How long have we been staring at My Space? Why are we doing this?

We are finally done looking at "stuff" on My Space.

Let's talk about the perfect disillusion. I was just explaining to Jamie that my fiance and I like to make each other feel good by telling the other that we are the idealistic weight. It's so beautiful. Therefore I am very slender and he is very much gaining muscle weight. What a perfect world :)

Savvy has rejoined the living world because we woke her up looking at Tiffany's emo statements. For some reason Jamie can't figure out which one is for her. We resolved that we don't care any more, and are moving on to things that are easier for our brains to process right now.

I have no idea what we will be doing for the next 30 minutes, but i'm sure it will be TOTALLY AWESOME.


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