Alright, so the first episode of The Third was pretty interesting. It's got a lovely opening theme, and a pretty good musical background track. The animation is really good as well, I like the way the characters are drawn.

The first episode opens with something falling from the sky to the desert on to this planet that's been ravaged by war, and all that is left is desert and a few cities. It moves along to this council of people who talk about what fell from the sky, and how it could have been an invader, but decide against doing anything about it, instead they want to collect more information on it.

Then we come to Honoka, a freelance sword fighter type person who's in the desert on a job to kill spiders that have infested a new city construction site. She kills all the spiders (but feels kind of bad about it!) and goes and collects her reward, that night she's out in the desert sleeping (in her sand tank named Bogie, who is voiced by Ishizuka Unsho, who also voiced Cowboy Bebops' Jet Black.) Bogie wakes her up saying someone outside is being chased by sand ants (which are huge nasty ant looking things that spew green blood when killed, grossness) and so she goes outside and rescues this guy who's about to get ambushed by ants.

The guy says his name is Iks (that's the translation given to me by the fansubbers, although AnimeNFo says Ikus), and the episode ends.

Mmm...Mysterious person in the middle of the desert after something crashed in the desert...I wonder.

On to episode 2!

Current Anime: The Third Current Episode: 2

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