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Many of you know Persa, the awesome girl from FearlessZippy.com and a frequent reader of my blog. She's done the Blogathon for the last couple of years and everyone who knows her adores her. This is serious stuff, a couple days ago she went missing and her family needs help in finding out where she went.

More information on this can be found at this page http://www.zulas.com/persa.htm if you've seen her, IMed with her, E-mailed with her, anything lately or might know where she is please please contact her family.

Also, for those of you who know Persa or even those who don't, please post this information to your blog and ask others to do the same so that it can get out and she can know that we care and we want her to go back home. Thanks, and Persa, if you do read this, go home hon, they miss you.


I haven't posted in ages, this means I should be flogged, however I ask that you save up your floggings till after November so that I'm not incapacitated by said beatings and rendered unable to write.

Good? Good.

I'm up to nearly 30k, I've been writing on a terribly old Laptop by Zenith. Yes, it scares me too, but it makes a very comforting heavy clacking noise when I push down on the keys. This is either helping me to write or entertaining me, possibly a combination of both. I'm easily entertained, so you never know.

Hopefully I get time to transfer it to this computer (I'm pretty sure I'll have to retype it all by hand, that should be fun) within the next couple of days so people can read what's going on. (or, find out what happens to the envelope, which amsuingly enough, will make a handful of you very angry with me.) I haven't done it sooner and I'm sorry, thanks to those of you who IM (or send e-mail, or call, or show up at my house in the middle of the night) and support me or bother me about the story and why I haven't posted. The encouragement is greatly appriciated, the dead mice and blood written letters are...eh...not so much.

Anyway, I'm off to write some more. I promise to update daily from now on, like a good little girl should.


Happy Birthday Lane. Love you.
If anyone who runs the Ornament Exchange reads this, I've sent my real address to you three times now, if you don't get it, IM me at RheaRhyolin or leave a message here and I'll post it to my blog. `Cause, taking me down would be mean. ::sniffle::


Rhea Rhyolin: Make me write, man
Saetan SaDiablo: ....
Saetan SaDiablo: write
Rhea Rhyolin: I made myself chocolate milk, as a bribe. "Self," says I "If I make you chocolate milk, you'll write three thousand glimmering words of perfection tonight"
Rhea Rhyolin: "Yes Self," I said "I will"
Rhea Rhyolin: So I did
Rhea Rhyolin: And I'm not
Saetan SaDiablo: lol
Rhea Rhyolin: and I'm so disappointed in me
Saetan SaDiablo: Bad girl.
Rhea Rhyolin: Yes!
Rhea Rhyolin: Now I'm just full of chocolate milk
Rhea Rhyolin: and still avoiding work!
Rhea Rhyolin: Perhaps I need more?
Rhea Rhyolin: Perhaps a second glass will motivate me?

I've been writing, it's just been so sparse that I don't have enough to justify a chapter post. The guilt has gotten to me and I am writing right now, and there will be a chapter post by the end of this evening. Hopefully a long one, one that isn't as achingly mind numbing as the last.

Is anyone even reading this? If you are, you should leave me comments. Better yet, leave me presents.

Mmm...oh yes, presents will motivate me.


Chapter three is up, my progress is quite slow. Chapter three also sucks, I apologize for this. Oh well. What can you do right? Becides steal someone elses....

There is an idea.

Words Written Today: Roughly 1300

Total Words: 4320 or some nonsense


Today is our scrumptious Prana's birthday, so in honor of Pran's birthday (Happy Birthday Dahling!) I will be taking a day off of writing to pay humbled homage to the wonderfulness that is my mentor and hero, Prana and reflect on how I too can be more like Prana.

I will also be hiding from said wonderfulness so she can't beat me for this post. If you need me, I'll be under the bed.

Happy Birthday Prana!


Currently writing. I'd write faster if people left me sweet, glowing, and support laden comments about how much they worship and adore me, but they don't, so I don't.

Mores the pity.


Quick update. Chapter two is up, chapter three will be up tomorrow by evening at the latest. Remember, chapters aren't chapters, just what I've gotten done in a day.

Current word count, incase you're wondering, is just a smidge over 3000. Hopefully I can hit 6000 tomorrow and then work towards the 15000 I want by Saturday.

Until then, I'm heading off to go rot my brain in front of the T.V. and steal plot ideas from the shows.
Day four of NaNoWriMo, finally got IBOM back open to chronical my horridness. I'm still working on redoing the pages to match this years, since for those of you following my novel exploits you'll recongnize this layout from two NaNo's ago.

I'm lazy, what can I say. I apologize for the stinkyness of this layout, I just didn't really have the gumption to do anything more creative.

Anyway, it's all up, editing and putting up of what I've got so far of the 'novel' to follow.


NaNoWriMo has started once again, so this post will be short and to the point. Watch this space for cursing, small sample postings, word counts and pleas to have you tell me to quit because I write rubbish.

I've got a tiny heads up from last year because this year I've got most of the novel outlined, however, I'm not sure if that'll help.

Anyway, first goal? 1000 words by tonight. Let's see if we can do this, shall we?