Oohoo..add bad bottle of brand new apple juice to todays list of 'isn't this fun's.

Damnit, I wanted that juice.
I'm tired. I've already smoothed over tragities (including a very heartbreaking death of a pregnant cat), painted faces, made snacks, cleaned, fed lunch and took the kids outside and it's only noon.

I'm tired and it's hot.

I'm still expecting a visit from the state, I've got to go pick up a second ID, buy decorations, price more food (Yuck, too hot for food), go through my leftover fireworks (I always buy tons) so I can see if we need more for the 4th (Which is also my youngest brothers birthday) and go price them, finish planning the wedding music and put the CDs together and finish two layouts today.

I got an idea, how about I nap, and you do it for me?


I came back to post a second time, but forgot what it was I was going to say.

Wait! I remember.

Today I'm doing wedding music, and since I can't get any help, I'm on my own compiling a couple of CD's of music. I need suggestions. Anyone got any?

(Even though I'm doing all this work and no one helps, or gives suggestions, or they tell me to 'take care of it, we trust your judgement' when I ask a question. Someone actually had the gall to say (teasingly?) that to remember it's not my wedding. You know what I have to say to that? Fine, you do it. ::mutter:: I'll be damn glad when this mess is over.)
I'm worth exactly: $2,536,936.00. according to 'Human For Sale'. Now I know the exact amount I should hock myself for if I'm ever down and out. It's a wonderful feeling.


I actually kind of had fun.

Last night I attended another one of the stupid PCL (PDL?) classes. Basicly, these classes are to bore the life out of providers until the last spark of defiance is gone. They say they're to prompt higher learning in childcare providers. That's a crock, I already know all the stuff they 'teach'. But, ok.

The class was three hours long, but stretched into almost four. Outside Activites. When we first got there we had to sign in (So they know who's there and what name to put on your certificate...yes, you get a certificate, but it dosen't make up for the classes!) and then wear name tags. (Ew, I don't look good in a name tag...but then they told me to put my clothes back on, and it was a little better.) Then after a bref intro (And being offended a couple times...I paid for the class, it's not like I just showed up. The lady who was running it made a few comments about if you don't participate you won't get your certificate, and blah blah. She even added 'Understand?' a couple times! I wanted to stand up, salute and scream "Yes, Ma'am".) we got split into groups (Another thing, if I've paid for it, why can't I work with who I WANT to work with?) by giving everyone a number. I actually was lucky, I got placed with a group of four other people whom I've taken a couple classes with that were just hysterical to work with. Then, we got herded outside (erm, bad wording perhaps) to do some outside activites. Who would have known right?

There were six 'stations' set up. We had to go to each station, do the activity, and write down some notes on the Physical, Social, Language, Cognitive and Emotional aspects of each activity. (The class centered around the point that children learn differently outside, but still learn in the five.) Then we had to present them to the class later. (I didn't pay for public speaking man! If I'd wanted to do that I'd join Toastmasters!) We decided to split the five between us, mine was social. Something I'm never quite sure if I have a grip on.

The first station our group went to was covered with Jello and Balloons. We had to rub the balloons (ahem) on our heads and then hold them over the jello (poured on a plate) to see what the reaction was. It was actually really neat, although we made a huge mess with the jello. The second station was one where we had to make, basicly, gack. Yes, I made it, and I kept it. Because slimey nasty icky things are kewl.

The third station was the funnest. We had to make ice cream balls. We took a zip lock bag, put cream milk and sugar in it, and closed it up. Put it in another bag, inside another bag, inside another bag and filled the last bag with ice and rock salt. Then we rapped it in newspaper and duct taped it shut. We spent the rest of the class throwing it at (lol) each other and tossing it into the air. (I'm happy to say, the ice cream turned out ok...if you didn't eat the stuff that escaped the first bag, that stuff tasted like salt.)

