Shadowing is awkward. Mostly because I always feel awkward, and new situations never make me feel more at ease. I'm not stealthy or sneaky enough to pretend like a spy tailing a target, I'm more like a old, blinded, three-legged jungle cat trying to catch my dinner and just can't quite get it. The sad part? Whatever it is I'm trying it catch is right in front of me on the ground with a broken leg.

I was in Peds yesterday, following around an RN who was kind enough to put up with me for the afternoon. I got the impression I was her first shadow, so much like waking up next to someone you don't remember bringing home, I think it was just as awkward and strange for her as it was for me.

I enjoyed it though - the shadowing, not strangers in my bed in the morning (although it has it's moments). The floor was very quiet, with only a few patients admitted, and most of them were sleeping, so we had some very enlightening conversations about equipment and procedures. She walked through an entire admit, and explained all of the paper work and that was a good learning experience, as I'd never seen the boring paper-pushing office side of the hospital. I am always amazed at how much work Nurses do and how little respect and appreciation they really get. Someday when I have a clinic of my own, I shall throw the nurses parties every Friday, encourage them to wear tiaras, and bring them cookies shaped like hearts.

I'm in Mother & Baby this afternoon, which I'm looking forward to. Not just to scope out which babies will sell well on the black market (and with my newly acquired information on how the Hugs infant protection system works, I'll be filching babies in no time) but also because babies are cute, and I love them...in pie.

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