I'm really enjoying this anime. It's very cute and heartwarming, which is perfect for a dork like me.

In the fourth episode of Lemon Angel Project the girls are off to their lessons that will prepare them for the final Lemon Angel audition. Yayoi (now known as Saya, because she decided to change her name after quitting the horrible company), Tomo and Erica (the girl who dressed as a ninja) become good friends and enjoy spending time together. However, Erica is treated badly by the other girl because she's a foreigner. Her mother was born in Japan, but her father is from Brazil.

The episode mainly focuses on Erica, and shows how she was treated differently everywhere she's been because she never felt like she fit in. In Brazil she was considered just as much as a foreigner as she was in Japan. She was hoping that the girls who she was now attending lessons with would be different, but most of them are still mean to her.

She finally tells everyone that she is the older sister of a famous singer in a group, and everyone wants to come over to her house. She invites them all over and cooks a huge meal (she's a good cook!) and before they arrive her brother calls and says he can't make it. When the girls get there and she tells them, one girl hits food out of her hand, and shoves her down, telling her that she is worthless and is probably trying to poison them all. Erica runs out crying, and Tomo and Saya go looking for her.

They find her on a bridge and tell her that they want to be friends with her even though they are rivals to get on the band, and they like her for who she is. Can I get a big sopping aw? It's just so darn sweet!

Last episode is next, episode 5!

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