Lanie, the last person left over from hanging out for the Blogathon over the weekend just left, so now my house is all to my selfish little myself. My house has been completely cleaned (including two loads of laundry!) and I deleted all the anime that was watched for the 'Thon from my hard drive. This freed up a mind boggling 10 gigs of space. 10 gigs people!

I feel oddly sad now it's all completely back to normal (but really I feel this way most likely because yours truly is running on about 5 hours sleep in four days and I'm pretty sure I've gone crazy), but I'm glad everything went well. I'm going to take down the Blogathon link stuff tomorrow most likely.

Sponsoring is open, I believe, until 6 am tomorrow. So if you didn't sponsor but really wanted to, you still have a chance by going here.

Now I'm off to sit myself in a sunny window with some iced tea and finish the book I started Thursday but didn't get a chance to read all weekend.

Good stuff.
W.O.R.S.T #40:

So today, once I was in my cleaning groove from cleaning my kitchen, doing some laundry, vacuuming and all of that good stuff, I decided to go ahead and get a W.O.R.S.T out of the way. Today's W.O.R.S.T was #40. Putting photos in albums and frames.

Terra brought me over some pictures during the Blogathon from a Luau we attended last month, and Lane brought me over some last week of the family, so I had a pile of pictures piled on top of my frames that really had to go somewhere. All those pretty faces deserved to be displayed!

So I filled the frames I have with most of the photos, and all of the frames are now clustered on my living room coffee table. They look so cute! I've got pictures from all over the place. I have some left over that's ok, because I want to get a bunch more frames, mainly to hang.

So here's the thing figments. I want pictures! If we're buddies, and we're all buddies, and I don't have pictures of you (and that's pretty much everyone who doesn't live near me...you know who you are) send me some digital ones so I can have Walgreens or someone print them. I want pictures to fill more frames, and I want them of you. C'mon...it'll make me so happy and I promise it will curb my stalker tendencies for a little while.

Also, if you have pictures of events I've attended with you, can I steal some? My digital camera is worthless and was most likely left behind. I do have some from the Tiffday beach trip in March however (it was March wasn't it?), so if anyone wants some of those (got some pretty good shots of Savvy getting down and dirty with Darth Maul, and some good group shots) let me know and I'll pass the decent ones along.

Pictures are super fun.
I did not get to sleep until 11 yesterday night. Which means that I was up for pretty much about 41 hours. I got about 6 hours sleep last night but I'm still pretty zonked. Blogathon was a hoot. I've got to stop saying hoot. I really enjoyed having everyone hanging out. We didn't get through nearly all of the anime, but we raised some money and had fun...and honestly that really is what it's all about.

Muy thanks to my fellow 'Thonners: Lanie, Cory, Terra, Savvy and Tif. Company always makes this sucker go better.

Thanks to everyone here online, mainly Kelly, James and Melissa who were also good company and who fought the good fight! You guys did awesome, as sponsors and blogger babysitters.

I love all you guys.

And now that 'Thonning and 'Thon induced sleeping is over for another year, I have a wicked dirty kitchen to clean. 'Thonning leaves no time for washing dishes.


It is nice and cool.
Lovely summer days outside,
Perfect time to read.


Hurray! The Blogathon is over for another year. Our grand total was $100.00. Thank you to all our sponsors who not only took the time to sponsor us, but visited us, called us, and left us comments. Thanks also to the rest of you who visited and commented throughout this whole event.

Don't forget, you can sponsor up to 48 hours after the event, so if you'd like to sponsor us you still can by following the link that says 'Sponsor Me!' to the right. Every donation helps, even if it's a small one.

Anime is fun! Although we did not even get through half of it, it was still a lot of fun to do. Next year though, my awesome shtick idea shall liiiiveee. It'll be great, look forward to it!

Thanks to everyone who kept me company during this thing and took over posting and reviewing duties: I never could have done it without you guys. I love you all sooo much! You rock my socks! We did so awesome!

Cory and Sav are still sleeping, and Lanie, Terra and I are headed that way soon. To all the Bloggers, great job! Get some rest, and I'll be back in a few days to annoy all my figments once again.

On to the last episode of the night. Get this one if you're looking for a good horror anime, it really is very awesome.
I highly recommend this one for good mystery fun! It's super creepy, and that's not just because I'm completely exhausted.

Only 42 minutes left!
So, this one is pretty good. Murder, creepyness, yay!

One hour left. This is also a yay.

I don't care anymore, so my posts suck.
We're now watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni which is classified as a 'Mystery/Horror' anime. Horror is good. We want people to die.


On to the next episode.
How long have we been staring at My Space? Why are we doing this?

We are finally done looking at "stuff" on My Space.

Let's talk about the perfect disillusion. I was just explaining to Jamie that my fiance and I like to make each other feel good by telling the other that we are the idealistic weight. It's so beautiful. Therefore I am very slender and he is very much gaining muscle weight. What a perfect world :)

Savvy has rejoined the living world because we woke her up looking at Tiffany's emo statements. For some reason Jamie can't figure out which one is for her. We resolved that we don't care any more, and are moving on to things that are easier for our brains to process right now.

I have no idea what we will be doing for the next 30 minutes, but i'm sure it will be TOTALLY AWESOME.

We promise that we are going to watch more anime any moment. My Space is so intoxicating. The songs and custom pages are taking over our brains.

It's hot in here and the fans are barely helping us stay cool so we are getting more and more sleepy by the minute. We are determined to hold out until 6am. We have already lost some of our members. Tiffany jumped ship around 1230am, Savvy and Cory gave into the sleep monster at 130am, and Elaine, Jamie and I are still in it for the long haul. WE CAN DO IT.. WE ARE KEEPING ON KEEPING ON.

Keep the faith. More on our sleep deprevation status later.

We are pausing from The Snow Queen for now. The anime was beginning to get to our brains and slow us down. We are starting to let the fatigue set in, so we had to stop!

Here is how tired we are:
"My bum iis on the gum, my bum is on the gum, I can blow a bubble with my bum bum bum." from Elaine

So we decided to get on My Space and tweak around doing nothing to waste time and look at other people's sites. It's great to talk about people based on their My Space pages.

I'm out for now, what an exciting night!!!!!!!!

Funky T
The Snow Queen
by Terra Ashford

This was a delightful story about two kids who live in this northern European village where life is very simple. The kids are very close, although not brother and sister, they tend to act like they are going to fall in love and still kinda have a brother/sister feel - strange.

So I really feel there is an ancentuous love affair just waiting to happen here. The story revolved around this wierd bell that was sounding deep in the "mysterious" forest that all of the adults were affraid to check out. So the two love birds/quisai brother and sister combo decided to go off and find this church bell. They end up at this ocean where these bizzar sound is coming from and determine that it is not a church after all - but what is it???

They get in trouble for going out there, but don't tell anyone about the ocean/forest thing. Honestly I have no idea what happened here. It was slow moving and kinda emo, but it made me feel fuzzy inside.

A side note is there is this snow queen that made winter happen - how is she connected to this ocean noise thing. Who knows?
So because the last anime was so freaking scary, we switched to Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san, which is a total 360 from Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masarusan. Cosmic was colorful, bright, happy, girly and very much geared towards girls between the ages of 6 and 12. Sexy Commando was just terrifying.

Cory sure can pick them!

Now we are going to watch The Snow Queen, because we can't decide on anything. Yay!

We're tired. Tired...so tired.

AnimeNFo says:

* based on Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”.

Gerda and Kay are living in northern country. But one day, Kay takes the Snow Queen, who symbolizes “winter”, away. Although villagers say Kay was dead, Gerda sets out for a journey alone to look for Kay. However, a lot of encounter and trials are waiting for her.
Um...this is by far the weirdest and most disturbing thing I've ever seen. The dude takes his pants off to fight.



There were pidgons in his pants. They came out of the crotch of his bunny suit.


