I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. :)

I've been at relatives since early yesterday afternoon and it's been fun. My brother and his fiancee just got in town, and I haven't really seen them in a few months so it'll be good to catch up with them. I'm on my way over to my moms in about an hour to help her with some cooking.

I did a ton of baking yesterday, and I'm not sure if I'll do any more today, it entirely depends on how much other food is floating around. I might anyway, and bring the extras to the All Day Write-In that's planned for Saturday.

Have a great one Figments!


Happy Birthday to my wonderful (and only) sister Elaine. I love you, keed.


P.S. It's 11/11, so make a wish quick before it goes away, and I hope it comes true. :)
The third day of my beautiful four day weekend is going smashingly.

I didn't wake up until noon, and if you know me, you know that things like that don't happen to me. In fact, it's practically unheard of. I can't remember the last time I slept past eight, but to sleep until noon? At first I wondered if I'd finally caught the big one, the virus that was going to kill me and I was only hallucinating the time and pretty soon my brain would pop from the fever, but in reality, I think I was just so very tired that I needed the rest. It was nice. I like sleep. I missed it.

We had a NaNoWriMo write-in today, it went awesomely as always. I keep saying it because it's true, I have the best Wrimos an ML could ask for. Not only are the phenomenally talented and punctual, but they're so darn funny. They always keep the meetings enjoyable, which is good, because lord knows I'm the biggest stick-in-the-mud ever, and nobody likes being around me.

I only got about 500 words written, but it was still fun. I'm about 7000 behind, which I hope to have taken care of before the weekend is over. My goal is to hit 20k, so that Monday will be ok if I don't get any writing done during it. This will happen, because I am lazy. So it's better to admit I'm lazy and be prepared, then it is to fight it.

After the Write-In a group of about 12 of us went and saw "Stranger Than Fiction" which was a totally cute and perfect movie for November and NaNo. It was a lot better then I thought it was going to be, I greatly enjoyed it, plus, I have ideas that I can steal and put into my own novel now. Go me.

NaNoWriMo 2006 Novel: Biophone Current Wordcount: 11,500/50,000


So our virtual Write-In is still going strong, if you'd like to drop by send me a message to Cinnaberyl so I can invite you.

Thanks to my fellow Wrimos, and their awesome inspiration, I have now passed 10,000 words. Yay! I'm only 5,000 behind now.

Instead of writing, I'm being super distracted by Keith, and his video interview for a position as an eye-glass attendant. Watch it, it is hysterical stuff. Now just think, I get to sit through write-ins every November with amazingly funny people like that.

Aren't you jealous? I knew you were.

NaNoWriMo 2006 Novel: Biophone Current Wordcount: 10,008/50,000
Every time I sit down to post, I glance up at my wipe-off calendar and remember that it's no longer September, and I really should change it. I then decide that there is no time like the present (an anomaly in itself) and get up to fix it. I am then distracted by something, usually shiny that makes noise, and I forget what I was doing. Eventually I come back to my computer, log back into Blogger, happen to glance up, and the process starts itself all over again.

I am going senile.

Virtual Write-In on Yahoo going on right now. If you want an invite, send a message to Cinnaberyl and I'll have you come in.

Should be loads upon loads of tasty writing goodness. Or something along those lines.


I had lunch today with the Supreme Court Justices.

Really, and not even because it was lunch time and I was on trial in their court. Imagine that.

It was a very amazing experience. I had the luck of being seated next to The Honorable Rives Kistler, and I have to say, he's a fine lunch conversation partner! I'll write about it as soon as I hit my word count for today.

If you're wondering, I'm currently at about 9,000/50,000 words, and about 1,000 words behind where I should be. The hope is to hit about 11,000 words tonight, and possibly double my word count for tomorrow, so I'm a little ahead instead of behind, like always. Sometimes NaNo doesn't have a particularly attractive behind.

If you're in the area and are one of my Wrimos, or if you just want to come by and check it out, V ET L will be hosting a Speedy Wrimo Write-In tomorrow from 3:30 to 4:30 in 2/227 at Chemeketa. Come by, pad your wordcount, commiserate, we'd be glad to see you.



The rain is ceaseless.
Cascading pools of liquid,
And warm fall evenings.
Happy Birthday to Melissa, and awesome friend and even more amazing person. I love you!


Don't forget to vote, it's so extremely important. Remember your ballots must be received by 8:00 PM on the 7th to be counted. Since Oregon uses a vote by mail system, there is no reason for you not to vote, if you live here! All it takes is a stamp and a walk to your mailboxes.

If you're in Marion County, I urge you to vote yes on the Chemeketa Bond Levy, it would give the college much needed money to add new buildings and update existing ones. It would also give the college money to build permanent campuses at our Outreach campuses, including a new campus in Mcminnville and Dallas, which is sorely in need of it's own building, as it is currently housed in the High School. Do Oregon college students of the future a huge favor, and vote yes.

As a college student at Chemeketa, and someone who is deeply involved with Chemeketa, I can you that Chemeketa is unique when it comes to colleges. We have an administration that truly loves it's students, and some of the best faculty anywhere. We strive hard to make all students feel welcome, and part of the small community feel we've got going on there.

Go to your local Chemeketa campus, take in a play, an event, a class, or a movie, or just come check us out. We've got so much going on, and if you aren't a part of it, you're missing out.