Shoot! I had a post all written and it vanished. Damnit. It was funny.

Oh well, go here, do this. Your breasts will thank you.


Rushing out the door to get to my kids class a whole hour (well, technically an hour, normally I end up with all my kids there 30 minutes early, which makes set up impossible) early so I can get our activites for today set up. We're having a picnic with some facepainting (I need practice) and animal balloons (again, practice) and we're making ice cream because I'm crazy.

If you get there before 11, you can make ice cream too. Thank God for outside.

Anyhow, back later.


Last night I dyed Lane's hair, it turned out this extremely pretty light blond with strawberry highlights. She's not quite sure she likes it, probably from the shock of having it different. (it's normally a very dark blonde, so it's not that drastic of a change.) It looks really good on her, especally since she's fair skinned. I'd forgotten how retched that stuff smells, I remember now why I stopped dying peoples hair for them.

I was at Fred Meyers today, buying vaccum cleaner bags, and there was a man riding around the parking lot on a bike while wearing a cape. It was very very interesting. I really should start packing a digicam around with me, I see the most amusing things when I don't have it.

Hit some yard sales after leaving Freddy's, but didn't get anything fun. One was an Estate sale, I always feel rotton going to those, like I'm digging through someone's life they worked so hard to collect that's just getting tossed away. I feel like I'm committing some inexcusable violation to someones dear old mum. I always walk through them apologizing under my breath to the deceased about touching their things. I guess I do it in the hopes that if they're hovering around that disgusting pink dining room set with the matching place mats and coasters or the weird plastic dolls with crocheted dresses that I cringed at, they'll forgive me. I know they don't care (and if they do, they seriously need to get past it) but I still feel bad. It's raining now so there goes any more yard sales for the rest of today. I suppose it's for the best, I do have work to do. It's cruddy though, I don't want to work, I want to go waste all my time. Since, after all, it's my time to waste.

By the way, if you were wondering about the police. Someone in the neighborhood's house alarm goes off all the time for no reason whatsoever. So, of course the cops are extremely quick to respond to a false alarm, but give them a real situation and they fail horribly. They also find it necessary to park right in front here on the corner, or down in front of my house, which is unnerving, nobody likes to see police parked in front of their house, even when they know they've done nothing wrong. Of course I know they do this so people who ARE doing things wrong won't see them, but....still.


Thanks, by the way, it worked...I just erased the whole word. I should have known, I'm stupid.

Now it's time to go dye someone's hair. Yippy!
Whoah, screwed up layout. I don't know what's up, and I can't seem to figure it out. It's something blogger is doing.
Every day I play head owner of Jamie's Delivery Service and run errands all over town. Since it's summer, the majority of these errands have been favors for other people dropping off or picking up their children (letters, forms, stuff) from here and there. The last week or so I've been making twice daily trips out to the Knudson B&GC, because every child I know and their sixth cousin twice removed best friends sisters roomate go out there. They're pretty kewl, I went out there when I was a kid, and they've changed a whole lot. The security is tighter (no more skipping off campus to travel the neighborhood), they don't allow violent or innapropriate behavor, and they're very strict about things like theft. This is good, it makes me feel better about abandoning a giggle of teen (and pre teen) kids out there for the day.

They run feild trips every half hour, and have a slue of activities going on all the time. It's like camp, without the $600 bill attached. It's a good program and a good way to keep bored children occupied for a while so I can get work done without a bunch of I'm bored
every thirty seconds.

Anyway, every day I go over and park down the street from the Club (parking is bad, by the way. The club is situated in the middle of a neighborhood so you have those fun overly narrow neighborhood streets that residents insist on parking on insted of their driveways.) and I parked in the shade in front of someone's house. There were two girls standing outside on the sidewalk near the curb talking to a boy on a cell phone. (I have a bad habit of evesdropping. I seriously don't do it to be nosy, I just sit there and all these conversations float into the car. It isn't my fault! Becides, person to person dynamics in real life makes the best character input.) I'm assuming it was one of the girls fathers that came outside, and her friend (I'm assuming they were friends because this girl called her mom on the cell, telling the other girl she had to call her mom) said something teasingly to him about putting a shirt on, and he screamed "If you don't like it, get the fuck off my sidewalk." and stormed across the street.

I kind of thought it was sad and a bit embarassing for the poor girls, and well, stupid. Can't you think of a better way to talk to children? Not only that, but someone who isn't even your own child?

Hrrrm....there are cops outside...I'll be back later.

I currently have an extremely lengthy and frustrated gripe about this.

I'm going to save it for a post for later today though, I just thought I'd give you a heads up.


Summer means no school, no school means bored younger siblings that insist on spending the night at my house. Last night it was my sister and her friend and DDR, which ended in me getting no sleep whatsoever. Tonight it's my youngest brother and three video games he rented for the evening, which also means I won't be getting any sleep. He is one of those 'watch me play' sort of guys, lucky for me he isn't like my other two brothers, and forces me to watch them play things like wrestling.


As fun as Google is, I find it slightly disturbing that people find my blog by typing in things like 'Indian Scalpings' and 'She wears diapers'.

Nobody's been scalped here lately, and I do not.

Also, yes my archive page works but is covered in broken graphics. Yes, someday I'll fix this. Will it be today? Don't hold your breath, that cute little head of yours might explode.