So, I enjoy Karin. Offical opinions: Savvy 'cute', Terra 'Mom is a total bitch and her boyfriend is freaked out, her little sister is smarter then her', Elaine 'Dad is a good dad, but the guy found out', Cory 'it changed my life, it's the Jesus of anime'

There you go, opinions to base your anime viewing on.

These people need sleep, I however am on to the next Anime, Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masarusan. This is the one Cory has been waiting for, I hope he hasn't gotten his hopes up too high, I'm pretty sure there is no nudity. Here's what AnimeNFo has to say:

Fumiya "Fu-min" Okometsubu is an exchange student who comes to a Wakame Highschool in his Junior year. He's a typical, shy nervous little boy but he is determined to make new friends and start a new life. He starts a plan to make 100 new friends. Things don't go quite according to plan though, as his first day at school also happens to be the first day that Masaru Hananakajima comes back to school. Rumor has it that he left school for the past 3 months to live in the woods and practice some sort of secret martial art. He also happens to be one of the nicest people you'll ever meet...and a complete weirdo who lives in this constant black hole of strangeness. Through a twist of fate, the two become "friends" (the twist of fate being Fu-min getting dragged around by Masaru constantly). Masaru starts a new club at school to demonstrate his secret new martial art- "Sexy Commando", and recruits kids from around the school. First is Fu-min, who gets haplessly drawn in. Next is Machahiko Kondo, a nice, honest boy who has this "thing" for being as manly as possible. After that, they run into Tsuyoshi Isobe, a boy who wants to be the strongest person in the world, and who isn't dissuaded by the fact that his body is built like balsa wood (his nickname is "Kyasharin", which basically means "living bones"). Together, they have many bizarre adventures - the Baseball Game of Honor, the Alien Camping Trip, the National Sexy Commando Tournament, Going to Masaru's house, the Kidnapping of Meso, and tons more.

Yeah, let's do this. Only five hours left! Woot baby!
Ethay ourthfay episodeway ofway Arinkay asway eryvay utecay asway ellway! Inway isthay episodeway Entakay onfrontedcay Arinkay aboutway eingbay away ampirevay, andway aughtcay erhay itingbay omeonesay. Eshay ellstay imhay eshay isway, utbay atthay eythay avehay otay eepkay itway away ecretsay.

Extnay episodeway isway ethay 5thay oneway!


Karin episode 3 was cute. In this episode Karin decides that the only way to make her blood not increase around Kenta is to make him happy. She spends the episode trying to figure out what happiness is. During this time she brings a box lunch to school but doesn't feel hungry, so gives it to her friend Maki, who gives it to Kenta, later on she sees Kenta at work (they work at the same resturant) and realizes that her blood is not increasing, so she decides that happiness is a boxed lunch. She decides that she's going to bring Kenta a boxed lunch from now on to make him happy.

At the end of the episode, Kenta is watching a vampire movie on TV and his mom walks in, on the screen the vampire is biting a woman and Kenta makes a connection...that Karin is a vampire.

Episode 4 is next!
Karin episode 2 is getting interesting reviews. I'm being told that it's strange, and different, but good.

In this episode Karin gets taken home by Kenta after getting a nose bleed. Kenta tells her that he knows her secret, she thinks that he knows she's a vampire, but really he thinks she's a high schooler who seduces older men.

Her brother shows up, and pulls Karin away telling her they need to figure out what type of blood draws her, they're walking and seens Kenta's mom who's standing in front of train tracks. Karin grabs her as the train goes by saying not to kill herself, and his mom says he wasn't, she just lost her job and is depressed.

Karin is attracted to the depression, and bites Kenta's mom in the park, where Kenta sees.

Next episode! Episode 3!

I'm so tired.
Karin is a cute anime. It's about a girl who comes from a vampire family but insted of taking blood, makes blood. This episode has Karin meeting Usai, an exchange student who makes her blood increase. The episode ends with her getting a nose bleed.
Karin 1 review in a bit.
The night was stale and humid, Terra, wracked with grief over devouring her friends in a fit of untamed hunger, braved the wilds of the mountain top to perform the sacred ritual of Friendist Returnus. The ritual was forbidden and never spoke of. Terra had learned of the secret ceremony by bribing one of the pigmy villagers with a slice of her ice cream cake she received for her birthday. The pigmy, awed by the icecreamyness of the cake, turned over the Tome of unmentionable Ceremonies and told her to climb to the highest peak of the frozen mountain to the Alter of Life where by sacrificing the tip of her left pinkie finger and doing the Sacred Dance her friends would once again return to the land of the living and her sins for eating them would be forgiven.

After days of hard climbing, rabid mountain goats, and nearly being kidnapped by a amorous Yeti, Terra arrived at the alter hidden high in the mountains. Taking her rusty butterknife she sliced the tip of her left pinkie finger off and smeared it on the alter. Donning her polkadotted mumu she performed the Sacred Dance (which consisted of much grinding and thrusting) and screamed the words the book held:

"A relaxed jaw means an open vagina!"

Instantly her friends appeared in a puff of hot dog smelling smoke, and everyone hugged one another, and Terra was forgiven and muched loved.

(Happy Birthday Terra! We love you!)
Everyone but Terra is dead now. The hunger inside was too intense to curb. The crew was more than happy to give up their lives to save hers. Afterall, what would this world be without Terra?

Leading up to their ultimate sacrifice, the gang conjured up the spirits of their long dead ancestors in the hope that they would be blessed by their hopes as they crossed over into the other world.

Terra is now alone in the winderness on the top of the knowledge mountain; the others have discoved a new and exciting world on the other side of life.

What new adventures will this place hold for them? Certainly they hope that anime will be offed on this side - only the supreme spirit Heime will be able to provide this for them.

Poem of the new world:

horray horray we are on the other side
no more terra, too bad she had to eat us for us to get here
we off to find some anime,
woohooo it's time to play

like bats and baby oil,
the user is giving a drug of strong strange curse
Today we are in the land of Milk Honey. We ran into a village of pigmy's, they are so cute. Tiffany isn't dead...she was rather angry that we left her behind after only spraining her ankle. We left Savanna in a village of Amazons, she enjoys raiding villages, and killing males. Elaine and Jamie are skinning the cocks, it seems this village enjoys eating male chickens. Elaine rejoined us after escaping by covering her body in soybean oil and squeezing through the bars of her cage. I am still here recording the journey. I am Cory...to be continue


Today we live in a house of pain. My head is hot, my body is cold, Terra is funny, Tiffany like Asian men, Savanna likes Bo Vice, Jamie likes Chuck Norris, Elaine love fillangies. End..Scene.
So here we are upon the mountain top of knowledge. We have made it past the worst weather now. The earth is cold, our bodies cling together searching for the warmth that is escaping our grasp. Tiffany is dead now....after what seems to be a freak attack involving a shark, a beanie baby, and a leaf blower. Savanna has weathered the journey the best. She is so brave..so...brave. Jamie is cryig, Terra is out in the forrest looking for food. We have traded Elaine for food. She fetched a healthy price. Two Chickens, 3 Fish, and a bag of cheetos. We are almost upon the shore from there we head out to the Land of Milk and Honey. My name is Cory, I am here recording the journey. Hoping..praying that it will come to an end. Pray for us. Please. Pray for us.

Here is a small poem I wrote about our journey:
I like to run, I like to hide. I have pasty thighs. I run a thousand miles to earn a buck. I like to rake muck. Some like to....run a muck. I love cheese, and yearn to please. I like Jackie Chan he is Chinese.
End Scene
Terra and Cory have arrived, let the party beginth.

Terra's going to be sporting her blue moo-moo, totally hot.
Still watching Home Fries. It should be over within the next few minutes. But in the mean time, what Home Fries taught me:

A relaxed jaw means an open vagina.

