Ok, so Lemon Angel Project is very interesting! A girl named Tomo had a friend named Yui who wrote a song called 'Evolution', Yui went somewhere (perhaps she died, I'm not quite sure, it's kind of vague since it's the first episode) and Tomo is a high school student.

Lemon Angel was a very popular band that broke up. The lead singer, Suwa, goes to her high school.

One day she's out with a friend and they realize someone is following them, they think it's a stalker and both run in different directions. He follows Tomo and she hits him with her bag, and someone then identifies him as a producer for a record company.

Later in his office she apologizes and he says that Lemon Angel is going to be reformed and he wants her to try out, because her friend Yui wrote the song Evolution for her to sing.

She sneaks out of his office while he's going on a tangent about how music isn't as good as it used to be, and gets lost in the building. She goes into a room and hears someone coming and hides, and then she sees a holographic projection of the former Lemon Angel group singing. She gets scared, trips, makes some noise, and the episode ends with someone coming into the room and finding her.

It's not bad, I just am not sure what is happening yet.

Episode 2!

Current Anime: Lemon Angel Project Current Episode: 2

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