I noticed Veoweb bought space for a Pyra Ad. Spif, let me just tell you now..::coughs and says in her best 'paid endorcement voice'::

Veoweb is the best. I use them for TPC and they've always been very quick to fix a problem or answer a stupid question. (which I have ton of.) And they offer everything you could ever want (Well, everything I could) for cheap.

You can't beat that.


Oohhhhhhh Dreeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmweeeeeeaver. At 97%. Let's see if this ones better then Fusion.
USDA paid up! Cross those cyber piggies that it's the amount I need to pay my rent. I spent two and a half hours yesterday talking to my landlady, she's not evicting me, but I can't keep being late because other people don't pay me. Then I'll really get evicted. But ::does a happy stupidusdacheckisin dance:: Yay.

Robin had a class last night (Ah..I'll explain here for you new peoples. Robin is my mom, she's also the best. I refer to her as Robin because it's her real people name, and to me my mom isn't just my mom, she's a real people too. I love her.) on these esential oils she's all into..(it's really kewl..although some of them aren't my idea of good smells) she learned how to do a physical on a person that can rival any doctors physical just by feeling their aura. (Get that weirdo look off your face.) She also learned this freaky trick she made me do over and over, so I'm gonna make you. So try this! It's super weird. (I just say super?)

Get a peice of fruit, or a veggible (Yes, Veggible) and then get something that ISN'T a fruit or veggible. Chocolate, marshmellows, something in that lovely fifth food group. Then stand facing south with your back to north. (Which would happen, if one was facing south, just shush!) Hold the fruit or veggible to your solar plexus, covered with your hands. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and ask yourself if you need to eat that veggible or fruit. (This is kewl, trust me) If you do, you'll fall forward, if you don't, you'll fall back. Try it with the other food too and see what happens.

Yes Yes, I didn't believe it either till I did it...it's a trip! Try it and tell me what happens, ok? I want to know if I'm the only crazy person out here who tries other crazy peoples whims.


The Incoherent Babblings of Me
Home of Hot Tushies and Snotty Kims..according to recent serches leading to my site.
Oh yes, I am so proud.


It's snowing! It's snowing! Little tiny itty bitty baby snowflakes. ::does the snow dance:: It is so great.

I love snow.
I hate spam. The last five days almost 70% of the mail I get has been spam. I don't need my penis enlarged, I couldn't care less what 'Ms. Cleo' has to tell me, I don't want to try my luck at an online casino, and if one more person sends me an 'important notification' I'm going to tell them where they can shove their internet cash generator.

I think some cruel disgusting evil person somewhere who hates me (Hurts my feelings..it does..) goes around and signs me up for crap email while giggling in their little maniacal way. Little beady eyes stare at the screen in some dark room on some fourth floor apartment building that smells like month old sweat socks and rotting pizza boxes and this person sits there hunched over a sticky (No, we won't go there) keyboard typing in my email address at 99wpm and screaming their act of revenge to heaven in a high pitched vermin-like voice.

Well, I'm on to you buddy! I know it's not those fabled 'bots' signing me up for crap mail! It's you!


I'm not obsessed, I swear I'm not....::twitch...twitch::

Kao's for Pran and Blue..put in a request now and I'll make you one too.

(Woo baby, that rhymed!)

Couple things:

I don't know why I come up when you search 'alternitive lifestyle' at AOL along with 3 apes. I don't count being weird as alternitive, it's called unique. Damnit.

Yes, I am Rhea Rhyolin..who was it that looked up my SN and found my blog? If it was someone I already know, what were you..bored?

Yes, I own Hot Lake.com and kind-of own Hot Lake.net, no they aren't open. So, please don't write me and yell at me for this. I get about five letters a week just on people finding my blog because of Hot Lake. The site will be open when I get it open..that's the best I can do. :/

For the rest of you who find me because of weird search things...leave me comments or something? Please? You'll make me feel special and then I'll love you forever.

