When you go into the Testing Center they stick you at the end of a Very Long Line. You stand there for a while, shifting your weight and glancing at your watch every five seconds or so (or if you're like me, darting looks around the room trying to find the clock you know isn't there. After all, part of the fun of torture in a testing center is not having visible clocks).Then, once you've reached the end of the Very Long Line™, you step up to a desk and prove you are who you are (because we all know we want to take someone elses test for them) and scroll your X in a book.

I decided that this entire process of taking a test in the Center is much like entering into hell. You wait in a Very Long Line™ and once you've reached the end of said line, you sign your soul away. Then, you get the privilege of taking a test. That's what hell is going to be, one long, pointless test after another.

Probably ones where you're supposed to use semicolons correctly.


Upon looking at my grade in the little online Psych gradebook it seems that instead of a B on the Exam, I got an A.

This is what the phrase 'shock and awe' is supposed to be used for.
My English class last night, completely long as it was (even with the 30 minute early end time) was absolutely great. The teacher is very dynamic and entertaining (and you'd have to be, if you're teaching a group of tired and cranky people from 6 to 10 PM and don't want them to revolt, and hold the State Library hostage) and really made everyone feel comfortable.

I was highly worried about how well I'd do. For those of you who read my blog, you'll notice I really don't implement proper grammar to everything, mainly because I find semicolons to be stupid. Oh, and pointless. Who really uses them in their writing? Besides Michael, that is. ;) In the three assignments we did in class, I found that all the students in there are pretty comparable to me, so I'm not really worried anymore.

One of the assignments was to pair off with someone and write a series of descriptive sentences. Descriptive writing is my favorite, so I guess my group sort of went overboard. It really made me feel more confidant in my writing and my ability to pass the class when the sentences the two of us put together were highly accepted by everyone in the room.

See, I knew my obsession with reading the thesaurus would pay off.

The class work itself doesn't feel that it will be so hard now, but it will still be intense. There are only seven classes left (all of course, four hours long) and each class has two to three papers due in it along with all the in-class assignments.


Now I'm off to slink into the Math Lab and fearfully turn in the assignment that you have to do before they even let you touch the first Mod test and hope that I got all the answers right. I didn't get any right I'm sure, so after they're finished punishing me with staples to the thumbs, maybe someone will explain some of the concepts to me.

Since I started this class a week late (I transferred from Online to Math Lab study) I'm a week behind everyone else. This means I have to pass the last two Mod tests, get the new Mod and pay someone to do the assignments for me and catch me up. Week behind = bad. Especially if I want to complete all the Mods and finish the class this term, and I do because I seriously don't want to pay for this math (crap, any math) again.

Then I have Psych study (Hey, for those of you who care, I landed a high B on the last exam, two stupid points from an A. It's all good though. I excel at being mediocre.) and then NAS. I plan on once again doing all my Psych studying in the Phys Ed building so I can watch the sweaty guys in their highly dorky shorts run around as they chase little bouncy balls around a glass room.

Good times, boys and girls. Good times.


First class of my excelled English course is tonight. Four hours of English from 6 to 10. Woo.

It should be fun. Of course, they'll probably throw out a 'test to see what you know' first thing, and then it won't be fun anymore.


I'm being threatened with a lawsuit of 500,000 smakers over something that I didn't do, and wasn't even present for, they just decided it would be fun to throw my name in as a possible defendant.

I can't do any more up and downs, I really can't.


I love building 4. I don't even have any classes there and I still love it. I've never seen it from the downstairs, only from the upstairs. All major buildings on campus are connected by skywalks, so instead of walking up and down a dozen flights of stairs every time I'm there, I just walk around on the second floor from building to building.

4 smells like coffee.

I don't even drink coffee, but I find the smell comforting. Especially when it's pouring down rain outside and I'm rushing from one lab to the next. Right below the walkway is a coffee cart. I wish they'd pipe it into all my classrooms so I can smell it all day long.

6's walkways are all outside. It's where all the science labs are. Most of the time it's completely deserted and kind of spooky with it's huge tower like enclosed staircases that go down to the first floor. It has some cool outside tables though, that would be nifty to study at if it wasn't raining.

9 is the library, it has this funky brass statue of some guy running away with an armfuls of books dropping them here and there right outside it's glass doors. I'm not sure if this is some literary reference I'm not getting, or if they're trying to promote book theft.

