Happy Birthday to Kelly! (I know it's tomorrow, I just need to make sure I can post it, and I know I can today.)

I hope you have a great one, you deserve it!


Reading certain blogs by people who actually have a very well-written blog (and an asinine blog, like yours truly) makes me feel inadequate (especally since I'm a writer for gosh sakes) and also makes me wonder if I should start being more serious here.

I kin writ rally good when I wanna ma!

Then I remember it's wholly unfeasible because I'm bound by providence (or disaster perhaps?) to be completely and utterly obnoxous and slightly amusing in my blog for all enternity. Then, I give it up, until the next time I read someone elses blog.

Oh well, you didn't want me to actually grow some sort of brain anyway, did you?


Brochures printed and folded: Over 550

Brochures left to print and fold: 548

Paper cuts: 0

Now that I've said that, the next one I fold'll cut me. You just watch.


To set the record straight, I do not have pink eye.

On Thursday evening I scratched the lower part of my retina and my eye was pretty red and horribly sore. It was not pink eye.

I do not have pink eye.

After spending three days with said eye partially shut (and avoiding eyepatches, although deep down I covet being a pirate) it's back to normal pretty much. Still a little sore (especally with any bright light) and hurts to touch it (so...I avoid that, since one shouldn't touch ones eyeball anyhow) but it's not pink eye.

So don't go believing anything anybody told you.


While I was out of town earlier this weekend, wandering around the narrow streets of Eugene and ignoring the extremly sophisticated idiot who almost hit me, and then had the nerve to give me the finger, I noticed something abandoned along side the stretch of road I was on that I should have though was rather odd but didn't because I had seen something almost exactly the same a few days before on my way downtown here at home.

It was just laying there next to the sidewalk. The time before it was on the sidewalk. Red, squishy, and abandoned. Poor little tomatoes.

After puzzling to myself while we attempted to merge into freeway traffic, just why were there tomatoes abandoned on the side of the road? Abandoned on the side of the road in two different cities almost 60 miles apart? Coming to a conclusion, I finally spoke up.

"That's the second tomato I've seen on the side of the road in the last week."

"A what?"

"A tomato. It was a slice this time, last time it was a whole tomato."


"Uhhu. They must be reinstating their savage mass strike movement."


"Yeah. You should roll up your windows maybe."

I spent the rest of the afternoon humming the chorus to myself and keeping an eye peeled for out for more sightings. I haven't seen any since, which leads me to believe that now they know that I know. So, when I finally venture back from hiding after months of avoiding the real world in fear and falling behind on my work, and I'm asalted for all the crimes against tomatoes I've commited, I want to be planted with my computer, so I have time to play ketchup.


So unfortunatly I wasn't able to run a booth today during the festival parade because of certain things and people. This also means that because of the new laws passed by the council, LKP won't have any advertisment at all out during a time when 90% of the people there are our prime target audience. We can't do flyers or brochures because the city passed a law saying anything handed out during a parade is littering and harassment and we'd get fined. How do I know this? Because I'm a good girl and I asked. Did other people ask? Probably not. Will people be handing stuff out anyway? I'm sure they will. I won't though, because the laws of the universe say I'll be the one getting fined because I'm the good girl who asked.

Yeah. I am really tired of this crap.

So, insted I'm just going to go heckle. That'll make me feel better.


I need a favor from someone who has paypal and I need it no later then 4 this evening. It involves a dollar and you will get it back.

If you can help, IM me at RheaRhyolin on AIM or send me an E-mail.

I appriciate it.


I'm ok now, by the way. I still have to do a bunch of doctor stuff and schedual a surgery, but I'm not in awful horrible pain and I actually got to eat yesterday. Whee.
In a little over a month, it will be time to start signing up for the Blogathon again. This is a little surreal because I honestly feel like we just did it. Time goes by way too fast, and now it's time to think up a gimmic again. I think, insted of doing something new, I'm going to retry the thing I did the first time I ever did the Blogathon that failed horribly. Spending 24 hours in a graveyard.

And this time, I'll be more prepared.