Behind my house there are two storage units. Not the pre-fab sheds that lots of people have, and not garages, but two tiny house-like buildings that I don't use because they're dirty, home to stray cats, and I'm pretty sure they've been broken into and I'd like to keep my stuff, as crappy as it is, not have it sold for Meth money.

I was outside today trying to get my yard (which is a mess, let me tell you. It's what I get for not doing it sooner) into shape, and there were these conversations coming from one of the locked storage sheds. So either a) someone has a key and is living/hanging out in them, b) I'm insane and hearing things, or c) my neighbors next door were sitting on the other side of the storage shed talking and I just couldn't see them.

I'm hoping for C, but A is always an option. The key to the shed is floating around my neighborhood (it's a long story, but one of the many reasons I won't store my stuff in there. I'm two seconds away from stripping the locks off them and buying my own) so there is a possibility that someone has they key, and hangs out in there. There is a bolt lock, so it can be locked from the inside, and since I don't have the key, I can't open it and check to see if anyone is inside.

A few weeks ago my neighbors told me they saw some people trying to get in there, and that they've seen a 'man with a bag pack' banging on the doors and walls of the shed a few times while I wasn't home. I've already told my landlord if I catch anyone in my yard, regardless of if they have a key to the shed or not, I'll pop them for trespassing. Nobody has any reason to be inside my fence but me, and nobody has any business in my storage sheds at all.

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