7 is where my NAS class is, it's the Phys Ed building and it doesn't have a skywalk connecting it to anything, although it does have a covered area that connects the ground walkway from building 6 to building 7. I've often thought about jumping the wall and getting to 7 that way, but there isn't really a way down unless I want to learn how to slide down drainpipes.

2 and 1 have these wicked enclosed glass ones that you can sit and stare outside while you pretend to do your math homework. I don't know this from experience of course, I'm just sure you could do it if the mood struck.

There are other ones, but I don't really go in them since they can sometimes get you all turned around and because I don't have any classes in or near those buildings. Maybe one of these days I'll go early and just wander around the skywalks.

Sometimes they're full of people, all hunched over books and I feel like I'm breaking some silence only rule when I walk on the thing that makes the automatic doors swoosh open. Sometimes they're completely empty. I like it when they're empty. I really like it first thing in the morning when they're all empty. I don't know why, I just do. But I still like 4 the best.


As posted on the sidebar via the little link, the list of things I'm going to do before I up and croak, stolen from Go Fish. The idea, that is, not the list.

1. Visit Petra

2. Publish a Novel

3. Take a Gourmet Cooking Course

4. Finish My Degrees

5. Spend a Christmas in a Cabin in the Woods with friends

6. Travel to every State and send myself postcards

7. Visit all those cheesey tourist traps

8. Do the Entire 'Reach The Beach'

9. Build a house with HFH

10. Take Dance Lessons

11. Learn How To Watercolor

12. Visit A Catholic Church

13. Hot Air Balloon

14. Build A Armoire

15. Start A Scrapbook

16. Ghost Hunt in New Orleans

17. Visit Castles in Scotland

18. Learn Calligraphy

19. Rebuild A Really Cool Classic Car

20. Buy a Dirtbike

21. Take a Photography Class

22. Learn how to create a Stained Glass window

23. Karaoke in public

24. Learn how to bowl

25. Spend the night at Stonehenge

26. Get better at the piano

27. Learn how to play the electric guitar

28. Paint a mural

29. Hang glide

30. Finish an IF and enter it into a national IF Comp

31. Be a size 12

32. Apply to volunteer with the Peace Corps in 2006

32. Attend an Olympics

33. See every Cirque de Soleil show

34. Take flying lessons

35. Learn French

36. Learn how to make really foofy girly drinks (even though I don't drink)

37. Finish "Mister Sticky In His Garden"

38. Mount my stamp collection

39. Finish writing the pieces I've started

It'll grow as I add more too it, and knowing me I will. I will also do all of these things, because I said so.
My face hurts. I don't want to go see a doctor about the weird bruises but now that the whole left side of my right leg is a beautiful shade of yellows blues and greens I'm starting to think maybe too many bruises, however rainbowed in color they may be, is a bad thing.

"We should go early."

I say this because I know us, I know how we work. We're procrastinators. We come from a long line of them, it's in our genes. If it was a crime, we would have been tossed overboard years ago. So, I suggest a sound suggestion. You would think after a little over two decades of giving semi-decent advice people would listen to me. We've been in this situation before, and even those times, we should have gone early. I remember, and I apply it to current events. See, even I can learn from the past.


So we go, with fifteen minutes to get there, and a very vague idea of where we're going. We have a class. It's downtown. We should be able to find it right? We're smart, modern, capable women who can cook and run our own businesses. Finding this place should be no problem, we have pretty decent direction sense.

Of course, lying to yourself only hurts you.

So we start off, over the hills and through the woods, and after a few wrong turns, snappy dialogue (such as "Which street is that street after?" "Nevermind that, what street is this?") and about four trips down the same street we had just gotten off of, we found the parking garage.

I have recessive blonde genes, I get them from her.

So, we park, on the second level because everyone loves walking up and down slanted pavement in the dark, and clamber out of the car into the freezing wind. I stood squinting out of the little holes in the wall at the rain outside. There were guys doing construction out there on that sixty million feet high skeleton of a building in that stuff, it would suck to fall.

"Now, where are we going?"

How should I know? I'm watching the construction workers. Of course, I don't say this outloud. Instead I say something more sane and less stalkerish, "Maybe we should ask for directions?" I pointed in the general direction of the meter mai..person who was probably going to end up giving us a ticket later in the evening.

