I have bunches of worthless dribble posts to make but very little time - I have a meeting in ten minutes. You can either consider yourself disappointed or grateful, I'll leave that up to you.

In the mean time however, I'm asking favors of you all. It's time for the Jamierella Summer Reading List, the reading I do during my so-called 'free time' in summer. Usually late at night when I've been locked away in my room and should be sleeping, or when I'm hiding in the bathroom.

So, I'm out for suggestions: what have you read recently that just rocks, and that I should read too? What's your all time favorite book? Tell me, so I can add it to my list, mmmkay?


Mean painful redness.
Oh, I have been forsaken,
By the cruel sunshine.


Pottery 1-Handbuilding A
Introduction to Fiction A
Intro to Work Based Learning A
Gen Sociology-Social Problems A
General Zoology A

Take that, Spring 2005! Now that I have offically seen my shiny happy grades, I can fully enjoy summer the way God intended me to. Naked...to the best of my abilities. Yeah, that's it.
Dude and dudettes, I do believe I've used up all my funny-juice. No, don't be disgusting, I don't mean that kind of funny-juice, I mean the kind that makes me amusing even when I'm not drunk. I've never been drunk, so I can't honestly say I'm a funny drunk, but let's just assume that I am for the sake of this post, shall we? It could well be that I'm an angry drunk, or a lush drunk, or maybe even a drunk drunk, but since we'll never know, we're just going to have to pretend. Pretending is using our ima-gi-nation, you know, the thing I used to make you all up, my dear figments.

I'm finding it very difficult to be amusing or have anything amusing to write about. Perhaps it's because I have yet to switch into summer gear, or it could just be that I was never funny to begin with and it's finally dawning on me. In fact, nothing funny has happened to me in days. Stubbing ones toes, almost falling down a flight of stairs, and being Shanghaied do not count as funny.


Oh little piggy.

My house smells like sausage, yet,
I have eaten none.


One of the little girls in the YCC passed away. She was six. Her memorial service is going to be held today. She was in my class since the beginning - in fact, she was the very first YCC'er. I'm completely torn up over it (which is why I haven't posted about it). After years of working with these kids every week, I get really attached. I guess I like them, or something. It's truly a tragedy, and my heart goes out to her family.

She was a fantastic little girl, and she will be greatly missed.


I think perhaps Mr. Kumquat needs his own blog. I think that would make me feel better. What do you all think? Mr. Kumquat, he is awfully sessy. Crass, rude, and extremely derogatory...but sessy.
I have some stuff to say that I'm not sure I feel like posting here. I don't know if it just really upsets me enough that it's almost too serious for IBOM (I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm not exactly Ms. Austere in this thing) or because I want to avoid thinking about it.

If I want to avoid thinking about it, that brings up a whole different issue that I want to avoid thinking about as well. This leads me to wonder if I'm going to spend my entire life not thinking at all to avoid thinking about anything. You know, sort of like what I do now, but...less...or is it more?

So while I ponder if I'm going to post about it here or not, I leave you with my gripe of the day: Hot Cheetos are disgusting.

You're welcome. Glad I could waste your time.
Ah. Glorious summer. Time to throw on some sunscreen, head to the beach, and oogle all the cute sufer boys. That is, of course, after I get all the wall-bumping out of my system.

I finished my last final yesterday. Technically I still have one paper left, since I had an instructor decide that assigning a paper to be do after the final was over would be fun. You know, like poking out an eye. This is alright though, because it will only take me ten or fifteen minutes to add a few more paragraphs of mindless nonsense to an already eight page paper. For those of you worried, my BSing skills have improved a million times fold since starting at Chemeketa. College...ain't it a wondrous thing?

With the death of my first full year-and-one-term at Chemeketa, I now find myself slightly lost. I've spent so long rushing from here to there (mind you, I'll still be rushing, since it's not like I'm not working the other jobs or anything, but it's not the same) every day from 7 until 7 (or later) I'm not really sure if I can handle all the free time. No, let's be honest, I'm not sure I can use the power of free time for good. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get myself in a heap load of trouble over the summer.

I think a little trouble will be good for me though. Yes, I solemnly swear not to land myself in jail again. I know how much of a hassle it was to get people to hack up bail for me. Gessh, who would have thought the coppers would be so mad over a little fun with a handful of cowboys and some guava jelly?

Summer also marks the beginning of two things...well, two things I can talk about here. The first is the annual summer charity thingiemabobbie. I have very deep decisions to make this year, my dear figments, I have to decide if I'm doing Project-Blog or if I'm going back to the tried and true Blogathon. With this choice, comes the picking of a shtick. As much fun as last years was, I'm not sure I can con anyone into doing it with me again. Does anyone know if BThon is going to be open this year? If not, my choice is pretty much made for me.

For those of you new to IBOM - every year for the past million eons I've participated in either Project Blog, or the Blogathon. 24 hour posting charity events. Every year I come up with some kind of nonsense shtick. I've done attempted staying in a graveyard for 24 hours (I'm thinking about it again, someone stop me) to doing 24 hours of anime (Dude, lay off the geek jokes), and whatever else I did that I can't remember now.