That is all.
So we haven't started Karin yet, as everyone is overly engrossed with watching Home Fries, and we're waiting on two more people to arrive. However, the next post should be a review of the first episode.


Current Anime: Karin Current Episode: 1
So we kind of fell off track. I had lovely company drop in and I stopped watching anime to make food for the hungry masses. Now I'm back however, and gearing up to watch the next series. Lemon Angel Project turned out really good, and I definitely recommend it to someone who's looking for a cute, funny, touching anime to watch.

I give Lemon Angel Project Four Lanies.

Now up next is Karin because unfortunately Onmyou Taisenki didn't finish downloading in time. Here's what AnimeNFo says about Karin:

There is a vampire family living in an average city in Japan. They have been living secretly, receiving a little blood from humans. But, the eldest daughter, Karin, has a secret. Instead of sucking other people's blood, her blood simply increases once a month. She has managed to pretend to be a normal student, but her life is changed dramatically by an encounter with a transfer student, Usui Kenta.

I've seen Karin before, so I know what I think about it, so I'm going to rely on my guest posters (Miss Lanie, Miss Tiffy and Miss Savvy) to give you their opinions on the matter.

First up, Episode 1! Look forward to it!

Current Anime: Karin Current Episode: 1
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Jamie. She slaved over a hot stove for hours and hours to feed her hungry guests. But she didn't care that her favorite guest, Tiffany, hate egg rolls.

But all was not lost... Jamie made bean dip. Yes, the infamous, aforementioned bean dip of rock star fame.

And the world became a better place.

P.S. I hate Anime.
This is me, Savvy, posting.

Eggrolls are almost done.

Chriss Angel is cute sometimes and I love him. He just mindfreaked me with his eyeliner.

And I guess we're not watching anime at the moment.

Bean dip, whooooaaah bean dip
You are so beautiful
You make me smile

Bean dip in the summer
Why don't you chill for a while?

We could go swimming
We could play cards
We could do other stuff
Or pinanic in the park

Whoah bean dip
I'll never share you with chips
Because you're mine
Something Something Bean dip!
Dear Diary,
Today is a day just like any other- OR IS IT?!!? I decided to boycott Laney today. Unfortunately, she is at Jamie's house. I didn't bring her a postcard from Reno, so she just punched me in the face.

UPDATE: She just attempted to strangle me.

I'd like to leave you with a Dresden Dolls quote:
all around the nation, the girls are crying and the boys are masturbating!

p.s. Savvy said it was okay to babble
Six minutes left on the last episode, and then I'll post a recap and my views of the entire five episodes I've seen. For now however, it's time for...

Blogs of Note:

Bunni is a fellow Scriner who is blogging for The American Heart Association. You should go over, give her some support, and maybe a sponsor or two. Great job Bunni!
I'm really enjoying this anime. It's very cute and heartwarming, which is perfect for a dork like me.

In the fourth episode of Lemon Angel Project the girls are off to their lessons that will prepare them for the final Lemon Angel audition. Yayoi (now known as Saya, because she decided to change her name after quitting the horrible company), Tomo and Erica (the girl who dressed as a ninja) become good friends and enjoy spending time together. However, Erica is treated badly by the other girl because she's a foreigner. Her mother was born in Japan, but her father is from Brazil.

The episode mainly focuses on Erica, and shows how she was treated differently everywhere she's been because she never felt like she fit in. In Brazil she was considered just as much as a foreigner as she was in Japan. She was hoping that the girls who she was now attending lessons with would be different, but most of them are still mean to her.

She finally tells everyone that she is the older sister of a famous singer in a group, and everyone wants to come over to her house. She invites them all over and cooks a huge meal (she's a good cook!) and before they arrive her brother calls and says he can't make it. When the girls get there and she tells them, one girl hits food out of her hand, and shoves her down, telling her that she is worthless and is probably trying to poison them all. Erica runs out crying, and Tomo and Saya go looking for her.

They find her on a bridge and tell her that they want to be friends with her even though they are rivals to get on the band, and they like her for who she is. Can I get a big sopping aw? It's just so darn sweet!

Last episode is next, episode 5!

Current Anime: Lemon Angel Project Current Episode:5
The third episode of Lemon Angel Project was very cute and sweet!

The episode opens with the girls who were picked doing a photo shoot. One of the girls, Yayoi used to be a model with another company but quit them because the owner was a sleezeball. Yayoi considers herself above everyone else, and is constantly very snobbish to Tomo.

Her old boss shows up at the photo shoot waving around her contract saying that she can't become a Lemon Angel because she is still under contract with him, and he refuses to break it. Yayoi is very angry, and demands that he let her go, but he says no, she has to come back to work for him.

Yayoi is upset, and Tomo suggests sneaking into his office and stealing the contract. Yayoi thinks that's a great idea and demands that Tomo, and another girl whom Tomo has become friends with go with her.

They sneak into the office (the third girl dressed as a ninja, which is super funny) and get the help of one of the employees who also disagrees with the company owner. As they are stealing the contract they get caught by the owner, and Yayoi agrees to go back with him, but then kicks him in the crotch and steals the contract, ripping it up.

The owner can't do anything because the contract is now gone, the employee gets fired, but she's ok with it because she just wants Yayoi to be happy. The episode ends with Yayoi and Tomo fighting, but Yayoi calls her 'Tomo' letting it slip that she considers them friends. Awww.

Episode 4 is up next!

Current Anime: Lemon Angel Project Current Episode: 4
Episode 2 of Lemon Angel Project was very cute! It opens where the first episode ends, with Tomo getting caught hiding. The producer saves her and tells her that what she saw was Lemon Angel, that they don't actually exist, that they're just a program and holograms. He tells her that her friend Yui programmed it, and her dream was to have real people singing, not programs.

Tomo decided to try out for the Lemon Angel second season, she is up against some stiff competition that can sing better then her, and some of them are very snobby.

The producer tells her to go up to the mike and sing and if she wants to quit to just stop and walk away, but to at least give it a try. So she goes up to the mike, and totally bombs it. She asks for a second try and doesn't do too bad.

In this episode we find out that Yui is dead. :( That's sad.

The episode ends with people who made it to the second round (about 20 girls) getting letters in the mail, and Tomo got one. Yay!

Episode 3 is next!

Current Anime: Lemon Angel Project Current Episode: 3
Ok, so Lemon Angel Project is very interesting! A girl named Tomo had a friend named Yui who wrote a song called 'Evolution', Yui went somewhere (perhaps she died, I'm not quite sure, it's kind of vague since it's the first episode) and Tomo is a high school student.

Lemon Angel was a very popular band that broke up. The lead singer, Suwa, goes to her high school.

One day she's out with a friend and they realize someone is following them, they think it's a stalker and both run in different directions. He follows Tomo and she hits him with her bag, and someone then identifies him as a producer for a record company.

Later in his office she apologizes and he says that Lemon Angel is going to be reformed and he wants her to try out, because her friend Yui wrote the song Evolution for her to sing.

She sneaks out of his office while he's going on a tangent about how music isn't as good as it used to be, and gets lost in the building. She goes into a room and hears someone coming and hides, and then she sees a holographic projection of the former Lemon Angel group singing. She gets scared, trips, makes some noise, and the episode ends with someone coming into the room and finding her.

It's not bad, I just am not sure what is happening yet.

Episode 2!

Current Anime: Lemon Angel Project Current Episode: 2
Up next on our anime list is Lemon Angel Project, here is what AnimeNFo has to say about it:

In the summer of 2005, the Lemon Angel, an idol group of girls, suddenly discontinued its activity without any notice when they were at the height of popularity.

10 months have passed since then. Minaguchi Tomo enters a high school to fulfill her promise with her senior student, Kono Yui, whom she respected. Tomo is asked to audition for the rebirth project of Lemon Angel. Then she learns that Yui organized the Lemon Angel, and Tomo resolved her mind to audition for Yui. However, being chosen as the members of the Lemon Angel, they must be selected girls whose singing and dancing abilities are supreme.