I tell her we're looking for the TAD Center and she wanders over to ask directions. She took just long enough for me to stop feeling my face.

"She said it's four blocks back that way."

"You sure? They said to park in this parking garage because it's close. Four blocks isn't close." I say this not because I'm lazy, but because it's true. Where I live, a block, maybe two, is close. Four blocks is the beginnings of a mile, and therefore deemed 'not close'. If you need to go four blocks over, you do the sane thing, and park near where you need to go, so four blocks becomes one block, and then where you need to go becomes close. Four blocks in this weather is asking for a cold that will follow you around all season long.

"Well, let's go look anyway."

Fine. I keep my mouth shut and off we go. See, I can keep quiet. Four blocks in the typical Oregon spring weather of rain that hasn't let up in three days and wicked wind, makes for a very cold four blocks. Eventually we make it four blocks and I stop and turn around. We're going in the wrong direction, I could have told you that three blocks ago.

"It's not down here, we were misinformed, I think it's a conspiracy."

"You think?"

"You did park awfully well, maybe they were jealous of your talented parking skills and decided to get back at us by sending us all the way down here in hopes that we would get lost."

"It's four blocks."

"That's all it takes."

So we walk back, and about a block away from the parking garage we run into the same meter person as before. Again we ask for directions, and this time she points in a different way. "You want to go four blocks that way, then two down."

Like hell.

So we thank her, and by now the slightly bemused expression I've been carrying around is permanently frozen to my face. We get back to the parking garage and give up. It's fifteen after, we're late. Might as well reschedule and try and find it another time, maybe even leave early next time.

I stare aimlessly out of the window as we pull out of the parking garage. My face hurts thanks to the wind and the annoying bruises, and as we turn left out of the garage I kick the glove compartment.


Poking her in the arm I point to my window. "It's right the hell there!" Right there, in the parking garage building, not more then two hundred feet from where we were parked were the lovely offices we had spent the last twenty minutes looking for.

Now that we had found it we were far too late to go. So I rescheduled but I didn't tell them why we didn't make it.

It was far, far too stupid.


I look like Guido jumped me by accident in a back alley and whomped the snot out of me. I've been getting really weird bruising for about three months now, I'm not quite sure where they're coming from, but I'll just out of the blue notice nasty bruises on my legs or arm or in one case across half of my stomach. The newest one is right above my left eye, it's all blotchy and gross. It's really unattractive.

I'm thinking someone snuck in and punched me in the eye last night. It really hurts too, the jerks.


1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

"To continue your search for the meaning of life, turn to page 97.." Bart Simpson's Guide To Life: A Wee Handbook For The Perplexed

Stolen from the ever amusing Rebecca. :)
I owe you guys a bean dip recipe, don't I? Maybe I don't want to share my faboo recipe for faboo bean dip. It's really the only thing I've got going for me.

Faboo Bean Dip:

This is terribly simple and won't take long to make. It also makes a huge amount, the reason being is because I always make it for parties so in order to feed the masses, you have to make a ton of it. You can cut it down to whatever amount you need. I won't mind.

You Need -
1 (32 oz) can of refried beans, whichever brand trips your trigger
1 (32 oz) container of sour cream
1 container of salsa (I use a local company that cold-stores their salsa, but you can use a jar kind, if you like)
2 cans olives, one chopped one sliced
1 medium onion
1 medium tomato
2 avocados
1 small green pepper
1 (2 lb) bag of shredded cheese, I like the five cheese blend myself
A microwave
A huge bowl, because this stuff will magically expand

Worry not, you won't use all of this stuff, unless you're making a huge bowl of it.

Open your beans, and put them in your bowl, stir them around so they're not the huge clump that comes out of the can. Stick them in the microwave on high for about 5 minutes, stir, and place back in for another 5. Watch them so they don't explode. If they explode because you didn't watch them, it's not my fault and I won't clean your microwave.

You want them heated all the way through, so they get all smooth and creamy like they do when they're hot. I'm sure there is some technical cooking term for that, but, I don't know it.

While the beans are cooking, dice your tomato, onion, green pepper, and avocado and throw them all in the same bowl, and toss them together. Set aside about a quarter of this.

