Today we are in the land of Milk Honey. We ran into a village of pigmy's, they are so cute. Tiffany isn't dead...she was rather angry that we left her behind after only spraining her ankle. We left Savanna in a village of Amazons, she enjoys raiding villages, and killing males. Elaine and Jamie are skinning the cocks, it seems this village enjoys eating male chickens. Elaine rejoined us after escaping by covering her body in soybean oil and squeezing through the bars of her cage. I am still here recording the journey. I am Cory...to be continue


Today we live in a house of pain. My head is hot, my body is cold, Terra is funny, Tiffany like Asian men, Savanna likes Bo Vice, Jamie likes Chuck Norris, Elaine love fillangies. End..Scene.

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