There are various jealous and harasses seething in the audition places. During the continuous lessees of sing and dancing, Tomo meets rivals girls who complete each other. At the same time, they are friends to understand each other.

Soon, 6 beautiful girls are chosen. What is waiting for them?

Sounds pretty good huh? On with the show!

Current Anime: Lemon Angel Project Current Episode: 1
And now, our first guest poster of the 'Thon. Lanie! Take it away...

Wow , is all i have to say oh and never again i guess it is just not my type of anime. It had a good plot for the most part If You like Mahjong and like to also gamble then this might be the anime for you. It had a lot of action in it. I probably will not watch anymore of this anime.

Thanks Lanie, for that awesome opinion.

I kind of have to agree. Akagi was a good anime, it was just very involved and if you're not familiar with the game, it's easy to get lost as a lot of the anime is basically following moves, strategies and hands. Not bad, though. Someday I might watch it again.

Overall? I give Akagi Two and a half Lanies
Technical difficulties abound! Recap of 4 & 5 and a total thought on Akagi after the 30.

Until then...here's a Blog of Note!

Go over and visit Bakerina, who's blogging this year for Heifer International. Bakerina is awesome, so go check her out and support her!
My 11:30 post was eaten by blogger. Review of the last two episodes of Akagi in a while.
So episode 3 of Akagi was more heart-pounding Mahjong drama. Akagi is playing against Yagi to settle Nangou's debt. After a hard battle of tiles, Akagi wins, and Nangou's debt is eliminated, but Akagi isn't satisfied. He bets Nangou's now eliminated debt in a new round.

So they play, and once again Akagi wins, this time winning 3 million dollars. But he's still not satisfied, and says he wants to double the bet to 6 million and play again.

At this point the sun is coming up and the detective tells him they have to stop, but he gets it in writing that they owe Akagi 3 million and that they agreed to a rematch, and the cop says he'll arrange a time and a place for it.

I've got an 800 number for you, if you like Akagi just can't stop betting everything.

The episode ends with Akagi stumbling off away from everyone down the street.

On to episode 4!

Current Anime: Akagi Current Episode: 4
Episode 2 of Akagi was more Mahjong actiony fun! This anime is one that you have to pay close attention to, because a lot of the episodes are game play, and moves, and points.

The fansub group not only does the sub titles, but also puts explanations of moves, rules, tiles, hands, and other terms up at the top of the screen so that people dumb to the ways of the game (ie: me) can figure out what all the gasping and sweat drops are about.

It's very difficult to follow when you're tired. This is what I get for not getting enough sleep lately.

So in this episode Akagi is duking it out with the fellows at the parlor, and they are losing horribly to his masterfulness. If Akagi wins, Nangou gets his three million dollar debt erased. If Akagi looses, Nangou gets killed for his three million dollar insurance policy. It doesn't entirely seem fair to me.

Akagi keeps winning rounds, so the jerks at the parlor call in Yagi, their rep player to beat Akagi. Since Yagi comes in mid-round and seeks Akagi's hand, he can't play, but wants to play the next round. Instead he watches and they're all amazed because Akagi has never played before but is Mahjong awesomeness personified.

Seriously you guys, it's a good series, but it's just way too much detail for a situation like this where I have to keep pausing it every five seconds or so to answer a call or something. I keep missing details like tiles that have been played or definitions.

On to episode 3.

Current Anime: Akagi Current Episode: 3
I'm still watching episode 2, I'm a tad behind, so the review for that won't be until after the 30. I keep having to pause the episode to answer phone calls and the like.

Until then...

A Blog of Note! Everyone head over and check out Kelly at Cleft Blog. She's blogging to raise money for Cleft Palate Foundation, she's posting some very interesting information about Cleft Palate! Who has it, what it is, how it's treated. It's awesome! Go check her out and give her a sponsor if you can!
For everyone who's been asking what we're watching and when, here is a repost of the post I made yesterday, with the overview of the Geeky Anime Watching Schedule:

6:00 to 8:00 - The Third
Classified as 'Adventure' and 'Science Fiction' which is always a fun way to start the day. Downloadable here via Bit Torrent.

8:00 to 10:00 - Akagi Watching Currently!
Is in the 'Sports' category, but is actually about Mahjong, which doesn't technically cut it as a sport for me, which is why I got it. Downloadable here.

10:00 to 12:00 - Lemon Angel Project
Animesuki has this one as 'music'. Yay. Music. Downloadable here.

12:00 to 2:00 - Onmyou Taisenki
This one is 'action', whatever that means. And no, I don't think it's the down-and-dirty kind of action, pervert. Downloadable here.

2:00 to 4:00 - Karin
Karin is 'vampires' but I'm familiar with the series, so it should also be 'romance' and 'comedy' because it's awesome. Awesome I say. Downloadable here.

4:00 to 6:00 - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
'Action' and 'Magical Girl' another series I am familiar with that is really good. Why am I watching it? Because people who are coming to the Blogathon to watch anime need to watch this one. Because I said. Downloadable here.

6:00 to 8:00 - Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masarusan
I did not pick this one! Cory did because it has sexy in the title. It's a 'comedy' according to AnimeSuki. We'll see. I mean, it's not like I don't trust you, Cor, or anything...lol. Seriously, it looks cute. Downloadable here.

8:00 to 10:00 - Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san
Also Cory's pick. It's 'Comedy' 'Magical Girl' and 'Shoujo'. Yay! I love Shoujo anime! Downloadable here.

10:00 to 12:00 - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
This is the one I'm most looking forward to. It's 'Drama' 'Game' and 'Mystery' according to AnimeNFo. According to reviews it's horror. Mmmm...horror. Perfect to watch this time of night! Downloadable here.

12:00 to 2:00 - Inukami!
I've been told this is funny. 'Harem' and 'Ecchi' which means I'm going to hate it. I mean, I shouldn't judge it before I watch it, it might be good. Right? Right? Downloadable here.

2:00 to 4:00 - The Snow Queen
This one is 'Fantasy' and 'Novel' according to AnimeNFo. Yay. Downloadable here.

4:00 to 6:00 - Bomberman Jetters
Based on the game Bomberman, this one is classified as 'Game' 'Action' and 'Comedy'. Nice way to end the 'Thon, on a fun note! Downloadable here.

We've already watched The Third and we're now watching Akagi. I'm behind by about an hour according to my schedule, but that's how it always goes with these things, so it's not a big deal.

I'll add this list to my sidebar so people can keep up to speed about what we're watching and whatnot. Also, thanks to everyone for their suggestions for anime, some I have seen, but some I haven't seen yet so I'll be sure to look them up!

Current Anime: Akagi Current Episode: 2
The first episode of Akagi was very interesting. The animation is very interesting, lots of thick lines and sharp edges in the character drawing. It's not a bad thing, just a different look. It's also very dark.

The anime is about Mahjong, it opens with a group of guys playing in a Mahjong parlor. One of the guys, Nangou owes a ton of money, and is trying to win enough to pay off his debts, but if he looses, he'll be killed for his life insurance. The policy is being held by a guy he's playing against mistress. Nice.

He's playing, and loosing, and is hoping for some kind of miracle when this kid who's wet and covered in sand comes in. The other men at the table tell him to get lost when Nangou says that he asked this kid to come check on him. He gives the kid a towel and goes back to his game, while he's playing (and about ready to lose) the kid tells him that he has to die to survive, and he's not playing he's surviving. Nangou realizes that he's gambling and has to take risks, and plays a tile that wins him the round.

During a break, he asks the kid what his name is, and he says Akagi, he says he knows that Akagi is running, but does he want to sit in and play his rounds for him. Akagi agrees and sits in on the game. While he's playing, the cops show up looking for a kid who was involved with a gang chicken race, and bust in accusing Akagi of being that kid. Nangou says no, that Akagi is his nephew, and has been there all night.