For those of you coming here via Prana's Yahoo profile, howdy. If you're here from the various mailing lists and forums that have been, in part, overly abusive to Prana lately, and aren't here to be nice, don't come here looking for:

Prana. I'm not her, and as much as I wish I was late at night, the sad truth is I never will be. I'm Skyte, I'm a Sagittarius. I like to sit in one spot on the beach, and stay away from loud annoying places like clubs. Nice to meet you.

A debate. I leave that up to Pran. I have no opinions. I am a zombie sheep.

A fight. I don't have time for that waste of perfectly good air.

A place to slander Prana. It's immature and petty, and you can't do it here. Icky comments left will just be deleted, so why don't you go find a hobby insted? Something relaxing, like embrodery.

If you're NOT here because of your opinion that Prana is in the wrong (or a baby eater, whore, slut, zelot, Hitler or any of those other childish names that people stooped to a lower mindset and called her) or here with the intent of ill will, then none of that up there applies to you. :)

Leave a hi, I love comments.
I've decided that Lane has a better blog then me, and since I made both layouts, that's pretty sad. I need a new layout. Ideas?
So my sister jumped on the fast moving Vespa that is Blogging, and asked me to create her a blog. So, I did. I had some apprehensions just because I'm an older sister and I know what kind of weirdos (No, not you all. You're the other kind of weirdos, the good ones) that are lurking around in cyberspace. I'm not worried about her falling to the evils of camwhoring or anything, my sister is pretty level headed for only being thirteen, I'm just more worried about someone harassing her. Not so much stalking, seeing as how she already has a couple guys calling her every day. (eep! Of course, she can't date till she's 16, but for some reason that just makes them call more) Oh well, I'm sure it's silly to worry, after all, her computer is in my office and is only three feet away, so she can't get in too much trouble. At least not until my office at home is done....

I was supposed to go out last night. No, not on a date, on something even more fun, a BBQ. ::makes faces:: Since I don't eat enough to justify going to a function that was designed to eat at, I declined the offer of attending. It was actually kind of nice because I stayed here for most of the evening, with the doors open (and the one solitary window which opens....damn full length non-opening picture windows anyway!), and got some work I needed to do done. I also downloaded a bunch of pointless games, which led me to not finish other work I needed to get done. Now I have to go bust my tush to finish a permission slip for another feild trip before I have to submit it in an hour. Whee.


By the way, this is oddly addictive. I do not know why, maybe it's the oversized white gloves. Or the pie...

Did I tell you all that I got OHP? Do you all care? Probably not, but let me be a boring Blogger for a bit and dribble on about stuff in my boring personal life. You know this is why I have a blog right? Yeah. It's so I can bore you to sleep and then steal your electronics and underwear.

When I went for a fun visit in the ER last month (which, for those who really want to know, was much more fun because the ER was empty, but sucks because I was too busy embarassing myself by vomiting all over it to notice) I got billed close to eleven-hundred dollars for the little feildtrip. I was at that point, insurance-less. This caused great problems in my happy little bubble of a universe. I already owe close to four thousand dollars in hospital bills (hopefully they'll forget about them?) and my credit is pretty much going to be ruined because I don't have any way to pay a zillion dollars in bills.

It wasn't that good for me, I shouldn't have to pay!

After the last ER trip the hospital sent me an Oregon Heath Plan request packet. I fill it out, send it to OHP and they approve me and prorate it back to 24 hours before the ER trip so yours truly dosen't go to jail for theft of services.

I sent it in. They approved it. They didn't prorate it. I didn't notice. I sent the bills back. I'm not covered for May.

So now, I get to give the lovely OHP people a call on Monday and try and finagle a May insurance card out of them. I really hope they do it because, I don't think I can do many more rounds of Who-Can-Screw-Jamie-Hardest.

It really, really is not all that fun.


Not only was the post gone, all the template changes I made were gone too.

Such fun!


Hrm, the entry I wrote with the new blogger is gone.

Very, very interesting.


Hrm, now blogger isn't publishing for me. I don't even get an error, just 'oops, your blog was not quite ready to be published'.

Fine, then.
This is cool. Some of what people said in this is not.

More and more, as I get better at not sacrificing my personal opinions and feelings for complete tolerance of people who are irrational, I find that I'm extremely tired of having people in my life who feel the need to down everything. Anything from projects to what clothes you're wearing, they find the negitive in everything because their own lives are so unhappy they need to make everyone around them unhappy too. People like this are misrable, and can't do anything because they're so afraid of anything working out for them. (Sucess! Friendships! Happiness! No! The pain! The devil you know is easier, I suppose)

They're absolutely horrid to be around, and it's easier to just walk the other way when you see them coming then it is to placate their negitiveness or listen to them find the fault in everything you do. However, I don't have much tolerance for it anymore, especally when it comes to me. You can down your own stuff all you want, but keep your icky bad vibes away from mine. I don't live that way, and I sure as hell don't want to.

On another note, the new blogger has vanished. I hope it comes back soon, I liked it.


They're making a Fatal Frame 2. That is, in two words from annoying, disgusting kiddie speak, freaking sweet.

Now, let's hope it dosen't go the way of other sequels and become smelly honkey donkey poo.