The 5th episode of The Third was very good!

Honoka has taken Millie into Bogie, and told Bogie that they couldn't leave the area until Millie wakes up from her unconsciousness and can say goodbye to her father.

While Millie is unconscious, Honoka and Iks go into Millie and her fathers tank and loot pack everything of use up and take it to Bogie. While there, Honoka goes into where Millie is laying and starts to cry, saying it's her fault and that she couldn't do anything and she is sure that Millie hates her now, because of her blue space eye.

She tells Ike about her blue space eye, that she is one of The Third, a race that has space eyes that can access any computer system that exists, but that she's defective, everyone elses space eye is red, and hers is blue.

She said she was kicked out of The Third's city, and adopted by a man she called her grandfather because her parents didn't think that she could live in the town they lived in without being prosecuted. She grew up in a caravan, and enjoyed that life.

Millie wakes up and they bury her father, and blow up her fathers ship. Honoka tells Iks that her (Millies) mother was killed by The Third, and probably hates her now.

Later on, Honoka goes outside and tells Iks that they want her power, not her. And shows him how she can use her energy to cut stuff up. It's muy nifty! The episode ends with these night flowers blooming and Millie running out of Bogie crying because she doesn't want Honoka to leave her alone, because she is all she has left now.

All in all I really liked this series. It has a good plot (although maybe too involved for 6 am viewing!), good music, good voice acting and great animation. I will totally be picking this one up to finish in the future.

I give the The Third Four Lanies, a worthless rating system, but cute.

If you'd like to download the music from The Third you can do so by visiting Gendou's Anime Music! The opening theme is called 'Dream Above The Sand' listed on the site in Japanese as 'Sajou no Yume' I recommend it!

Up next is the preview post for Akagi. I'm off to take a quick break and get dressed, so look forward to the next Anime!

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