The cops don't buy it, but can't prove anything - and while the other players were distracted, Akagi steals tiles from the other players to make a winning hand. While the cops are still there, he says to get on with the game, and the players are distracted by the cops, he lays down a winning hand. Everyone realizes he cheated but can't do anything with the cops there. Drama!

The episode pretty much ends here, the detective cop decides to stick around because its raining, and another hand is dealt.

Very interesting. On to episode 2!

Current Anime: Akagi Current Episode: 2
Our next anime from Geeky Schedule is Akagi, this is what AnimeNFo has to say about it:

When Nango was about to lose the mahjong, he heard a boy mumbling, Â?If I die, IÂ?ll be helpedÂ?. Talking to him, Nango knew he didnÂ?t know about mahjong, but he noticed the boyÂ?s talent of gambling, and he left his fate with this amateur boy. The boy was Akagi Shigeru who would become a legendary gambler later.

This one is classified as 'Drama' but sounds like it has lots of sin in it, which is always fun on a Saturday morning.

Time for episode 1. Look forward to the review!

Current Anime: Akagi Current Episode: 1
The 5th episode of The Third was very good!

Honoka has taken Millie into Bogie, and told Bogie that they couldn't leave the area until Millie wakes up from her unconsciousness and can say goodbye to her father.

While Millie is unconscious, Honoka and Iks go into Millie and her fathers tank and loot pack everything of use up and take it to Bogie. While there, Honoka goes into where Millie is laying and starts to cry, saying it's her fault and that she couldn't do anything and she is sure that Millie hates her now, because of her blue space eye.

She tells Ike about her blue space eye, that she is one of The Third, a race that has space eyes that can access any computer system that exists, but that she's defective, everyone elses space eye is red, and hers is blue.

She said she was kicked out of The Third's city, and adopted by a man she called her grandfather because her parents didn't think that she could live in the town they lived in without being prosecuted. She grew up in a caravan, and enjoyed that life.

Millie wakes up and they bury her father, and blow up her fathers ship. Honoka tells Iks that her (Millies) mother was killed by The Third, and probably hates her now.

Later on, Honoka goes outside and tells Iks that they want her power, not her. And shows him how she can use her energy to cut stuff up. It's muy nifty! The episode ends with these night flowers blooming and Millie running out of Bogie crying because she doesn't want Honoka to leave her alone, because she is all she has left now.

All in all I really liked this series. It has a good plot (although maybe too involved for 6 am viewing!), good music, good voice acting and great animation. I will totally be picking this one up to finish in the future.

I give the The Third Four Lanies, a worthless rating system, but cute.

If you'd like to download the music from The Third you can do so by visiting Gendou's Anime Music! The opening theme is called 'Dream Above The Sand' listed on the site in Japanese as 'Sajou no Yume' I recommend it!

Up next is the preview post for Akagi. I'm off to take a quick break and get dressed, so look forward to the next Anime!
Sorry about not being able to post the review of episode 4 last half-hour, but unfortunately I was about 6 minutes too far into it to be able to finish it and post before 8:00. Well, now it's 8:15! Those first two hours flew by super fast, let's hope the rest of the 'Thon goes just as well.

Episode 4 of The Third opened with some men standing around with machinery talking about how nervous they were, when they are blown up by 'Blue Buster' the weapon the surveillance organization group that monitors and arrests people who use illegal technology send out to destroy those who are the biggest offenders.

We go to Honoka outside practicing her sword fighting movies, when Iks comes out and interrupts her. They start talking about people, and she says what a special gift he has that he can heal. He tells her that she is just a special (I forgot to mention he said this once before in episode 3 while they were at the bar) and that it is good that she uses her gifts for good, and not for destruction.

Then they are with Honoka's mechanic (who's name I can never spell right) and his daughter Millie. Her PSP is finished, and she freaks out (she collects weapons, so I guess this is like a techgasam for her or something) and jumps in it after putting on this really stupid looking lycra suit, and messes with it for hours until everyone is bored and goes away for tea.

After she's done, it's evening, and she says goodbye to her mechanic and Millie and they go in their separate directions. As they are traveling, Honoka senses something that Bogies radar didn't pick up, and says that it's the Blue Buster and it's going for Oyaji (that's his name!) and Millie, and she orders Bogie to turn around.

She jumps to her PSP suit thing and goes out just in time to see Oyaji's tank blow up, and sees Millie standing away outside of it. She jumps out and tackles Millie just as the Blue Buster thing shoots at them. She fights with the Blue Buster thing for a while and her headband gets shot off, and you see that she's got one of those third eye things that some of the other people in the government had. Did I not mention those? Oh, well...it was early.

So anyway, the thing flies off, and Millie sees her third eye thingie and faints, and the episode ends.


Next episode and then we're all done with The Third for today.

Current Anime: The Third Current Episode: 5
The fourth episode of The Third won't end before I need to make this next post, but it will end soon, so look forward to it!
Episode 3 of The Third opens with a man being dragged from his house by mechanical soldiers that are part of a group that arrest people for using illegal technology. He gets taken a way from his wife and child (who are both crying) and put on a ship.

Honoka is also in this city, having Bogie worked on and doing some odd jobs to get more money to pay for her PSP (that's the name of her mecha type suit thing). She's also dropping Iks off in the city, and they say goodbye while she goes to do some odd jobs. While working, she notices the boarded up door of the man who was arrested and is told that his wife and child left the city to find someplace more safe to live.

She heads off to her doctor, a perverted old man who tells her she needs breast implants because she's too flat, and gives her birth control pills which make her very angry. He also notices her arm, and says that it's healing way too fast.

After she leaves, she runs into a guy named Kevin, a machinery, who tells her that the solders are on the move, and they've arrested quite a few people from the city over the last few days, and that they are looking for something. Honoka thinks that this 'something' is Iks, so when she sees him entertaining a group of kids with string tricks she snags him away and yells at him for wandering around out in the open. They go to a bar (where Kevin is at the bar drinking, he's got a mechanical arm and eye, it sort of creeps me out) they sit in the back and start talking when a group of the mechanical solders bust in. They solders go to Iks and say that their orders are to escort him to an air base, he says no, and the solders open their weapons. The people in the bar get mad, and beat them up while Honoka and Iks escape.

They go back to Bogie where Iks gives Honoka a box of gold and says that he wants to hire her as a guard/guide because he wants to see the world. She agrees, and the episode ends with Bogie voicing over saying Honoka was glad he was there...awwness! Awwness I say!

Next episode...oh, and a muffin. Anyone want a muffin?

Current Anime: The Third Current Episode: 4
So the second episode of The Third was pretty good as well.

It picks up right after the first episode, Honoka asks Iks why he was out wandering alone in the desert and he says it's because his car broke down and it wouldn't be fixed for a while, so he was just going to walk. She tells him that was not really a very smart thing to do, and Bogie interrupts that there is a vehicle being attacked by a gang of people.

So, Honoka goes and 'rescues' them, and it's her mechanic and her mechanics daughter. She was on her way to meet up with them anyway, to pick up a suit of armor or something, sort of like a mecha, but not. Seriously you guys, I'm tired, I promise my descriptions will get better. So, her mechanic tells her it will take about 10 more days to get it working, and they go to eat dinner. While they're eating they discuss how the armor is illegal (breaking the techno taboo, laws against certain types of technology to keep peace between cities I guess), and during the conversation Bogie pages Honoka on this headset and tells her that these mechanical type soldiers have shown up.

She goes outside and this hologram of this guy appears (I don't remember his name, but I guess he's one of The Third?) and says he wants to talk to Iks, and then sends out some stealthy type robot soldiers, but Honoka beats them all up.

Her arm gets burned by one, and the episode ends with Iks healing her owwie. Awww.

