, I'll tell people. If not, then I'll sulk in private. Sound good? Good.


This is your fault, Pran.
Cute Overload is meanness,
It's akin to crack.


Ach, I suck.

However, I feel a new layout coming on and along with that some happy tasty fine content. You'll be proud, I promise.

Until then, you get crap. Excited? Me too.

I finished Year Of Wonders: A Novel of The Plague by Geraldine Brooks last night. The novel is about a village in 1666 that is infested with the Plague thanks to a bolt of infected cloth brought in by a tailor. In order to keep the Plague from spreading to the nearby villages, the Rector of the town convinces the people the best thing to do is to self-quarantine.

The village decides to do so, and then has to deal with all of the harshness of the plague, social injustice, and religious extremes all while being prisoners of their own town. The novels protagonist is Anna, barely 18 and a widower with two children, she loses everything she had to the plague, but finds the courage to come out of it a stronger and completely different person then she ever thought possible.

The novel was very well written, and I enjoyed it up until the last chapter, which had a 'twist' that to me felt out of place and rushed, and not entirely possible in the way that it was set. Not that the character couldn't have developed into what she became, but it was still a stretch. Not that this makes it a bad novel by any means.

I recommend it if you're looking for a well written, emotionally charged something to entertain you instead of doing Trig homework...I mean, you know, instead of doing whatever, laundry or weeding.

Year Of Wonders: A Novel of The Plague


Four and a half Duckie-Wuckies out of five. Don't judge the ducks, people.



Yesterday was Savvy's birthday. On Saturday we threw her a little party, there were only four of us, so we went out to Sushi and goofed off all evening. Yesterday her birthday wish was to go sit in the theater and watch a bunch of movies she hasn't had time to go see, so her and I went to a couple of theaters and I bought her tickets to four movies.

We saw P.S. I love you (and bawled), I Am Legend, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, and Enchanted. I also bought her dinner. She said she had a good time, and it was nice to just blow a whole day doing nothing productive at all.

Happy Birthday Sav!


Long day, I didn't sleep last night, and was on campus from about 8 this morning until 6 this evening. I haven't eaten anything at all today and I really just want to crash, burn and get some snoozes.

In happy news, I got a notice that my Faid has been posted to be put into my bank account within three business days. Which means hopefully by mid-next week I can buy my books and catch up on all the homework I'm behind.

I've got a busy weekend ahead of me, and a busy week next week. I've got some stuff left on a client website to do that I hope I can get done on Thursday. Maybe, by then, I'll have something amusing and of substance to say.


Yawn, yawn, yawn yawn, yawn.
Yawn sniffle yawn yawn sniffle,
Yawn yawn yawn yawn zzzzzz.


So tomorrow I go talk to my AA about an IE3 Internship. I'm terribly excited about it, even if I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to sell myself on the street to afford to go. The one I have my sights set on is for ten weeks in Pune, India. IE3 says this:

Located in the Sahayadri Hills, near the west coast of India, Pune is a fascinating city with a nice climate year-round. The Maternal Child Health in Pune program will offer comprehensive learning opportunities in health in addition to vibrant Marathi culture. Participants will have the chance to work with a variety of clinical sites including larger hospitals, and smaller rural clinics. Some clinical sites are run and managed by the government, and others are private that may or may not operate with public funding. In this program, participants will be exposed to the healthcare system in India that caters to the needs of women and children. They will experience antenatal care, intranatal care and postnatal care facilities and will learn about newborn care, immunization schedules and pediatric care up to age five. Participants can also rotate in family planning clinics, and will have the opportunity to work in clinics that manage sexually transmitted infections and disease.

It's so amazingly perfect. I'd be working primarily in the area I want to work, and I would get the added bonus of going to India for ten weeks. Plus, since IE3 is an OSU program, I'd get a full term 12 credits during my time away, so I wouldn't lose any credits for going. There is also one in Bolivia that is really really exciting as well. I think my heart is set on India though.

My goal is to go next Fall or Winter. I meet with my AA tomorrow to talk about initial steps, and then hopefully I can get the process moving. I know I said I'd have to walk streets (or sell an organ, or become a drug dealer) but the cost is actually not that much over a base tuition cost that I'm already paying now.

If it's not going to cost me seven or nine thousand to go, only what I'm paying already for tuition plus a bit more, why would I not take this opportunity?
Plus it will give me gobs and loads of experience which I need to get into Med school anyway.

In other school news, I'm the oldest person in my Chem class. This cracks me up enormously. Another lady came in who looked to be in her 30's and I was so happy thinking that I wasn't the only person over the age of 19 in a class of well over 200 students (culture shock by the way, my largest class at my last school was 48 and I thought that was crowded).

She was a sign language interpreter.

I feel so old surrounded by people who look like they're not old enough to shave or drive yet. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go put my slippers on and watch Matlock.