Pull your beans out and add about 1 cup of sour cream, 1/2 of cheese, the can of chopped olives, and 1/4th of a cup of salsa to the beans. Stir. Throw it back in the microwave and cook it until it's heated and the cheese is melted, usually about 10 minutes. Stir it about every three minutes.

Pull it back out, and top it with alternating layers of sour cream, cheese, salsa, and the mixture of chopped veggies. Try and end with sour cream. Once it's all topped, top it with the quarter of the veggies you set aside, and a big glob of sour cream and salsa in the middle, top that glob with the sliced olives.

See, simple stuff. Serve it WARM (otherwise it's just not as good) with your favorite chips.

It's death, really, but it tastes so dang yummy. Now I want some.


I told myself I wouldn't be one of those students who missed classes, it works for some people but it's just not something I am comfortable with doing. If I've paid for something, I hate not going to it. I don't exactly have the money to waste like that. Even if I was disgustingly rich I probably still wouldn't, actually if I was disgustingly rich I'd probably rinse off plastic wrap I found at other peoples house and reuse it, because that seems to be the type of weird and slightly disgusting habits all of the wealthy people I know have.

Now I have a seminar in May for PST that is at the same time as my English class, and I have to figure out if I can miss it or not. So far I've been lucky and all meetings and seminars and everything else have either landed on times when I don't have classes, or I've been able to schedule them in to time slots I have free. My luck was bound to run out sooner or later.

The big problem is, is I need to go to this seminar, it's extremely important. I mean, extremely, as in, it will define if my business can operate successfully in certain areas that we're aiming to expand to. But, there are only eight English classes total, so I can't really miss any of them otherwise I'm going to end up kicking myself for it or failing miserably. Let's face it, what would happen is everything that will be on any exams will be covered in the one class I missed, it's just the way it works.

Oh well, I'm not really going to worry over it right now. It just bothers me that I'm probably going to end up either having to miss this class, or cloning myself so that I can go to both.

I have to do a bunch of stuff for the committee meeting tomorrow, because I didn't have any time to get it done this week. On my list of nine things to do, only one is completed (You can tell because it has a great big red scribble all over it, it makes me feel accomplished, don't ask me why. It's not as good as a gold star, but it'll do). Oops. The more I think about it, though, the more I'm convinced what I really want to do is just go back to bed.


I have a request. Let's say you teach Pre-K or Kindergarten, and you wanted to buy theme boxes (Theme boxes, for those of you who don't know, are boxes that contain learning materials that focus on a single theme, like let's say, The Farm, and inside would be books, games, toys, movies, and curriculum that all focus on teaching subjects like math and art, through farm activities) for your classroom. What kind of theme boxes would you want, and why?

You can leave your answers in the comments, and I would appriciate it. Thanks.
I love spring. The air always smells like flowers and cut grass. I don't even mind when people look at me funny when I sniff the air. (And I do, because blooming trees smell so yummy) I even love the spring bugs, now that I don't live under that tree that was filled with larva of scary biting smelly red ants that invaded my house every year.

I like how at any odd hour of the afternoon I can sit under the Wisteria in the front yard and listen to someone in the neighborhood mow their lawn. It's a relaxing sound. It helps me focus and is calming. It's a shame it can't do my Math homework for me, then I would really love it.


I am pretty frustrated right now. On the 5th I went in and deposited $35.00 in my account, and when I went to take $20.00 (I should have had nearly $150 in there) I was told I had IF. So, I went inside and got a statement, and was 50 some bucks overdrawn, so I come home and figure it out, that this company had removed money without my permission. I had ordered something from them on the 12th and it didn't go through for who knows why, and they ran it anyway until the 29th and it went through, well, thanks to a bunch of other things, it also ran up 100 bucks worth of overdraft fees, which caused my check for my books to be sent back to the college.

I am livid, I wrote them about it and they had the NERVE to tell me it went through the 'next business day' when in reality it went through ELEVEN BUSINESS DAYS LATER! Even if I had never wrote them and told them to cancel the order, they had no right to run my card nearly three weeks later without my permission.

So, now, I'm demanding not only the money, but the overdraft fees as well. And thanks to that, the check that was sent back to the college incurred a 30 buck overdraft fee. That's 100 bucks in fees PLUS the 30 bucks they took out.


