Happy Easter ta everyone. I'm off to run an egg hunt. Hope everyone has a good day. :)


I'm sleepy. This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 4:30, so I could be at a local school at 5:30 for an OPIT inves. It was quite alot of fun, even if it was an ungodly hour. We went there, and within the first ten minutes of being there got all sorts of bangs, and stuff falling over, and it was really cold in one room. We also got sounds of people moving around (Since it's Saturday and spring break, no one was there but us, and no one had been there all week. Which was one reason it wasn't as active as we're told it normally is.) and footsteps, and the kewlest part? I was sitting in one of the classrooms on a couch, and there was no wind or breeze or anything in there (from like a heater or anything) and this one strand of my hair goes flying up and starts moving around all on it's own.

One of the kids thought my hair was 'nice' and wanted to play with it. ::snickers:: It was so neat.

We were there about three and a half hours, and had to come back here because we have to work today. We're planning on going back for a long-nighter on Friday. The energy there is more active after a full week of high strung disfunctional kids running around all day. ;) We came back, and loaded the two we have today up and went out for breakfast, came back and watched a REALLY BAD Godzilla movie and then ran out to H.O.M.E to stuff eggs for the egg hunt tomorrow...now what to do with myself? I haven't listened to the tapes from this mornings inves (Got about 300 minutes worth of tapes to listen to) I'll post anything if we got it, I was also thinking about going and seeing a movie after I'm off work (Only five hours to go!)..any suggestions?


For some reason when people download the sounds in the post below they get alot of static and can't hear anything. I have NO idea why because when *I* listen to them (or even download them from my site) they work just fine.

I'll try and fix it.
A Story In Sounds: A Trip To The Graveyard

Hold your mouse over the links to see what each sound says, click to download.

Last night two of OPIT's (Oregon Paranormal Investigation Team) Members went Millers, our graveyard of choice. (Never bitter! Goes down smooth! Yeah..I could pull that off if I drank.) It was an awesome night, totally clear, the moon was huge and there were no weather problems. Not even a breeze. We never really have to use flashlights because it is so bright there. For those of you who aren't real up to speed on Millers (What? Don't you read my archives?) Here's the Skinny:

Millers was a plot of land donated by (dum dum dum) the Miller family in the 1800's to be used as a private graveyard for people of Silverton. The graveyard has quite a few plots, and is situated on a crappy (seriously dangerous) road at the top of a hill. The road is used alot, which causes problems for lil' ole me to distinguish what's what. (I'm good at it though...I think.) There is a very small, very 'night of the living dead' white church on the land that's only used when there is a funeral. (Yes, Millers is still used, the most latest burial was '00) The church has five huge windows going down both sides, and is full of old wooden pews. It has three doors on the front, one set of double doors, and one single door on the other side. Why, I have no idea. The church is unlocked during the day, and in the summer, unlocked at night. It would make an awesome investigation in itself, because you're always watched from the windows, no matter when you go there.

There is, for those of you who are wondering, a nice little outhouse on site too. (Hey, it beats driving back into town..even if it's an outhouse. I hate outhouses. I have Sanophobia. I swear.)

We were there for about two hours, and within the first ten minutes of being there we heard footsteps, whispers, and I was called a stupid fucking bitch (On tape! Not by people with me.) because the batteries in someone elses recorder was dead.

Wasn't that nice? Yep, cause we all know I am one. Uhhu.

We were greeted, and were noticed by other spirits too, and a couple more. We also got some weird little odds and ends (and another one..or two), as well as a couple bits of some helpful advice. The rest of the evening was spotted by footsteps (gravel crunching, leave crunching, stick breaking), sighs, strange noises (I do not squeak!), and heavy breathing.

Gee, and I didn't even have to put out.

We have a tentitive schedualed Invest. tonight with four of OPIT back at Millers, we also have schedualed an investigation tomorrow morning at 5 (AM, yes...AM) at one of our local schools, which has a whole plethora of activity going on. I can't wait. I love this crap.


Seems these posties are turning from a multi-daily thing into a sometimes-weekly thing. It's just been one of those months where so much is going on that is frustrating, I just don't want to talk about it. I don't want to talk about it in my blog, in my normal journal, to my friends, I don't want to talk about it period. I'd rather spend my time doing something fun, or laughing, then hashing over everything that's going on. Talking about it makes me focus on the fact that I can't do anything about it, which frustrates me. Which makes me want to cry, not that cheap fake movie 'something in my eye' crying, but the kind that makes you look like you were jumped in a dark alley and beaten with the flat end of a tennis racquet. Nothing like waffle marks to make the day complete, right?

So, since stuff is being so dang frustrating, I find it hard to want to be amusing (Or, that sad and pathetic attempt at amusing) here, so I don't post. So, that's my exscuse. No, I didn't really join a traveling house of ill repute, honest. Maybe I should though, whores get the cutiest undies.


I'm sick. (Yeah, insert sympathetic sounds here) Not just in my head either! The icky flu type sick. Just thought I'd share. You feel bad for me doncha? Yep..so send me presents.


Waving a flag is not patriotic.
Making sure no one in our country is starving or homelss is.

Just my opinion.

Nope, I haven't posted for a long time. There's a bunch going on, but I don't feel that any of it is blogworthy. (Or perhaps I just lack the ambition to put it here.) I'll post something mediocre soon. Promise.