Melty melty melty...death!

It's been about 100+ for the last four days, and unfortunately for me, I do not have AC in my house. I have a couple fans, but they pretty much just mock me by blowing the hot air around my living room.

I spent Saturday in the sun from about 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. It left me with a fantastically gorgeous lobster coloring to my skin that is all the rage. It's Tres Chic! I wore SPF 50, and put it on numerous times, but apparently it doesn't matter, because I was still burnt to a crisp. It hurts like a spoon to the eye...I just want to pass that along.

Sunday Sav came over and we spent the day doing nothing. Nothing, is a very good thing to do. Mainly we did nothing because it was too hot to even think about doing something. We melted, passed about a spray bottle, and watched Sci Fi type shows for most of the day. Oh..and sometime along those lines I think Savvy died from heat stroke, but I'm not sure because I passed out and/or dumped her body over the balcony into the backyard in a heat-induced delusional state.

Over the weekend I also finished a Blog layout. Unfortunately the owner of the blog wishes to remain a secret, so I can't show it to anyone, because they'd be one step closer to finding out the identity of the mystery Blogger. It wasn't my best layout ever, but it's grown on me...I kind of like it, and the Blogger likes it so that's all that matters.

This is taking too much work...and I'm hot. I'll post more later. Carry on!


Drip, drip, drip, drip, splat.
Fingers melt to the keyboard,
Like ice cream on ground.

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