Sorry for the crappy recap of the episode. I'll do better for the next one! On to episode 3.

Current Anime: The Third Current Episode: 3
Alright, so the first episode of The Third was pretty interesting. It's got a lovely opening theme, and a pretty good musical background track. The animation is really good as well, I like the way the characters are drawn.

The first episode opens with something falling from the sky to the desert on to this planet that's been ravaged by war, and all that is left is desert and a few cities. It moves along to this council of people who talk about what fell from the sky, and how it could have been an invader, but decide against doing anything about it, instead they want to collect more information on it.

Then we come to Honoka, a freelance sword fighter type person who's in the desert on a job to kill spiders that have infested a new city construction site. She kills all the spiders (but feels kind of bad about it!) and goes and collects her reward, that night she's out in the desert sleeping (in her sand tank named Bogie, who is voiced by Ishizuka Unsho, who also voiced Cowboy Bebops' Jet Black.) Bogie wakes her up saying someone outside is being chased by sand ants (which are huge nasty ant looking things that spew green blood when killed, grossness) and so she goes outside and rescues this guy who's about to get ambushed by ants.

The guy says his name is Iks (that's the translation given to me by the fansubbers, although AnimeNFo says Ikus), and the episode ends.

Mmm...Mysterious person in the middle of the desert after something crashed in the desert...I wonder.

On to episode 2!

Current Anime: The Third Current Episode: 2
Good morning my bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Figments! Welcome to the 2006 Blogathon! If you have not sponsored me yet, there is still plenty of time to do so, just follow this link and get yourself all sponsored up. This years charity is the MS Foundation in honor of someone very near and dear to a friend of mine. It's definitely going to a good cause.

So are you all ready to get this started? Do you have your coffee? Your muffin? Your, god forbid, cereal? Good. Let's get cracking then!

According to the Geeky Schedule we will be watching The Third first. Although, if I had any cleverness at all we would be watching it...well...third. However, I'm in a wonderfulness mood, and am not at all clever, so here is the info on it from our good friends at AnimeNFo:

In the distant future, because of the inter planet war that has continued for centuries, the civilization has ruined. Human being has lost every thing, and the population decreased to 1/5. Pseudo-human, Â?The ThirdÂ?, is said to have appeared just after the war. They have red pupils called Â?Space EyesÂ?. Using them, they can control computer systems and so on, and rule the world by their superior power.

In this world, there is a girl, Honoka. She is a jack-of-all-trades, and she accepts any order except murder. One day, she happens to find a young Ikus in the desert. When she accepts the order from him, her great adventure begins.

This one is classified as 'Action', 'Adventure', 'Novel', and 'Science-Fiction'. Goody.

Now, on to episode one...but first: what does bushy-tailed even mean?

Current Anime: The Third Current Episode: 1


It's time for the Friday Random Ten, figments! Open your playlist, hit shuffle, and see what comes up. Here are mine, hurray! Any that are linked, take you to someplace where you can download the song. Legally, you pirates.

1. Is It Any Wonder? - Keane (Is It Any Wonder?)

2. It's Not Your Fault - New Found Glory (It's Not Your Fault Single)

3. Only In Photographs - Honor By August (Photographs EP)

4. The Lights and Buzz - Jack's Mannequin (The Lights And Buzz Single)

5. Air - The Normans (Dreams of Autocrashes)

6. She's Got A Way - Billy Joel (Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & 2)

7. Ana - Transglobal Underground (Zen & The Art Of Chilling)

8. Bleed From Within - The Music (Welcome To The North)

9. A Gentle Dissolve - Thievery Corporation (Cosmic Game)

10. Emotionless - The Better World (The Better World)

Favorite Song:
I'm so in love with Honor By August right now, it's sick They are so destined for mainstream radio play, and soon. Too bad they're not on the West Coast, I'd be a such groupie.

Least Favorite Song:
That's hard, they're all pretty good. Probably Bleeding From Within only because it's loud, and I'm not entirely in a loud mood today. Loud, but good!

Favorite Album:
The Better World's The Better World is fantastic. Give them a try!

Seen Live: None of them. Sad for me!
Blogathon begins tomorrow at 6 AM. I had a very awesome shtick planned but it fell through, but I knew it would, so it doesn't matter. Maybe next year, but most likely not. It's too hard to coordinate people. Instead, I shall fall back on the good old stand by, watching hours of crappy anime and reviewing it for your reading pleasure. I do this for two reasons:

1) Anime is fun, because cartoons are fun.


2) It's totally easy and Lazy Jamie Approved, because all you have to do is watch hours of shows and then write a review on them.

There may, at some point during the 'Thon, be guest posters, which shall add a funness to the boringness that will be my blog for the weekend. If you'd like to sponsor me, you still can, and can do so up to 48 hours after the event. Just click on the link to the right, if ya please.

For those of you who care, and I doubt any of you do, this is how this sucker works: I picked 11 anime at random (with a few suggestions from friends) and will be watching the first 5 episodes of each of those series. The first 5, because I find that you can pretty much get the feel of an anime by the first 5 episodes, especially if it's only 13 or 24 episodes long. Each episode is roughly 24 minutes long, and about 19 minutes if you skip opening/ending themes, so you can fit about 3 episodes to an hour, so to play it safe, we're going to dedicate two hours to each series.

This, if you're math inclined, comes out to about 9 and 1/2 or 10 series, but because some may be shorter, and because I may get sick of opening themes and skip them, we may be able to fit more in, so view the 11th as insurance.

Each episode gets an intro post with some info, reviews on each episode, and a recap post with overall thoughts. I also will be posting mp3's of opening and ending themes for those who want to download them. All downloads are from AnimeSuki. I heart.

If you'd like to watch the anime with me, or are just so terribly hard up for something to do, and want to know what I'm watching when, here is the official 'Thon 2006 Geeky Anime Watching Schedule:

6:00 to 8:00 - The Third
Classified as 'Adventure' and 'Science Fiction' which is always a fun way to start the day. Downloadable here via Bit Torrent.

8:00 to 10:00 - Akagi
Is in the 'Sports' category, but is actually about Mahjong, which doesn't technically cut it as a sport for me, which is why I got it. Downloadable here.

10:00 to 12:00 - Lemon Angel Project
Animesuki has this one as 'music'. Yay. Music. Downloadable here.

12:00 to 2:00 - Onmyou Taisenki
This one is 'action', whatever that means. And no, I don't think it's the down-and-dirty kind of action, pervert. Downloadable here.

2:00 to 4:00 - Karin
Karin is 'vampires' but I'm familiar with the series, so it should also be 'romance' and 'comedy' because it's awesome. Awesome I say. Downloadable here.

4:00 to 6:00 - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
'Action' and 'Magical Girl' another series I am familiar with that is really good. Why am I watching it? Because people who are coming to the Blogathon to watch anime need to watch this one. Because I said. Downloadable here.

6:00 to 8:00 - Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masarusan
I did not pick this one! Cory did because it has sexy in the title. It's a 'comedy' according to AnimeSuki. We'll see. I mean, it's not like I don't trust you, Cor, or anything...lol. Seriously, it looks cute. Downloadable here.

8:00 to 10:00 - Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san
Also Cory's pick. It's 'Comedy' 'Magical Girl' and 'Shoujo'. Yay! I love Shoujo anime! Downloadable here.

10:00 to 12:00 - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
This is the one I'm most looking forward to. It's 'Drama' 'Game' and 'Mystery' according to AnimeNFo. According to reviews it's horror. Mmmm...horror. Perfect to watch this time of night! Downloadable here.

12:00 to 2:00 - Inukami!
I've been told this is funny. 'Harem' and 'Ecchi' which means I'm going to hate it. I mean, I shouldn't judge it before I watch it, it might be good. Right? Right? Downloadable here.

