The PTK Spring Induction went very well. I never would have been able to pull it off on my own, lucky for me competent people were there to make sure I didn't shove anyone off the stage into the audience or faint. I said my part of the speech without mispronouncing anything! Or spitting on anyone! Hurray!

I don't know what the turn outs for that sort of thing normally are, but if we had any more then who was there, people would have been standing back up against the curtain, which is a really undignified place to try and wrestle out of to get your certificate.

The food was all gone too, which was good. All that was really left was cookies (which I avoided) and a ton of punch. Yes, I took a bottle of punch (apple, peach, and passion fruit juice mixed with pineapple sherbert and ginger ale), and it's quite tasty thank you! Although, I'm not really sure I need three liters of it.

Afterwards a group of us went out to Applebees and monopolized a table until one in the morning. I felt vaguely bad about this, so I left as big of a tip as I possibly could. So did everyone else, this made me proud. Nothing is worse then people who don't tip after you've made the poor waitress bring you sixty glasses of soda over a span of four hours.

Yesterday was also my very last Zoology class ever. I'm oddly sad about it. I'll miss sitting in the same seat surrounded by the same people every morning at 10:30. Nine months is a long time. They've all sort of grown on me, you know, like boils. This is alright though, a plan of action has already been put in motion. I shall stalk! It's the only thing I'm really good at anyway.


I think I need sleep.
I keep forgetting my thoughts,
Worse then normal, yo.

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