Only one day left.
First week of term has zoomed by,
9 of them are left.
My feet haven't been dry in a week. Maybe I should get cute rain boots?


Back at school. It's been kind of nutty, but I think I finally pegged down what I'm taking. As always, if you wish to stalk me...

HSTS 417 - History of Medicine (I'm so excited about this class)
CH 221 - Chemistry 221 (I'm behind on my Chem, I'm bad)
MTH 112 - Trigonometry (I need it for Calc, boo)

I was also going to take Ecology, but it's a T/R class and I just couldn't make it, so instead of 15 credits I'm only taking 12. Two are online, and one is on campus. I have to get my act in gear next term, but it's okay for this term. I'm cool with it.

I've got an appointment on Friday to talk to my adviser about an IE3 internship! Keep fingers crossed!


I'm making Spring Break plans, it seems early since term doesn't start technically until tomorrow, but time flies doesn't it Figs? It's best to get things set up now.

One of my New Years Resolutions was to get three stamps in my passport. Oh, and to get a passport. I will be getting it next week, and I plan on getting a nice inky stamp in it during Spring Break.

I'll be heading to Vancouver B.C. for a few days because Canada is only 6 hours away and I've never been there. Sav will be my co-pilot and we plan on stalking many stars, because as many of you know, all the good shows are filmed in Vancouver.


Off to sew some pants.
I tore a hole it was sad,
Sewing ain't my friend.


Grinded all day on this website, my goal is to finish up early enough tomorrow that I can spend the rest of the afternoon and evening freaking out about classes starting on Monday. It should be good.

I'm done for the night though, I think I'll just go pound some steps out on DDR and maybe put my PJ's on. I'm a freaking thrill a minute on a Saturday night, aren't I?


Spinach is the yum.
Avocado and some cheese,
Make tasty dinners.


Is it sad that I really want to watch this tonight?

It is, isn't it? Damn.
Friday Random Ten, Figs. Play along!

Bring Me Love - Marie Digby (Bring Me Love Single)

HA HA - Monsters Are Waiting (Fascination)

Again - Chris Hawkes (Guitar and Voice)

September Falls - The Little Heroes (Cinematic America)

Lay You Down - The Ruse (Invasion)

Lights - Careen (Crash Culture)

The Story Of - The Heavenly States (The Heavenly States)

Sim Time Sim Place (Nick Franglen (of Lemon Jelly) Remix) - Mark Mothersbaugh (The Sims 2: Nightlife)

Burned Another House Down - Parker Theory (Leaving California)

I feel like I'm channeling a really bad scripted teen 'reality' show today. However, just because silly shows feature good artists doesn't make the artists silly.

Okay, well maybe the fact that I have all The Sims soundtracks is silly...but I can't help it. Singing along to songs in a language that was made up for a computer game to baffle the people around you is hysterical.

Or maybe I'm just easily amused. You pick.


I should be working.
Oh distraction, I love thee,
With your shiny things.


I've been working on a clients website all day today. I've got about four days left to cram my last minute work in before my deadline is up. I'm pretty much on track, but the hosting leaves things to be desired. What I originally wanted to do with their shopping cart isn't going to work. Even after I whined at it all morning, it just wouldn't give and magically change into what I wanted.

My goal is to cross off the majority of the things on my list so that my last day or so can be spent testing to make sure everything is working correctly. Keep your fingers crossed that nothing blows up or gets deleted on me. I would cry.

My toes are cold and I should really throw my slippers that I got from The Sister for my birthday on, but if I get up and move around I'll distract myself. It's only raining out but the forecast has hinted a bit at snow later in the weekend and I believe it. It's certainly chilly enough outside. I'm one of those nut people who once I get cold, it takes me a long time to warm back up. So for most of winter, I'm perpetually cold. My friend Terra is the complete opposite, she's perpetually hot, even if the temperature is 40 degrees where she is, she'll still want a window open or the AC on. Nuts, nuts I say.

I wouldn't mind snow, except for the fact that if it snows, there is no way I'm commuting to campus for the first day of classes. Maybe it'll snow so much, that the start of term will be pushed back a week and my lovely vacation will be extended. Wouldn't that be fun? I think so too.

Back to the grind like a good little Cinderjamie. I'm going to bang on this with a proverbial hammer for another hour or three and hope that when I leave Guido to go start my soup later this afternoon, the Achteemell Fairies have finished the job for me.

A girl can dream right?


Smiling Buddha man,
Sits on my desk and just grins,
Hope I amuse him.


It's been winter now for 11 days, so I figured it was time to get my Winter Reading List up and cracking, before I ran out of time and had to start thinking about the Spring Reading List.

For those of you Figs who don't know, every season I post an ever-growing list of books that I want to read before the season is up. This book contains everything except textbooks directly required for my classes. Everything else, including old textbooks and papers, get added to the list. I also take suggestions for tasty reading.