2:00 to 4:00 - The Snow Queen
This one is 'Fantasy' and 'Novel' according to AnimeNFo. Yay. Downloadable here.

4:00 to 6:00 - Bomberman Jetters
Based on the game Bomberman, this one is classified as 'Game' 'Action' and 'Comedy'. Nice way to end the 'Thon, on a fun note! Downloadable here.

I don't expect to get through all the series, because it's been my experience in doing this that I never do. Usually about the 10th series with all the review writing and distractions the 'Thon is over. However, this year I am absolutely set on finishing them all. This is why you should sponsor me! Sponsor us with the faith that we will melt our eyeballs out of our head by watching 55 episodes of different, random, possibly bad anime in 24 hours.

C'mon, that has to be worth something.


The ickyness lives.
I need to clean the fridge man,
It's growing in there.


Can someone please tell me how MySpace's servers losing power over the weekend is news worthy? I've seen it on three news programs already today. I mean, aren't there a couple of wars going on where hundreds of people have died...or maybe even people starving someplace in the world, or dying of diseases that need cures, or has this all been taken care of already while I was sleeping and all that is left to report on is vapidness?

Also...MySpace has inspired a new single from Gym Class Heroes called 'New Friend Request'. You can watch it here. Even though Gym Class Heroes make me giggle, it was still highly stalkerish...and about idiotic MySpace.

My head hurts.


I hate MySpace, man.
It is such a waste of time,
Don't E-mail me there.


Melty melty melty...death!

It's been about 100+ for the last four days, and unfortunately for me, I do not have AC in my house. I have a couple fans, but they pretty much just mock me by blowing the hot air around my living room.

I spent Saturday in the sun from about 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. It left me with a fantastically gorgeous lobster coloring to my skin that is all the rage. It's Tres Chic! I wore SPF 50, and put it on numerous times, but apparently it doesn't matter, because I was still burnt to a crisp. It hurts like a spoon to the eye...I just want to pass that along.

Sunday Sav came over and we spent the day doing nothing. Nothing, is a very good thing to do. Mainly we did nothing because it was too hot to even think about doing something. We melted, passed about a spray bottle, and watched Sci Fi type shows for most of the day. Oh..and sometime along those lines I think Savvy died from heat stroke, but I'm not sure because I passed out and/or dumped her body over the balcony into the backyard in a heat-induced delusional state.

Over the weekend I also finished a Blog layout. Unfortunately the owner of the blog wishes to remain a secret, so I can't show it to anyone, because they'd be one step closer to finding out the identity of the mystery Blogger. It wasn't my best layout ever, but it's grown on me...I kind of like it, and the Blogger likes it so that's all that matters.

This is taking too much work...and I'm hot. I'll post more later. Carry on!


Drip, drip, drip, drip, splat.
Fingers melt to the keyboard,
Like ice cream on ground.


Cory: Well just be firm. Not to hard. Let the demand be girthy but not to girthy. Let the goldenness of your demands be backed by knowledge. For if your arguement is flacid and lacking erect facts you will never get paid and will be left dripping with poorness.

Me: I feel dirty.
It's nearly 3:30 and I have yet to defrost my freezer. I was going to do it today. I even woke up at an ungodly hour of 6 am determined to toss, boil, scrape and swoosh my freezer clean. I was set and pumped to go.

Instead, I am once again being worthless by doing everything I can possibly do to distract myself from doing anything at all. Mainly this involves quite a bit of calling random people up to see what they are doing, and messing around in Photoshop. All of this, of course, is just further proof that giving me any idle time whatsoever is a completely bad move. I don't know what to do with myself. I hate to say it, but I'm ready to go back to work now.

Lucky for me my wish has been granted via a 9 am meeting tomorrow morning, that will most likely last hours, as we start planning for events that will take place in September. I'm both excited and unexcited. I like keeping busy (it's not that I'm not capable of doing nothing, trust me, I'm a pro at doing nothing...it's just too many days of doing nothing in a row and I run out of nothing to do) but I also really like having hours and hours of free time all to my happy little self. I don't know what to do, I'm so conflicted! Wah!

Alright, I'm done whining now.

Anyone want to come over tonight and do something fun? Like clean my freezer? I'll let you take anything you want from it home with you. Lucky lucky you!


I am so whiny.
I should be smacked in the head,
Or banished away.


WORST #18: Your Purse Is Not A Trashcan

So a new week has started, and so has my need to tackle the The List Of Perfectly Responsible Things To Do That Will Ruin Summer. The title for that is far too long, and I'm far too lazy to keep typing it, so we're going to use the first letter of some of the words to shorten it to 'WORST'. Yes, I realize the letters don't appear in that order, but it's my list, and I'm doing it anyway.

As most of you figment ladies out there know (and any of you gentlemen, if you happen to carry handbags...and it's perfectly alright if you do...honest) purses are like voids, gigantic black holes whos gravitational pull attract all sorts of bizarre and unexplainable junk to its depths. Everything eventually ends up in the bottom of your purse, so it's important to clean it out every millennia or so.

Today I finished #18 on my list: cleaning out my purse. Yes, it was a simple task, and yes, in reality it probably shouldn't merit a posting on my blog, but I'm hard up for posting material here, so play along.

After being smugly proud of myself at how much junk I really did manage to cram in there, I became confused about the type of stuff I found in my purse. Broken Mardi Gras beads, an empty CD-R case, stamps torn off an envelope, an eraser shaped like a dog, a plastic fork, a metal lid to lord knows what, a baby sock...what are the reasonings behind these items, and who put them there? I surely didn't. I'm highly confused and confounded. I don't even own a baby.

Oddities tossed away (or kept for questioning others), I now have a lovely clean purse that closes with no problems and has absolutely no junk, trash, garbage, or sticky smelly items in it. It's almost as good as having fresh clean sheets on my bed.


Savvy Banany,
You hold my life in your car,
Give back my planner.


I'm thinking of getting a new digital camera, because the one I currently use (as I so eloquently told Tiffany) sucks the poo.

I'd like something functional that wouldn't entirely blow the disgustingly tiny budget I live upon to bits. Food, at times, is necessary for one to survive. Something with a pretty good capacity, megapixles, and zoom would be great. Flashes, the kind used on cameras not the kind with trench coats, would also be nice.

I'm looking for suggestions from you, my brilliant and electronically inclined Figments. What kind do you have? Do you like it? What kind would you buy if you could buy any kind that you wanted to buy? How many 'buys' is too many in one sentence?



Fred is in Tampa.
Do not tell him this okay,
But I stole his stuff.


Lunch was a hoot. Yes, I said hoot.

As always the Ladies and Cory (Sorry Cor, did you want to be a lady too?) are some of the best company while eating spicy food a girl can have. I lied, earlier, so I owe you an apology Figments: I did order Pahd Thai, and you know what? It was tasty! I don't regret it a bit! So there! I justified it by reminding myself that ordering something I've had before from a restaurant I've never been to before, is exactly like ordering something new. Right? S'what I thought.

I got to check out where Savvy works, so I can sneak in to the Library building and 'visit' her now. Ain't you thrilled about that Sav? I know where you work now. Even better, so does everyone else. Maybe I'll start sending stuff to your office: Savvy C/O OSU Library, Third Floor, First Cubicle Back Row on the Left. Perhaps something creepy, like chicken feathers or old tissue. Ah, the possibilities.

Afterwards we went by and checked out Dani's new house, which is a fantastic score for her. It's a three bedroom which is perfect for her family, and it's got a nice yard which is great for her kids. I did a bit of checking out the surroundings to start weighing the pros and cons of moving, since I will be facing the choice in Spring as to if I want to move to Corvallis or not. I plan on writing an entire post with pros and cons, putting it up to a vote, and letting you figments decide for me. Doesn't that sound like fun? Look forward to it. Nothing like having made up readers to your pathetic blog make important life decisions for you. It's what all the responsible people are doing these days.