And you know you want that.
I'm currently typing "Report to Parents of Need of Medical Attention" form. These are the forms we give parents after we've beat the children and they need to see a doctor. ;)


The first guy (Kissie Kao) is not transparent, I do not know why. I also can't find his (Yes, he's a he) frames to alter that. I suppose I could go through the trouble of opening him all up in Animation shop and doing it there....::sigh::

Alright..I'll do it, but only because that white bugs the crap out of me. ::grin::

I'm a great big Kao-Ani freak. (Alright, I'm a freak without the Kao-Ani part.) I spent the very rare and few spare minutes this weekend drawing some.

Want to see? I knew you did. They're posted at TPC too, but for those of you who don't read there..here you go:

You've got to admit, the little buggers are durn cute.

I'm a mess. I mean, becides in my head. I'm one huge bruise. It's pathetic. On Friday night I feel down the stairs leading into the classroom. Yes, it was one of my more graceless momments. Went a good five feet and rug-burned my knees and arm, I sprained my wrist too. REALLY REALLY sad. lol. I also spilt my dinner all over the floor. Which was really sad, because I actually felt like eating for once.

Then on Saturday I spent the day at a jewelry party, I being the nice person I am, offered to help with things, and was put to work. Where I promptly spilt juice concentrate all over the top of a pitcher because I didn't take a lid off, hit someone with a peice of pineapple I was cutting up, got sick when I took a bite of the shrimp dip, and got a nasty bite from a dog when he lunged for the toy we were playing tug-of-war with and got my hand insted. ::giggle:: Other then that, I had fun. I didn't buy anything though because I only had 20 bucks with me..but Robin did book a party, so maybe I'll buy something at hers.

Nothing really terrible happened yesterday...Worked for a couple hours at Robin's church (I provide childcare during services, aren't I sweet?) went to Pearls of Wisdom (a really kewl store) and then to a 'Mind, Body, Spirit' Expo which was overpriced and full of things I can do anyway. Erm..does that sound way egotistical? It's not how I mean it. (But it's always kewl to watch someone else do a reading.) lol.

I did end up staying up till 5:30 this morning though because my tummy was being cruel. You know, I haven't been hurting when I eat or anything lately, and I really REALLY LIKE IT! So, I was not happy when all of a sudden I was hurting again. :( And now I'm sore...leftovers from last night my back is bothering me something awful. See, it's what I get for saying I can 'do all that anyway'. Karma...geesh.



I was making some lunch for Robin and myself, (rice) and the bowl blew up. It did! I stuck water in it, and it sizzled and poped and then broke into a bunch of peices and rice and water went everywhere.

::grumble:: So what am I going to have for lunch now?
Good News...sort of. I got paid a bit, so I won't be powerless or waterless. But I still might be homeless, which is worse then the first two 'less'es combined. Hopefully I scrounge up rent (830, 230 of it is from last month, my landlady is being a total angel about this.) by the 15th, cause that's when it's due. I would like to make it perfectly clear to everyone, that when I'm rich (and I will be) none of you will ever be lessless! Because I love ya, and that's what rich people should do for their friends and family. Doncha think?

On to other news....I scared the bejesus out of Robin this morning. (A girl has to have some kind of entertainment right?) This silver van that bears a remarkable resemblance to one driven by two certain state agents who we all know and love (snort) pulled up, so I went out to the classroom (I was on kitchen cleanin' duty..yahaw) and said "Hey Robin, the state just pulled up"

Well, I thought that's who it was. It wasn't though (and I'm so disapointed, let me tell you.) it was some guy selling car vacs.

So he says.

I've decided it's an undercover state spy and they wanted to come in and make sure we put that face plate on the ceiling before they dragged us off to jail for six months kicking and screaming.

Well...he could have been.


Yay, in four days my power and water get shut off. This'll be fun..let's play 'Le's see if Jamie get paid between now and when she'll be in the dark waterless'

Fun, fun fun stuff.


I've got a story for you.

As some of you know, I'm into the whole paranormal investigation thing. As some of you know, I live in a house that has a few ghosties of it's own. (No, it dosen't bother me.) Well, for the last five months or so I've had alot of cupboards being opened. I go into the bathroom, come out...all the cupboards are open, I go to work, come home...all the cupboards are open. I go into my room, get up in the morning...all the cupboards are open. Scary? Terrifying? No, annoying as all get out though. It dosen't bother me bother me, but I do get tired of shutting cupboards every time I walk through a room.