Is anyone else planning on doing it this summer? I really don't want to do it alone, my staying awake skills are in poor shape. I'm not as young as I use to be, yanno. Maybe I could have 24 hours of mylanta, and see how long it takes me to land smack dab in the ER. Mmm...24 hours of male nurses...erm, back to my subject at hand. Number two is preparation of NaNoWriMo. Yes, yes, I know: November isn't for another zillion years. However, if you don't start planning these things now, you end up writing stuff thats so rank your computers insides melt.

Also, unless I was fired, I'm still the ML for the Salem area, so I have to start getting rough ideas pounded out for meetings and whatever else I want to make my poor tortured novelists do. Maybe I'll have a display, and charge a nickel a trip to see the little Nanoers write their little hearts out. I'm kidding though...honest.

Mostly though, I plan on digging my inner slacker out of her mothballs this summer and practicing some good old fashion unwashed laziness. Because you can never go wrong with nine hours of straight daytime TV and a bag of cheetos, yo.


Don't run with scissors.
Poking out your eye is fun,
Only the first time.


I feel surreal today. Mostly on reasons I'll talk about in a post later, you know, when I'm ready to avoid studying some more.

I have finals Tues and Wed, and I absolutely have to make sure I use every spare minute of time I have to study. I'm not worried about Fiction or Mentoring or Pottery, because those will be easy-peasy. I mean, write a paper, talk about mentoring, be told I can't make a pot to save my life. It's all gravy, yo.

What I'm worried about is Zoology; as much as I lub Professor O'Hara's class, I know for a fact that small amount of study material on test = really hard test that asks you about everything and incorrect Latin spelling counts. Who says I can't learn after nine months of freaking out?

Sociology is scary - not because the content is hard, but because I have absolutely no idea what to put on the double-sided sheet of notes I can have. Telling me I can have notes, and then telling me what'll be on the test is a fun candy-filled surprise is just plain mean. I'm just not smart enough to figure it out. I keep telling you people, it's all an act.

So, in complete and utter defiance of studying, I made myself an entire corned beef brisket with potatoes, carrots, cabbage and onions. Yes, you read right, I cooked. I can cook you know, in fact, I can make things that actually look like the things they are supposed to be. They even smell the same too. It's a dead week miracle! I should get a whole booklet of gold stars or something.

I don't know why I cooked this much, I can't eat it all, so if anyone wants dinner, come on over. You can quiz me on my Mammal classifications while you're over. Yeah, sounds like a blast hu? I thought so too.


It's not really right.
Who picked her name from the hat?
She was only six.


The PTK Spring Induction went very well. I never would have been able to pull it off on my own, lucky for me competent people were there to make sure I didn't shove anyone off the stage into the audience or faint. I said my part of the speech without mispronouncing anything! Or spitting on anyone! Hurray!

I don't know what the turn outs for that sort of thing normally are, but if we had any more then who was there, people would have been standing back up against the curtain, which is a really undignified place to try and wrestle out of to get your certificate.

The food was all gone too, which was good. All that was really left was cookies (which I avoided) and a ton of punch. Yes, I took a bottle of punch (apple, peach, and passion fruit juice mixed with pineapple sherbert and ginger ale), and it's quite tasty thank you! Although, I'm not really sure I need three liters of it.

Afterwards a group of us went out to Applebees and monopolized a table until one in the morning. I felt vaguely bad about this, so I left as big of a tip as I possibly could. So did everyone else, this made me proud. Nothing is worse then people who don't tip after you've made the poor waitress bring you sixty glasses of soda over a span of four hours.

Yesterday was also my very last Zoology class ever. I'm oddly sad about it. I'll miss sitting in the same seat surrounded by the same people every morning at 10:30. Nine months is a long time. They've all sort of grown on me, you know, like boils. This is alright though, a plan of action has already been put in motion. I shall stalk! It's the only thing I'm really good at anyway.


I think I need sleep.
I keep forgetting my thoughts,
Worse then normal, yo.


I am not dead, although it is Dead Week. This, however, really doesn't matter because Chemeketa really doesn't adhere to the Dead Week policy. 99.9% of teachers do sort of recognize it by not assigning things during that week, or having exams, but if you are one of those strong believers that Dead Week should include no deadlines for projects at all, even long term ones or ones already in the syllabus like labs, then Chemeketa is not your school.

For those of us attending the fantastical college, Dead Week is usually our busiest week. I can definitely vouch for that for myself. I have four papers, a prospectus, a rough draft of a literary analysis essay, two presentations, and an exam this week. The exam is of my own scheduling, so that's not a teachers fault. Although, I would love to blame it on him.

Wednesdays are my busiest. Since I won't be working in the office today (I'm pretty much out of hours) it gives me an hour and a half or so break in between classes to study for my exam on Friday. This, sadly, has made me a very happy girl. Walking to school in the rain however? Not so much.

I keep telling myself...only one more week...just one more week.


Summer has gone now.
We have warped back to springtime,
And all the raining.