Sorry about not being able to post the review of episode 4 last half-hour, but unfortunately I was about 6 minutes too far into it to be able to finish it and post before 8:00. Well, now it's 8:15! Those first two hours flew by super fast, let's hope the rest of the 'Thon goes just as well.

Episode 4 of The Third opened with some men standing around with machinery talking about how nervous they were, when they are blown up by 'Blue Buster' the weapon the surveillance organization group that monitors and arrests people who use illegal technology send out to destroy those who are the biggest offenders.

We go to Honoka outside practicing her sword fighting movies, when Iks comes out and interrupts her. They start talking about people, and she says what a special gift he has that he can heal. He tells her that she is just a special (I forgot to mention he said this once before in episode 3 while they were at the bar) and that it is good that she uses her gifts for good, and not for destruction.

Then they are with Honoka's mechanic (who's name I can never spell right) and his daughter Millie. Her PSP is finished, and she freaks out (she collects weapons, so I guess this is like a techgasam for her or something) and jumps in it after putting on this really stupid looking lycra suit, and messes with it for hours until everyone is bored and goes away for tea.

After she's done, it's evening, and she says goodbye to her mechanic and Millie and they go in their separate directions. As they are traveling, Honoka senses something that Bogies radar didn't pick up, and says that it's the Blue Buster and it's going for Oyaji (that's his name!) and Millie, and she orders Bogie to turn around.

She jumps to her PSP suit thing and goes out just in time to see Oyaji's tank blow up, and sees Millie standing away outside of it. She jumps out and tackles Millie just as the Blue Buster thing shoots at them. She fights with the Blue Buster thing for a while and her headband gets shot off, and you see that she's got one of those third eye things that some of the other people in the government had. Did I not mention those? Oh, well...it was early.

So anyway, the thing flies off, and Millie sees her third eye thingie and faints, and the episode ends.


Next episode and then we're all done with The Third for today.

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