I apologize for the mess IBOM has been in lately. It reflects the upheaval that currently is my life. It's not a bad thing by any means. Just lots and lots of change all at the speed of light. My seatbelt is broken, so I've just tied it around my waist. This adds a certain feeling of falling off the ride at any minute, but so far I'm still here.

I plan on switching graphics to a new domain for hosting this weekend, and perhaps making a new layout. If I'm going to change everything else, IBOM might as well get a pretty new dress with a bow for her hair while I'm at it. And perhaps...some postings of substance, just for kicks.

As always, figments, my thanks for sticking around. Although I'm not quite sure why you do.

A HOTD for those of you who've missed them:

Spring is upon me.
Trees rain down snowy blossoms,
Tulips in the yard.