It's been a long time, did you miss me Figments? I missed you.

I've been busy, crazy, overworked, underpaid, kicked, maimed, beheaded, taped back together and worn out like an old record. Because things have been so hectic, I just couldn't bring myself to post about anything, because I wanted more then anything to just forget about everything. So, I closed the blog down so that I could give it a new look, and take a break from the Blogsphere for a while and the high demands of you, my three readers.

Also, due to an unfortunate incident my domain was lost, and then bought by a company that sells domains back to the owners for horrible and extortion like prices. These Netpirates have Brighterskyte.com, so my poor images had no homes which to lay their badly-created little heads. I've since bought brighterskytedesigns.com (I refuse to buy my domain back from this company, I'll just wait until they lose it and buy it back, like I did last time), and am waiting on new hosting. Until then my images are being hosted through Rockcatalyst.com. My heaps mucho thanks to Tiffany, to whom I shall be forever in debt.

But here I am, once again ready to tackle the important issues in life and give you my worthless commentary on all things pointless. So, have a cookie, and stay awhile. You might be glad you did.

And now it's time for: The Haiku Of The Day

In through my window,
The breeze carries clanking bats,
And parents yelling.

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