I was in a local private practice Peds clinic today. It was a completely different feel (obviously) then Peds at a hospital, since most of the children at the clinic were there for well baby check-ups or ear aches, while the children at Peds in the Hospital are there because they're not not doing so hot or because their clinic sent them over.

I was there for about four hours, and in that span of time the doctor I was with saw about 20 or so patients. Mostly ear aches and sniffles, which is what I figured would be pretty common.

It was very interesting and informative, and what amused me the most is the majority of the complains I heard from staff were a direct result of the parents. I had childcare flashbacks, parents overreacting, parents bringing drama in, parents, parents, parents, parents. Ah, you got to love them, right?

As I followed my Doc around, I realized that there is absolutely no reason why I can't do what he does, and I've already got the experience in dealing with crazy parents, so give me Med School and I'll be good to go.


Behind my house there are two storage units. Not the pre-fab sheds that lots of people have, and not garages, but two tiny house-like buildings that I don't use because they're dirty, home to stray cats, and I'm pretty sure they've been broken into and I'd like to keep my stuff, as crappy as it is, not have it sold for Meth money.

I was outside today trying to get my yard (which is a mess, let me tell you. It's what I get for not doing it sooner) into shape, and there were these conversations coming from one of the locked storage sheds. So either a) someone has a key and is living/hanging out in them, b) I'm insane and hearing things, or c) my neighbors next door were sitting on the other side of the storage shed talking and I just couldn't see them.

I'm hoping for C, but A is always an option. The key to the shed is floating around my neighborhood (it's a long story, but one of the many reasons I won't store my stuff in there. I'm two seconds away from stripping the locks off them and buying my own) so there is a possibility that someone has they key, and hangs out in there. There is a bolt lock, so it can be locked from the inside, and since I don't have the key, I can't open it and check to see if anyone is inside.

A few weeks ago my neighbors told me they saw some people trying to get in there, and that they've seen a 'man with a bag pack' banging on the doors and walls of the shed a few times while I wasn't home. I've already told my landlord if I catch anyone in my yard, regardless of if they have a key to the shed or not, I'll pop them for trespassing. Nobody has any reason to be inside my fence but me, and nobody has any business in my storage sheds at all.


I came home early today from Booth-Sitting at the Saturday Market with the most amazing migraine behind my left eye. I couldn't sit out in the heat and bright sunshine without feeling like I was going to die and vomit all over the customers. I skipped out about 10:30 this morning. I'm attributing it to the heat and the fact that sleeping isn't something I've done much of in days. I fell asleep about a half-hour after I got home, and practically slept my entire life away. My temple is still throbbing, and rapid eye movement is painful, but it's better now.

Sleep, it's magically delicious, you know?

I should utilize the rest of the weekend to cleaning my house and doing yard work. It's just so hard to drag myself around to do anything when the temperatures are pushing the 100's.

We're supposed to have thunder storms tomorrow night. We rarely get them, so here's hoping.


There is a completely different feel in the Mother & Baby Unit then there is in Peds. Maybe it's the reason behind why people are where they are. You know, new baby vs. sick baby, but it could also be the fact that the air conditioner in M&B was working or that it had windows. Peds was like walking around a stuffy old grandma house, M&B was open and cool. Everyone smiling and chatting me up. Everyone in Peds was rushed, tight and worried.

I was at M&B for two hours today. Babies are too cute for their own good. The person I was stalking only had three 'couplets' as they call them, so although it was slightly slow, it was still very informative.

Once again, while I was leaving, the interesting stuff happened. One of the babies was being sent down to the NICU. It was a bummer for two reasons: the first being that the baby needed to go to NICU, and the second being that I missed being able to see it.

I'm at a neighborhood Pediatric clinic on Monday for five hours. It'll be interesting to see how a Peds clinic differs from Peds at the hospital.
Shadowing is awkward. Mostly because I always feel awkward, and new situations never make me feel more at ease. I'm not stealthy or sneaky enough to pretend like a spy tailing a target, I'm more like a old, blinded, three-legged jungle cat trying to catch my dinner and just can't quite get it. The sad part? Whatever it is I'm trying it catch is right in front of me on the ground with a broken leg.

I was in Peds yesterday, following around an RN who was kind enough to put up with me for the afternoon. I got the impression I was her first shadow, so much like waking up next to someone you don't remember bringing home, I think it was just as awkward and strange for her as it was for me.

I enjoyed it though - the shadowing, not strangers in my bed in the morning (although it has it's moments). The floor was very quiet, with only a few patients admitted, and most of them were sleeping, so we had some very enlightening conversations about equipment and procedures. She walked through an entire admit, and explained all of the paper work and that was a good learning experience, as I'd never seen the boring paper-pushing office side of the hospital. I am always amazed at how much work Nurses do and how little respect and appreciation they really get. Someday when I have a clinic of my own, I shall throw the nurses parties every Friday, encourage them to wear tiaras, and bring them cookies shaped like hearts.

I'm in Mother & Baby this afternoon, which I'm looking forward to. Not just to scope out which babies will sell well on the black market (and with my newly acquired information on how the Hugs infant protection system works, I'll be filching babies in no time) but also because babies are cute, and I love them...in pie.


Our new Regional website for National Novel Writing Month has opened. Go visit Plot Box of Doom, and join the Forum.

It took me ages to finally get it completed, but I'm happy with the design and I think it will work well as a home-away-from-home for our Wrimos. Plus, it will make stalking them so much easier.