Also while I was at the bank I found out my business account was -50 because someone ordered checks when I never authorized it. But the amazingly lovely lady at the bank who was so sweet reversed all the charges and fees and put it back to normal, gave me the checks too.

At least the people at my bank are nice, otherwise I just would have cried.
Clothes that don't finish drying in the dryer, and you put them on anyway, are cold.

I rescheduled my meeting that was at 10 because I have to take Lane to the doctor. (She has an alien growing in her chest) It's now on Wednsday at 10, which should be interesting because I have two tests that day too. Hopefully it goes fast enough that I'll still have extra study time before I have to take them.

But that's alright, I will be spending from 10 tomorrow until probably about four in the afternoon on campus hidden away at the best study spot there (that's the one near the Child Development Center, with the blooming trees, if you need to find me) rereading my psych book, because I refuse to get anything below an 90 on this test.


Hurray, the day of the Great Chocolate Bunny has begun. I hope all of you have a good Easter, and make sure you don't eat any wet candy you find in eggs, and if you hunt for real eggs, make sure you eat them right away and don't leave them in your car with the windows rolled up and then eat them.

That would be bad.

I've got to go finish setting up some prizes, start the bean dip (I'll post the recipe for you tonight) and then go pick up my assistants and head over to the Center. One good thing about it, is I don't have to hide the eggs, someone else is going to do that for me while I'm doing the YCC. Not that I mind hiding the eggs, it's a lot of fun, there is just no way I can do it this year.

Also! Sign up sheets for the Spring field trip are out. If you want to go, head to the Center and sign yourself up. You've got about a month before they close. We're going bowling, it should be thoroughly embarrassing.


For those of you who keep coming here looking for Konjiki No Gash Bells OP, here it is. (It's the one taken from the Anime, not a full version, if there is a full version, that is. Hence the crappy quality. What can you do though?)

I just got back from a committee meeting. I've got a ton of things to do for it this week, and a ton of things to do before the YCC and the Egg Hunt I'm doing tomorrow, but I'm thinking of blowing it all off and heading to the beach. It's supposed to be 70 there today with no wind. I could sit out there with my Psych book and get sand in my hair. Sounds to me like a lot more fun then doing mock-ups.

Man, I want to go to the beach.


The fact that they canceled Wonderfalls is moronic. Proof that Fox doesn't know squat about good television.


So today while running my errands that I was doing with Robin, she ran into a local consignment store whose owners we know. She came back out and said that they were having problems with their computer, could I come in and look at it?

Sure, I say.

So I go in, and they were having a problem with their system where they log payments and items and all that stuff. A program from 1995 that runs in DOS that I've never even heard of. It wouldn't go past the title screen and popped up an error. Ok, I say, and go through the basics. When did it start, what were you doing when it started, did you call tech support? They answered all the questions (with a 'tech support won't even talk to anyone who runs the DOS version' because tech support on a whole, are by nature, asses).

So I start looking at it, and notice they have a backup file from two months ago, so I make copies of the normal program and the backup, and by that time I had to run off to class (canceled again, by the way) and go to a meeting. So I come back about 4, and starting copying files over one by one to find the file that had the error (this is after reading the manual twice and all sorts of crap). Eventually I found them, and copied the old ones to the new program and thank Jebus it booted and ran normally.

....oy. I was SO glad I got it working, since I had never even seen the program before I was extremely worried I wouldn't have a clue how to fix it and wouldn't be able to. (I didn't have a clue, I just did what I always do when something breaks, make copies of everything and find the file that cause the error)

I got freaking lucky. I also made a quick hundred bucks and got hired as the backup tech support for the store.

lol. Fun stuff. I think that was my tech support for the year though, I certainly couldn't do this every day as a profession.
This is just toooo bizarre.

The Subservient Chicken, type in what you want the chicken to do, and the chicken does it. So far the chicken has displayed excellent dancing abilities (tap, hula, boogie down, moonwalk, hokey pokey) and other weird things like taking a nap, stretching, doing jumping jacks, crowing (yeah, ok, too easy) and scratching it's butt.


Ok, so now not only am I completely amused, I'm also seriously disturbed. (Hey, is it really sponsered by Burger King? If it is, then I'm just more disturbed then I was to begin with.)

I've got a exam today, and a couple meetings after that, so I suppose I should go stop being lazy and get dressed.


