Episode 3 of The Third opens with a man being dragged from his house by mechanical soldiers that are part of a group that arrest people for using illegal technology. He gets taken a way from his wife and child (who are both crying) and put on a ship.

Honoka is also in this city, having Bogie worked on and doing some odd jobs to get more money to pay for her PSP (that's the name of her mecha type suit thing). She's also dropping Iks off in the city, and they say goodbye while she goes to do some odd jobs. While working, she notices the boarded up door of the man who was arrested and is told that his wife and child left the city to find someplace more safe to live.

She heads off to her doctor, a perverted old man who tells her she needs breast implants because she's too flat, and gives her birth control pills which make her very angry. He also notices her arm, and says that it's healing way too fast.

After she leaves, she runs into a guy named Kevin, a machinery, who tells her that the solders are on the move, and they've arrested quite a few people from the city over the last few days, and that they are looking for something. Honoka thinks that this 'something' is Iks, so when she sees him entertaining a group of kids with string tricks she snags him away and yells at him for wandering around out in the open. They go to a bar (where Kevin is at the bar drinking, he's got a mechanical arm and eye, it sort of creeps me out) they sit in the back and start talking when a group of the mechanical solders bust in. They solders go to Iks and say that their orders are to escort him to an air base, he says no, and the solders open their weapons. The people in the bar get mad, and beat them up while Honoka and Iks escape.

They go back to Bogie where Iks gives Honoka a box of gold and says that he wants to hire her as a guard/guide because he wants to see the world. She agrees, and the episode ends with Bogie voicing over saying Honoka was glad he was there...awwness! Awwness I say!

Next episode...oh, and a muffin. Anyone want a muffin?

Current Anime: The Third Current Episode: 4

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