I read pretty fast, and can usually do 35 - 40 books in a normal season list, and if I'm really reading I can do over 100. Usually though I don't have that kind of time, which makes me sad in my insides.

If I own the books, usually they get released into the wild unknown through Book Crossing when I'm done with them. Two of my books are BC books that I picked up from Wordstock in November and just haven't had a chance to read them.

This seasons list includes medical stuff, non-fiction, fiction of all kinds, cooking books, and of course zombies. I'm looking for a good biography and anything else that you might think would be a fun read.

I add to the list anything I find or read during this time. My deadline for reading them is March 20th, which is the Spring Equinox.

Winter Reading List:

Bad Moon Rising - Katherine Sutcliffe

Beyond Nose-To-Tail:More Omnivorous Recipes for the Adventurous Cook - Henderson & Gellatly

Blue Justice - Illona Haus

Complete Guide MD/PhD Degree - Ben Rosner

Cold Hit - Stephen Cannell

Examkrakers: MCAT study package - Jonathan Orsay

Learning To Play God - Robert Marion

The Last Light of The Sun - Guy Gavriel Kay

The Face of Death - Cody Mcfadyen

The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court - Jeffrey Toobin

Med School Confidential - Miller & Bissell

Tales of the Otori: Across the Nightingale Floor - Lian Hearn

The Wheels of Darkness - Preston & Child

Vaccine: The Controversial Story of Medicine's Greatest Lifesaver - Arthur Allen

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations - Cave & Mitchell

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse - Ben Templesmith

World War Z: An Oral History/Zombie War - Max Brooks

Give me any suggestions you have!

I've finished both Blue Justice and Bad Moon Rising both are junk food fiction, but Bad Moon Rising is much more junkier, and not really in a good way. Technically these would go on the Fall Reading List, since I read them before the 22nd, but I'm a cheater so I'm cheating. It's my list! I can if I wanna!

I enjoyed Blue Justice though, and would say if you're looking for a fun thriller it's worth it. I read them both while delayed in the airport for five hours on my flight home from Vegas. They served their purpose well, and kept me from gouging the eyes out of the other people waiting with me.
Yay for Sakura! I love this layout, it was time to change from the holiday one, and this will work until I've made a new one.
So instead of working at The Book Place today, I did some errands I needed to take care of. I did some grocery shopping (yes, I am that exciting) and popped into Big Lots to pick up another pair of pajamas. If you have one near you, and they have the cute cute warm fuzzy jammies pick them up. At 12 bucks, they're a great deal.

I think I'm obsessed with them because secretly I just want to spend the rest of my life as a schlub in pajamas.

It's pouring out, so I arrived home with the cuffs of my pants and my shoes soaking wet, I think this is a good excuse to put on my new jammies, but seeing as how it's only 2 in the afternoon, that would be overly slackeresc even for me.

Time for a random subject change. I have a question Figs, I'm looking for a decent digital camera. I know you all own them, what kind do you own, and do you like them or would you buy them again if you could? Also, what did they run you in price?

I'd like to get one, do 365 this year and also do some time lapse stuff. I'm forcing Crocus bulbs in my bathroom off my bedroom (it is not weird, it's because it's dark and cool in there. It doesn't have any windows and they start better in that type of enviorment) and I'd like to do daily shots of them and then put them all together.

Yes I know, I'm a dork.


It is wet outside,
Dripping wetness all around,
My socks are soaked now.


So I spent New Years Eve watching bad movies and good Twilight Zone episodes and just relaxing, which was the best way ever to end one year and usher in another.

I spent today trying to work out a bunch of issues that have arisen, one of which being how I'm going to work full time like a normal person from 8 - 5 at The Book Place and go to school full time at a university that is an hour away taking day classes. Unfortunately the answer was that I can't - work at The Book Place, that is.

If it was a job that had night hours, or would be willing to let me patchwork hours in then that would be fine. Sadly, neither option exista, so my only alternative is to back out from working this rush, and focus on school. I'm hoping to find some extra work on campus that I can pick up ten hours a week or so when I can, since all my classes this term are science based with labs, and as many of you Figments who go to school know, these are crazy time consuming.

So I wrote my supervisor and let her know I wasn't coming in, and said I'd love to work over the summer rush like last year, when I didn't have to commute to Corvallis. Until then however (and let's hope they do let me come back in summer) it's just not going to work for me.

Maybe I'll get lucky and find a campus job or a night job that will work with me. I could use the extra money, but I'm not crazy worried about it.

It's all good. Next is getting the title transfered into my name for Le Car De Goose, which is a whole 'nother bundle of fun goodies because all my forms of picture ID have gone missing, and so I have to go track one down (and dish out the money to get it) before I can dish out the 130 to transfer the title. Yay!


Need to clean my room.
Scary Phyllis haunting me,
Bad childhood mem'ries.