The four station was paint, they taped a sheet to the wall and we got to throw sponges and stuff at the sheet. That turned into us trying to hit each other to get back at who-hit-who with the ice cream package at the last station. I love being silly. Someone missed at got paint all over a window. No, it wasn't me.

The fifth station was filling film canisters with alkaseltzer and water, putting the lid on and waiting for them to 'pop'. There were different types of canisters and lids to try. Our first try didn't work, but our second and third flew a good 20 feet in the air and made a loud pop. (Which made us jump, because we were sure they were duds.) The fourth didn't work, we were sad. Very, very sad. By now the ice cream package was cold, very very cold.

The sixth and last station was making stepping stones from cement (which I made a hand print in, later took home and filled the hand print with multi-colored glass chips, now I'm getting sealer to seal it. Gonna put it in my flower bed.) that was fun, but messy. My hands are still kind of sore and funky from the cement. They didn't like it.

Then we went back inside and talked about each station and their relation to development of the five, then we had to write our own outdoor activity (ours was an obstical course) then we had ice cream. (Yay for ice cream!)

All in all, I had alot of fun just goofing around with the group I was in. That made the class worth going to, becides a wonderful recipie for gack, and a kewl way to make ice cream, I didn't learn much else new.

I'm glad I went anyway.

Happy Birthday to Mackinzie! She's two, so she dosen't read this (or anything at all, for that matter). She's one of our clients, so I'm going to go paint faces and make cupcakes for after lunch. Woohoo.


You know what? Make a Wish foundation said that they don't endorse online activites so we can't use them as our charity for TPC.

Their loss, says I!

So today we have to pick a different charity that we can use. We've already got sponsors, so I'm hoping something awful that they don't mind.

On the up side, by the end of today IBOM will be signed up for the blogathon and I will reveal my amazing 2002 gimmic. (Even though most everyone already knows what I'm doing.)


I get off work early tonight. Thank you lord. 5:30, just in time to book my sorry butt downtown.

I have a meeting with the Revs who are preforming the ceremony on the 7th, the bride and groom, and the other person planning the wedding who is being semi-unresponsible lately. (I love her anyway though.) I have to ask them (the Revs) if it's ok if I rope off the parking lot, set up tables and decorate all over, and generally make a mess on their grounds. I hope they say yes, I'm always looking for an exscuse to make a mess in church.

I also get off work early tomorrow, but it's not for anything nearly as fun as wedding crap. I have another icky PDL class, I can't even remember what this one will be on. Goodie, it'll be like a suprise inside of a thrilling trip. I can't wait.


You're damn right I am. Got a problem with it?
The WeatherPixie

What can I say? It was cute.
I went shopping (well, pricing to be honest) yesterday for decoration supplies for the wedding. I found the exact wedding colors (Lavender, Buttercup, and Mint. Don't laugh, I thought it was clever.) in everything I'm going to need. I was stoked, I would have danced all over the party supply place if there hadn't been other people there who would have signed the paper to have me taken away.

So next week when I get paid and after I take care of the monumental finantal problems I'm having, I'm going to go buy decorations. I love decorating, in fact I've often thought of opening some kind of party planning business just so I could legitimately fondle peoples' crepe paper.
I've always wondered something. (Bare with me here, I'm going to verbal vomit some nonsense on you for a bit.) Well, I'm always wondering something; but this is a something I've been wondering for always. With me so far? Good.

I'm sure, you being the type of person who notices these things that you are, you've wondered this same thing at one point in your life. Probably when you hit 15 or 16 and hit the short-lived phase in which you decided cartoons were for babies. It probably dawned on you, one rainy Monday morning listening to some underpaid Math teacher with her hair pulled back to tight lecture on the importance of equal sided quadraparallellograms, that cartoons that have the main characters as talking animals (Arthur, anything by Richard Scarry, ect.) have pets.

