Oy! Figments, you bloody weasles. Today be International Talk like a Pirate Day. Arncha happy? Archa just squeein' in yer seat? Aye, I though' so. Now don' forget t' swash yer buckles or practice yer pillagin'!



Eight days. That's a crock Figments, I'm telling you. Where did my summer go? I have thoroughly piddled it away.

So much to blog about, so little drive in which to do it.

I applied for a second job last night, well a few of them, but there is only one that I really want. It would be working with an afterschool program at a private grade school. It would be perfect, because it would be part time, and would be from 3 - 6, which would not only fit into my horrible evil no-good schedule, but would mean that I wouldn't have to work 'nights' (see: lady of the night) anymore and would have time to make it to my night class.

Keep things crossed for me, Figs. Eyes and legs in particular.

Hidden anger, childishness, fighting and resigning to the loss of friendships has dominated the last couple of weeks. Most of it not my own - merely listening to the aftermath of others having to go through it, but some of it has been aimed at me. It makes me sad, but I understand sometimes other people just haven't grown up.

I must not be as forgiving as I was years ago. I just don't feel like letting it go and being around when it's convenient to be their friend again. I've done it far too many times in the past to people who behaved badly towards me, and I don't want to do it anymore. I'll be polite, but I don't think I'm going to extend myself beyond that. I left high school behind over a decade ago and don't have time to play those games. Does this make me a bad person? I haven't decided yet. Probably.

My friend Cosmo surprised me with a book of haikus the other day on our way to an ExBo meeting for the ASC. It's so awesome, thank you Cos! The ones in the book are much, much much better written then any of mine. That's ok though, because mine are special. My mommy said so.

Then, much to my surprise, I found out (weeks later, shame on me) that I was a winner in Scrine's Fortune Cookie contest. I was floored, mainly because there are so many good writers on Scrine and I'm like shoe scum in comparison. I won a mug. Go me!

My winning fortune?

Your mother knows what is in your sock drawer.

It won, in the category "Fortune most disturbing, but only when you think about it." which I am highly certain was made up on the fly.

It's fantastic though, I'm touched. In awkward and inappropriate places. Thank you Scrine.


Sneaking out at night,
Replaced by college frat boys,
Vanishing neighbors.


I think it's time for a new keyboard, possibly a mouse as well. Maybe wireless, because nothing says furthering my slide into the lazy abyss like typing from my couch.

So I pose a question to you, my Figments: ergonomic or non-ergonomic? The one I have now is ergonomic and I actually type faster on it then normal flat ones, and I'm used to it after using it for ages.

Tell me what you think. Except those of you who profess your undying hatred of my keyboard every time you use it. You know who you are. I already know what you think, so hush it.

Thanks Figs, I love ya.


The weekend is fading.
One more day has vanished now,
Soon horror begins.


Friday Random Ten time, I promise to post more this next week. I've just been a wee bit stressed and I don't really want to share that with you Figments!

Here we go, open your playlists and hit shuffle.
1. "Nausea" - Beck (Nausea Single)

2. "Do It Again Again" - The Tyde (Three's Co.)

3. "Three More Days" - Ray Lamontagne (Till The Sun Turns Black)

4. "Thunder On The Mountain" - Bob Dylan (Modern Times)

5. "Eddie's Gun" - The Kooks (Eddie's Gun Single)

6. "Crockett's Theme" - Jan Hammer (Escape From Television)

7. "Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone" - Gomez (Bring It On)

8. "Celtic Aggression" - Tonic (Lemon Parade)

9. "Caring Is Creepy" - The Shins (Oh, Inverted World)

10. "Oh Lately It's So Quiet" - OK Go (Oh No)

Favorite Song:
This one's hard because there are a few songs up there that are just fantastic. I really like "Oh Lately It's So Quiet" by OK Go and "Three More Days" by Ray Lamontagne and I recommend both for different reasons.

Least Favorite Song:
Probably "Nausea", although I really like Beck, I'm just not really liking the newest single. I think it's one of those songs that just grows on you after you hear it a bunch.

Favorite Album:
Ray Lamontagne's Till The Sun Turns Black is just wonderful. A nice mix of seriously well written quiet and relaxing pop/rock with some blues and folk thrown in for good measure. Very Morrison and Dylan-esc. Good stuff Figments, good stuff.

Seen Live:
Dude! I've seen Bob Dylan! Yay me!


Twenty-four days left.
Summer is slowly slipping by,
And soon rain will come.
Somebody tell me how in the world, after not eating anything for almost 24 hours, a teaspoon of peanut butter could upset my stomach? Seriously. I'm very fed up with this entire thing, just cut my stomach out now and let's be done with it.