Terra, Cory and I lounged about like lazy bums in a coffee shop for a few hours this afternoon and talked about the coming school year. They are going to WOU, I on the other hand...am not. I've still got about a year left where I am before I move to the next place. It got me thinking about the things I need to get organized in these next 72-odd days of summer before my life spirals out of control once again. So, in an effort to do as little work as possible at work this evening (My old guy was asleep, and I had nothing else to do, honest I didn't) I compiled a list of the things that I'm absolutely going to do before September. Good things. Getting organized and making changes things.

I just have the feeling like I need to make some drastic changes to better cope with my schedule, and to make myself feel better in the process. I generally deal with stress pretty well, but even with how well I deal with it, I know I'm not going to be able to keep all my cookies in their jar if I have too many more years like this last one. Premature graying is not sexy, no matter what anyone says.

On top of holding down two jobs (one of which will be the ASC Student Council Coordinator again, which in itself is a crazy stress-filled wonderland) I'll be pulling another full courseload of entirely Math, Physics and Chemistry classes (Yes I made retching noises...yes, I plan on making more, most likely in class). I'm also President Elect of Phi Theta Kappa for 2006-07, Vice President for Verbatim Et Litteram (Writing), and being the ML for National Novel Writing Month for Salem again in November. To top all of that off I have to start taking prep-courses for the MCATS so that I can take them (hopefully) next April, or if I have to wait, next August. I also need to start building up volunteer hours in the medical field so that I can get into my MD/PH.D program without too many hitches.

Hitches, figments, make a girl cry.

Somewhere along those lines I have to enroll in the next college-o-mine and get the graduation paperwork in...on time. On time is important.

So, in order to make my life as easy and stress-free at home as possible, I'm forcing myself to do all the stuff nobody likes to do around the house this summer. Personally, I think it's a crying shame, and a damn waste of perfectly good free time, but I know if I don't do it, I'll regret it come September.

Because I am boring, and have no life, I'm posting said list here, and I will keep you up to date on all the amazingly fun and exciting things that will happen while I do the things...on said list. I promise to lie, exaggerate, stage pictures and video, and blackmail people to make these things more entertaining for you, my beloved Figments.

The List Of Perfectly Responsible Things To Do That Will Ruin Summer:

1. Clean Fridge/Defrost Freezer.
2. Sort Through All Storage Boxes. Dump Stuff.
3. Clean Out Closets. Dump Stuff.
4. New Sheets & Towels. Yay!
5. Reorganize linen Closets.
6. Reorganize Kitchen Cupboards/Storage.
7. Balance Checkbook Better.
8. Redo Filing System. Dump Stuff.
9. Clean & Reorganize Guido/Desk. He Hates Clutter.
10. Photos In Albums/Frames.
11. Reorganize Decoration Storage.
12. Yard Sale!
13. Visit My Academic Advisor Who Hates Me.
14. Finalize Plans For Furniture.
15. Order Wood For furniture.
16. Redecorate Guest Bedroom (a.k.a. Stop using it for storage).
17. Redecorate 2nd Bathroom.
18. Your Purse Is Not A Trashcan.
19. Move Bedroom To Other Bedroom.
20. Redecorate Other Bedroom.
21. New mattresses On All Beds. Heh.

These are not necessarily in order of doing. For most of you it's probably a pretty stupid and boring list, but for me it's a good way for me to make sure that my ducks are all in a row before September. Also, I'm pretty frustrated with certain parts of my house right now, so getting them the way I want them (new furniture, um...no more boxes lounging about throwing parties in closets with dust bunnies) will make me feel more comfortable and make me less stressed out when I'm home.

At this point in time, I loathe my bedroom with a passion that would make me disown it if it was a person. It's mainly because my bed is an extra-extra firm (did you even know they make those? I didn't!) and I can't sleep on it anymore. I'm to the point that I sleep in my living room on the couch now. Stupid bed. I'm a pansy, what can I say? Plus, none of my bedroom furniture matches, and it drives me crazy. Crazy!

Having it the way I want it, would make me happy. Me being happy means that the plants get watered and I don't throw my stuff out the windows at people walking by. It's a win-win for everyone.

Now, the real question is, how much of this will I really get done before September 25th? Mr. Kumquat has opened a poll, and is taking your bets now. My money is on 75%.
I have a lunch date today with some awesome friends in Corvallis. I'm pretty excited about it. One friend, Danielle, I haven't seen since she graduated and moved to Corvallis. Granted that's only a month ago, but when you're used to seeing this people every single day, you start to miss them when they're not around. Only just a teensy eensy bit though, um...honest. Not only were they phenomenal co-workers (which I might add, is a miracle all to itself) but they developed into some of the best friends a girl could ask for, and I'm so thankful for them.

We're meeting at noon at Tarn Tip, a Thai place that I haven't tried, but I'm willing to try anything new. Thai is yummy, and they can't mess it up too bad can they?

My personal goal this year is to try something new every time I eat out, so today I'm going to be true to that, and not order yellow curry or Pahd Thai. Honest. I just don't know what it'll be yet. Maybe I'll try something super spicy that'll burn my jaw off...or then again, maybe I won't.


73 days are left.
Sunshine and being lazy,
The last summer free.


Hi Figments!

Once again it's time for the Blogathon. I've participated in this event for years, and I'm very happy to be part of it once again.

The Blogathon is a 24 hour charity event where people post every 30 minutes to their blogs for 24 hours to raise money for their charity. I've done everyone from Oregon Food Bank to Children's Hospitals. People also have 'shticks' that keep their readers entertained. My shticks over the years have ranged from blogging from a graveyard to watching 24 hours of anime. This year I've got a good one, but I'm not quite ready to let you all in on it yet. Trust me though, you'll love it.

I'll be blogging in conjunction with Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society. Our local chapter, Alpha Kappa Omicron will be joining me for my shtick, and we will be blogging for The MS Foundation, in memory of lost loved ones.

Our goal is to raise $500.00, but I can't do that without your help. If you are interested in sponsoring me, you can by going here, and filling out the forms. You can sponsor two ways, hourly or a lump amount. Either way you can, your money is greatly appreciated and is going to a fantastic cause. Also, if you're involved with the Blogathon this year with me, don't forget that you can sponsor too!

My only request is that you DO NOT sign up as anonymous and that you supply your E-mail address and name to me so that after the Blogathon you can be properly thanked by myself and PTK. If you absolutely want to me anonymous, please make sure that you check back to the site where we will be blogging from after the 'Thon for important instructions.

More info on the shtick and where it will be located coming sometime this week. Look forward to it, I promise you, it's going to be a hoot.



Drinking peachy tea
The rain is falling down now
The air smells so fresh


It's been a long time, did you miss me Figments? I missed you.

I've been busy, crazy, overworked, underpaid, kicked, maimed, beheaded, taped back together and worn out like an old record. Because things have been so hectic, I just couldn't bring myself to post about anything, because I wanted more then anything to just forget about everything. So, I closed the blog down so that I could give it a new look, and take a break from the Blogsphere for a while and the high demands of you, my three readers.

Also, due to an unfortunate incident my domain was lost, and then bought by a company that sells domains back to the owners for horrible and extortion like prices. These Netpirates have Brighterskyte.com, so my poor images had no homes which to lay their badly-created little heads. I've since bought brighterskytedesigns.com (I refuse to buy my domain back from this company, I'll just wait until they lose it and buy it back, like I did last time), and am waiting on new hosting. Until then my images are being hosted through Rockcatalyst.com. My heaps mucho thanks to Tiffany, to whom I shall be forever in debt.

But here I am, once again ready to tackle the important issues in life and give you my worthless commentary on all things pointless. So, have a cookie, and stay awhile. You might be glad you did.

And now it's time for: The Haiku Of The Day

In through my window,
The breeze carries clanking bats,
And parents yelling.