Karin episode 2 is getting interesting reviews. I'm being told that it's strange, and different, but good.

In this episode Karin gets taken home by Kenta after getting a nose bleed. Kenta tells her that he knows her secret, she thinks that he knows she's a vampire, but really he thinks she's a high schooler who seduces older men.

Her brother shows up, and pulls Karin away telling her they need to figure out what type of blood draws her, they're walking and seens Kenta's mom who's standing in front of train tracks. Karin grabs her as the train goes by saying not to kill herself, and his mom says he wasn't, she just lost her job and is depressed.

Karin is attracted to the depression, and bites Kenta's mom in the park, where Kenta sees.

Next episode! Episode 3!

I'm so tired.

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