My day is turning out to be very long. This morning I got to spend an hour in the bank trying to figure out why my account was 60 dollars overdrawn, just to find out that my debit card had been charged yesterday for an order that I canceled three weeks ago.

Fun stuff.

Then I get stuck in traffic behind some Mook who's driving around a huge thirty foot high pile of worthless green metal on the back of a semi. For an hour. It made me wish I was a cop, so I could give him and his flunkies driving the trucks behind and in front of him tickets.

Then I rush to class, just to find a note on the door that NAS is canceled today. One good thing about it is I picked up one of the suggested books I couldn't afford to buy for that class (I love how it's 29 bucks on Amazon but was 40 in the school bookstore, and they try and say they get no profit from it) from the library, and sat in the parkling lot in the car for an hour and read nearly half of it.

So now, I have to write these people and figure out how to get a refund for this AND the overdraft charges, schedual a Psych test for Monday, finish this book and another chapter that was assigned that I didn't get done over the weekend, and do a half of a module in Math cause I have to turn it in Thursday. Whee!

Maybe I'll make flashcards for Psych like I did for NAS in my calculator, not only was that good study time, but it was fun clogging up my calculators memory with crap too.
The other day while I was waiting for slow people to get out of the car at the grocery store, I glanced over across the little lane at a man putting groceries in the back of his truck. I noticed he had a child in one of those carts they make with the baby seats in them. I glanced down the lane and saw a woman coming down with another cart full of groceries and another kid shooting me dirty looks. The lady came up to the truck and turned and gave me another terrible dirty look, then grabbing the guy by his shirt, proceeded to pull him down and flaunt an unnecessary public display of affection to the parking lot. Then, shoving him away from her, she turned and glared at me.

In the tradition of Jerry Springer "He be my man."

Yeah lady, like I was really scoping out your boyfriendorhusbandorwhoever in the parking lot of WinCo. You can have him, and all your little raggamuffins, I promise I don't want them.


I spent two hours yesterday stuffing candy (roughly ten pounds), stickers, H.O.M.E Dollars (fake money used to buy stuff in the YCC store), and prize tickets (one for each of the 26 prizes) into a zillion plastic eggs yesterday. I'm thinking of going and picking up some more, the only thing that is stopping me is not knowing how many kids will be at the egg hunt.

Right now there will be roughly 10 eggs per kid, which isn't really a whole lot (hence the large amounts of prize tickets and candy), but I'm sorely tempted to go ahead and get another 100 eggs and making it 15 per kid. I've got the eggs split into younger kids and older kids, since their hunts are at two different spots.

I also have about 20 eggs that are empty because I ran out of candy. The more I thought about it, the more I was tempted to put things like nothing, empty candy wrappers, floss, and coupons for thirty cents off your next bikini wax in them, but my good side eventually won, and I didn't.

I should go get more eggs, but, again the only thing stopping me (and at the same time, making me think I should get more eggs) is there could be anywhere from a dozen to fourty kids at this hunt. Oh, the choices. I probably will go ahead and do it anyway, you can never have too much teeth rotting goodness at Easter! Jesus would have wanted it this way.
Frycow: Don't play on or near railroad tracks because:
1) A hobo may get you
2) You're probably not faster than a train
Instead of playing on or near railroad tracks:
1) Pet a kitty
2) Take pictures of ants marching

Auto response from Rhea Rhyolin: List at least two reasons why people should not play on or near railroad tracks and at least two activities they can do insted.

Can't be too careful of those Hobos boys and girls!


"Johnny got hit by a bus, Jim"

Actually, it's sung. Really. It's a terrible in joke among me and a few childhood friends that I highly doubt they even remember anymore. But we used to go around the neighborhood singing that line in all sorts of different styles, it became a game. Someone would pick a singing style and you'd have to sing that line (which made up the entire song, just that line sung over and over, in different ways in the same style, to make it have different meanings) in the way that was picked, or you'd be out. We were easily entertained.

It does have relevance to my post, honest it does.

Yesterday, Lane got hit by a car. She was on her way, via her bike, to the park to meet some friends. They were going to have a slumber party at one of her friends houses. It didn't happen. As she was going down the side of the road and crossing in front of a side street just as someone was turning, and he hit her.

The guy gets out of the car, freaks out (as I would as well) and goes to use his cell to call 911, Elaine takes it from him and calls Robin first. So, Robin gets this call from a freaking out Lane (can you blame her?) that she's been hit. So off we go.

