A very happy birthday to one of my bestist friends ever, Fred, who turned 21 today. I hope you had an awesome birthday, boyo. I love you.


This last weekend was the best ever. We hung out at the beach, and just had a fantastic time. I've got pictures gallore that I plan on using for blackmail. I'll post them when I get home from work tonight.

Went TV shopping with Laura. She bought two new ones for her bedroom and her living room in Target. She made the cashier boy almost cry really upset. She wasn't mean to him, he just got very frustrated with the computer system and kept apologizing to me. I don't know why he was apologizing to me, I wasn't buying anything, but hey, maybe he's just one of those people who compulsively apologizes to everyone for everything. You know, like I do. I'm sorry about that.

He was so flummoxed that when he went to help her put her TVs in her van, he didn't say a word the entire time, he just looked really frazzed. I'd like to think it was because he was in awe of my fantasticalness, but I think even I can't believe a delusion that big.

For now, I leave you with the Haiku of the Day. You're welcome.


Poor mister Winston,
He had dreams of being the best,
Crushed dead in Target.


My One Word for the day, reaction. Go One Word!

The scream was a delayed reaction. The safeness of the stuffy, cramped plane had given him a false sense of security. He realized this later. The loud drone of the engine like thousands of worker bees, and the murmur of other passengers had lured him into a pleasant sleep and a state of relaxation he hadn’t felt in weeks. Stepping down off the escalator on his way to the comforting swoosh of the automatic doors and the safety of being an unknown, obscure nobody in the a big foreign city, a hard muscled arm of a husky man shot out of the corner of his vision, and grabbed him.


Spring Break is here, yay.
Pretty blooming trees and plants,
and trips to the beach.


Apparently Winter wasn't happy that Spring was moving in and letting all the trees bloom all pretty and pink, because it is snowing like crazy outside. We're supposed to get 2 - 3 inches tonight and possibly more over the weekend. What a great way to start finals week and move into Spring Break.

Actually, it's very pretty and soothing to watch. It's sticking everywhere but the pavement, and I expect that to change somewhat as it gets colder.

It's interesting because the reports I'm getting from friends around the area is either light snow, rain/snow mixed, or just rain, but it's all snow and coming down nice and hard here. Really big fat fluffy flakes. Maybe they'll close the college tomorrow. Yay! Who needs the last day of classes anyway right?

I've been out sick most of the week, but have to go to work tonight, and I'm hoping things don't get too bad. I work out in West Salem, where it's higher in altitude, and I'd rather not end up stuck out there all night.

I'm such a dorky kid. I keep giggling and staring out the window.

Yay! Snow!


I'm sick of coughing.
I need my lungs and organs,
Inside my body.