So last night, for the first time, I finally saw who's opening my cupboards. See, I had walked into the kitchen and shut the cupboards there, walked back through my living room, into the hall, as I turned by my bedroom door to go to the bathroom for something, I glanced into the kitchen and saw a really tall guy standing there in the shadows, bent over, with his hand on my cupboard. It was one of those quick glances and keep movings, so I took like three steps and went "Was someone just in my kitchen?"

So I walked back over there, and the cupboard was wide open. Grrrr...so I shut it. And kind of glanced around out in the laundry room and stuff..but of course no one was there.

It was a little weird, but more kewl then weird. ::dances:: I saw the dork who keeps opening my cupboards...now to just get him to stop.


"Sorry, publishing is temporarily unavailable."

Sucks for me. You should count your blessings.
Why. Why why why. Whywhywhywhywhy did I take on a project that obviously extends itself past my pathetic and laughable HTML and graphic skills? Someone hit me in the nose. I suppose if I put some effort behind it I could make it work the way I want it too. I should have it done by now, you know. (Effort or slues of whining to people smarter then I. OhhelpmebecauseyouareaGOD whining. Youarejustsomuchbetterthenme whining. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease whining. Maybe a tear or two for good measure.) Effort, it just takes so much effort to put out effort. I'm so sad, where's that punch in the nose? (No, wait, I'm just jo-....ow.) I'm such a baby, alright. It's not that hard, I'm sure I can do it, if I'd just do it. Uhhu. Damn me and me need to one up my other personalities all the time anyway.


I've been offered two jobs. The first, is watching kids at my moms church during services. It pays better then what I make doing it where I normally work. The second, is doing inventory for a local vet thing, which pays pretty good too. I've taken the both because I have no other choice, the job I have alone isn't cutting it, and unfortunatly I don't make money being a smartass.

I love presents. I love boxes. I love presents that come in boxes. I love neat presents that come in boxes. I love neat presents that come in neat boxes from friends. I love neat presents that come in neat boxes from neat friends.

Thank you. For my neat boxes. My neat presents. And being neat friends.


Oh speaking of comments. (Alright, this has nothing to do with comments, but it runs along the same line as fans, so hush.) If you've linked to me, and I haven't linked back, or don't know you've linked to me, send me your information. I'm all for equal linkage in Bloggerland. (Plus, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzily inside.)
Look, comments have returned, thanks greatly to YACCS. Much lovies. Now comment, or I'm going to hunt you down and hurt you with my wooden spoons.
I resent the comment that I discriminate against fruit and vegitables. I never! I've never discriminated against any organic product, ever. Especally not a fruit OR a veggible (cough..yes, I said veggible.). I've never shook a coconut, I've never squeezed a melon (Ok, there was that one time..but this has got NOTHING to do with this), or poked at a tomato, and I never told a kumquat to go back where it came from. I don't know where you'd ever get such an idea. Of all the nerve. Next you'll be telling me I discriminate against my cookwear. I've never called a pot or a kettle any shade of any color remotely close to black ever. Talk like that makes Baby Jesus cry, and you don't want that now do you?


Oh yes, Happy New Year to everyone. :) I hope you all had jail-less New Years Eves, and a great new year. Because you deserve it. (Because I said so.)
I've had a couple people ask me about the orange comment. Here's the skinny babe. According to a rumor I intercepted while working on a sub..er...wait, no. According to something told to me in far more mundane ways, I was told if you beat someone with oranges in a burlap sack, they'll cause internal bruising, but no outside marks.

Kewl, said I.

I don't know if this is real, or just some Urban Legend, Wishful Thinking or Sick Idea, but so far I've found nothing that confirms OR disproves this little tidbit o' information. Ahh..Orange beatings. That reminds me of when I was a kid, and we used to have potato beatings. Now them were real beatin's! You'd stand in the feild after a long day of potato pickin' and you'd get whapped in the back of the head with a sack of potatos! YES! Everyone got beat with them potatos, cause that's the way it was! Then you'd walk home, 12 miles through potato feilds, potato peices, and bits o' eyeballs and whatnothaveyous. Cause you'd get hit in the back of the head with that ole sack o' potatos and you'r eyed pop right outta yer head and go flyin. I miss them potato beatin's...those were the good ole days.