On our way there we had to pull over for both the police and the EMTs. This did not make Robin happy.

The good news is, is that she's alright. Pretty shaken up, a total bruise, minor whiplash, can't really move very well, but beyond that she's fine. Her helmet was ruined, parts of it even broke off, if she hadn't been wearing it her head definitely would have been a smear.

It was an accident completely, so nobody was arrested or cited. The guy offered a good two dozen times to replace Lane's bike (which is fine) or the helmet (which the FDP is going to replace, and use hers as an example to people as why they should wear their helmets, it was beat up that bad). Of course, I'm amazingly glad she's fine, and also that the guy didn't get arrested or ticketed for it, since it was an accident.

Lane is doing alright, other then being mad now because she was forbidden by everyone including her soccer coach from playing in the game today. It's just best if she takes the weekend to rest.

I was looking over the police report (they gave Robin a copy) and at the top it has these little boxes you check to say what the aftermath of the accident was. There was property damage, personal injury, arrest, and a few others, and of course, fatality.

I reflected on it for a while, and came to the conclusion that not only am I glad that wasn't picked, but how very sad it would be that in one split second your entire life can be summed up with a little check of a box.
To the disgusting person who did this search and found my blog.

Shame on you, seriously.


So classes are all straightened out and settled now, books have all finally been purchased so I can get down to the nearly week behind homework that has been plaguing my sleep.

After fixing all my stuff out at the college, we went over to Jackie's where Robin ended up catching a someone's parakeet that had escaped. Since we couldn't find who it belonged to, and it was hurt (looks like a cat had gotten it's wing), she took it home with her. It's very cute, but she says it must have been loose for over a week, because it was so hungry.

At WinCo I picked up a slew of bulk candy and things for the Egg Hunt at the Center, that yours truly is both organizing and executing. So far I've got about 200 eggs, I'm hoping to get 200 more before Easter. It may sound like a lot, but when you break it down, 400 eggs only turns out to be about 20 eggs per kids if there are 20 kids, and I'm expecting anywhere from 20 to 30, so I am going to need more then 200.

So far I have candy (ten pounds of it), stickers, and H.O.M.E Dollars (the fake money used to buy things from the YCC store) to put inside them. I'm also going to put in real money (in the form of change, of course, and one egg with five dollars) and slips they can redeem for prize bags. So far I have three foot long licorice whips and jaw breakers the size of your fist to put in the prize bags.

I am a parents worst nightmare, and I love it.

I'm going to pick up some things at the dollar store (I heart) for the bags too. Chocolate bunnies, sun glasses, pencils, erasers, those stupid light up bunny necklaces. Stuff that not only thrills children to pieces, but won't cost me more then ten bucks for the whole shebang.

I also have a conference call for this evening about the YCC representing the Center in the upcoming Iris Parade. So, you all practice your pretty pageant waves and then come be in the parade with us. I'll even let you hand out the candy (it's illegal to throw it, stupid but true) if you promise not to eat it all, that is.


I changed my comments to Halocsan. Huge thanks to Rebecca for telling me about them. I appreciate it. :) Now nobody has any excuses for not commenting, you hear me?

Fred is on his way to Canada right now. Last I heard he was approaching D.C. I guess he's going to be gone for the next two weeks, so this means I will either have to do something terribly naughty he'll be proud of while he's gone, or something mean, like attempting to steal that extremely cute boy of his. Or, I could just break into his house, and steal his computer. It's not like he'd miss it or anything.

I tried to talk him into sending me postcards while he was on his trip, but it's rare that any guy I know who ever goes on a trip actually sends me the postcards like they said they would. I'm starting to think it might be a male chromosome that causes this, or perhaps laziness.

I have to leave here soon and go talk to a guidance person about switching some classes around, lucky for me I'm catching it just before the cut off for needing an instructors signature to get into a new class. I'm just hoping the refund of the class and books will cover the other class and it's books, because I'm seriously broke, and if I lose this credits guess who goes on probation? The thought seriously bothers me, I'm not an irresponsible person and don't want to get in trouble only four days into the term.

But, now I'm off, to study for a quiz I've got in a couple hours, and to attempt to find something tasty for lunch. What sounds good? Anybody?