What are these pets? I often wonder in sheer bordom induced fear. Are they slaves to the speaking animals? Did they cause some horrible scandle in a past decade that forced them to forever be plauged with the role of a pet's pet? Are they evolutionary throwbacks? Do they just not know any better? Are they a bit slow? Maybe they used to ride the short wheel during hamster school.

Why would someone give one set of animals the ability to talk, have well dressed families, drive apple cars - yet force another set to live as lowly pets? What did these pet's ever do to deseve this? Did they accidently pee on the hydrant when they were shopping for a new top hat, and the punishment is to be the new puppy for the ardvark family down the street?

I am baffled.

Worse yet, sometimes - and the sheer revolting horror of this keeps me awake on long winter nights cowering under my K-mart bedspread - sometimes the pigs in the Richard Scarry books eat pork.

No, No. It's just too much. I can't take it.


Well, it's time once again to sign up for everyones FAVORITE blog activity, the Blogathon.

The Blogathon, for those who don't know, is a 24 hour posty thon in which we post every 30 minutes for 24 hours to our blogs and raise money for our charities for each hour we make the mark. (So ta speak.)

Yes, I'm proud to say I will be participating again this year (Along with some awesome people who did it last year!), I haven't signed up quite yet because I'm waiting for some information on the details I'm trying to work out with Habitat For Humanity the charity I'm donating to. I'm trying to see if the Salem Affiliate can use the money I raise to set up scholorships for a group in the area to go to Mexico and build houses. So I can't sign up quite yet until this is all worked out.

I'm also (because I'm insane) doing the blogathon with my wonderful group blog The Pervert Club. We'll be posting all sorts of nonsense, giving out prizes, and having a grand old time earing money for Make A Wish Foundation. This means, however, that I'll be posting in two blogs throught the entire night, plus IBOM's (this blog, silly) 'gimmic' which I'll announce right after I sign up for the `Thon.

Trust me, it'll be a good one.

So, please please please sponsor IBOM or TPC in this blogathon. We only need a little from everyone, and it would mean so much to me, and the people we're raising money for.

And I'd love you forever.


I'm not getting married, to clear that up. (I didn't mean to set a couple people to contact me in a panic...honest I didn't. Ahem.) My mother is (Getting married, that is), I'm just planning it. (All of it! And I'm not even getting paid! Watch, she'll want a present too.) I'm actually very honored that she asked not only my help in pulling this shabang off, but to be in it as well.

She's either really desperate, or she loves me.

Poor her, either way. ;)

BTW: Congrats to Cat!


Yesterday was offically the offical first offical day of offical summer. According to me, anyway. Yesterday was the first day all kids in the county were out of school, yesterday was the first day I walked around all day without shoes, and yesterday was the first day it hit over 90 here.

Damn heat.

Today it's supposed to hit over 100. Over 100 and I work in a childcare that dosen't have air conditioning.

Sometimes, I hate my job so much. ::grin::
The Wedding is only 24 days away, and as much as I'd like to lie and say I've got it all done I can't. I'd go to hell. I have to tell the truth: We're not ready. Since I'm the one planning, buying, decorating, cooking, even. I'm the one dripping slowly to that point where something pops in your brain and you spend the rest of your days in the corner with drool streaming down your chin and babbling aimlessly to the dust bunnies that you are the one true Christ.

I love pressure.


I'm lazy and should be flogged. I'll post more in the near future, I've just been busy and slightly crappy, so I figured I'd rather not spred it around, and I'd post when I'm in a better mood. Well, I'm sort of in a better mood now, but I've got nothing of substance to say. (Yes, I know that's pretty normal)

Happy 1st Birthday to Tainted Epitome, everyone go give the birthday blog some good birthday wishes. Show Olivia you love her. (Cause, you do, you know.)

I'm thinking of changing this blogs layout (It's about time, actually) and there for I justify not posting as thus:

"I'd hate to add more posts to the layout I have, when I'm just going to change it soon."

Pathetic, but it's the only thing I could come up with.