I did not get to sleep until 11 yesterday night. Which means that I was up for pretty much about 41 hours. I got about 6 hours sleep last night but I'm still pretty zonked. Blogathon was a hoot. I've got to stop saying hoot. I really enjoyed having everyone hanging out. We didn't get through nearly all of the anime, but we raised some money and had fun...and honestly that really is what it's all about.

Muy thanks to my fellow 'Thonners: Lanie, Cory, Terra, Savvy and Tif. Company always makes this sucker go better.

Thanks to everyone here online, mainly Kelly, James and Melissa who were also good company and who fought the good fight! You guys did awesome, as sponsors and blogger babysitters.

I love all you guys.

And now that 'Thonning and 'Thon induced sleeping is over for another year, I have a wicked dirty kitchen to clean. 'Thonning leaves no time for washing dishes.


It is nice and cool.
Lovely summer days outside,
Perfect time to read.

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