I came home early today from Booth-Sitting at the Saturday Market with the most amazing migraine behind my left eye. I couldn't sit out in the heat and bright sunshine without feeling like I was going to die and vomit all over the customers. I skipped out about 10:30 this morning. I'm attributing it to the heat and the fact that sleeping isn't something I've done much of in days. I fell asleep about a half-hour after I got home, and practically slept my entire life away. My temple is still throbbing, and rapid eye movement is painful, but it's better now.

Sleep, it's magically delicious, you know?

I should utilize the rest of the weekend to cleaning my house and doing yard work. It's just so hard to drag myself around to do anything when the temperatures are pushing the 100's.

We're supposed to have thunder storms tomorrow night. We rarely get them, so here's hoping.

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