I just had to add this, I guess I'm the only person I know who saw the neat-o car chase in Atlanta yesterday.

I was rooting for the guy in the pickup! The rebel side of me was really bummed when he gave himself up like that, but the law-abiding angel side knows that it was better that way. I'm glad no one got hurt, but it was really kewl to watch.

Especially with the way he kept out maneuvering the cops. Come on! They totally left places open so he could run! Over curbs, through parking lots, down one way streets...tons of fun.

Dinged up a really pretty truck though. I'm not a truck girl at all, but that was a nice one.

What else is a little preschool worker to do? It was the highlight of my day. ::giggle::

I normally watch Court TV. (I'm irked that they keep taking off one live trial to show another, but it gives some variety I guess.) Current opinions of the Royal High Cutie Pie?:

1 - Jessica Willams got off pretty good. I still think that she should have gotten a lower sentence because even though she was responsible for the accident, she isn't a Manson and should be allowed to be a productive part of society. I don't care how many in-prison programs there are, it's hard to be productive in a setting like that. I think the state should be held accountable for more of the blame there too, they should have never had those kids out on the road like that.

2 - Although, I don't think that the Widow pulled the trigger (Dumped the body...chopped off the head...burned the body...) I do think she had knowledge of what was going to happen to her husband. I think that this trial is disorganized, and repetitive. They're
spending too much time on things that have nothing to do with anything. If I was on the jury (I disagree with withholding evidence from a jury, BTW.) I would at this point and time, not be convinced of her guilt, but more of the justice systems incompetence.

3 - I haven't seen enough of the stalking trial to give my opinion. Although so far the defendant seems to be missing some of the swiss from his cracker.

4 - I'm very glad that the daycare provider was found not guilty. I don't think she was guilty, in fact I think that it had more to do with her parent(s) then the provider. I'm sad that the state/goverment/parents want to blame the providers before looking at who it
really might be. Regardless of what the news might say, 99.99999999% of providers are great people. Great people with terrible humor though, I made quite a few shaking children jokes during that week. I should be ashamed. I'm stopping this one here. It's a
rant for me, so I'm going to quit before I start.

5 - I think it's sad that the 12 year old boy was sentanced to life. Although I understand the judges need to set examples of the other children who sadly will come across his courtroom, I don't think it's fair to deny him a productive, free life. Even if he took one...I
guess I'm just coldhearted or something. But I know if someone took my life, and it was an accident, I wouldn't want them punished. People do enough of that guilt stuff too themselves, they don't need the court systems help.

Ok...oops...I'm done.

I haven't done squat. I'm such a terrible Webmistress. Oh well...

I've still got updates and new pages to start, but I'm just too tired for it.

I'm just so emotionally drained. I'm tired of being lied to and then playing along, I want to say something, but I haven't figured out HOW yet. I suppose just up and say it would be the best, right?

I've got TSW stuff to do as well. I need to make the awards for our most current hunt, and do alot of page updates and things. If you head over there and check out the page, send Kudos to Aura, she did a great job on our Easter set.

I'm really looking forward to my trip in June. We've made it for the 22nd - 25th. So far there are three people going, I'd like to get two more so that we've got enough people to change tapes and what not in pairs. We're planning on at least 12 recorders, and 12 recorders with 2 groups of 2 people changing them every 90 minutes is alot of work. One more group of 2 would make it easier, plus, it would be more company.

I seriously doubt Davie'll go, he seems very set on avoiding me at all costs. And if he dosen't think I don't know why, he's sadly mistaken.

I'll try and get my tush in gear and do major work tomorrow. I've got work Monday, so I'm not sure how much time I'll have again until next weekend. Hopefully I can bring myself to get something done. Honestly, I feel like just walking away from all of it, and never coming back.

Think anyone would notice?


I am so tired. I'm running on about 5ish hours sleep in the last three days. With anywhere from 6 - 14 kids running in and out of work every day, I'm even more drained.

I have 4 sites to overhaul and update and 2 to start in the next week or so. It's very important I get my lazy tush in gear and get these going. I'm a total slacker, and I think people are getting annoyed that I haven't reopened/updated certain pages yet.

I am a good girl however and finally got `Skyte Designs open. People have been bugging me to do that for about 10 months now. See? SEE? I said I would, and I did! (I didn't say WHEN I would...just that I would!)

I decided to start using more 3D graphic programs and see if I can get better at stuff. I've got the landscapes down pretty good, I'd like to try my hand at using some figures from Poser or Bryce to make a neat layout for my page, and additions to my gallery. Plus, that stuffs damn fun.

I heard through the grape vine that my cousin (Who talks to me once in a blue moon, usally when the moon needs something) is getting married in June. Good for her :) I wish her the best...::nod:: It scares me how many of these people I've grown up with are suddenly getting married and having kids. I'm not old enough for that! I haven't even gotten my degree yet, or gone to Europe or anything, I can't get married and have kids...that would be admiting responsibilty, and damn if I'm going to do that.

I'll get married someday I'm sure, just not today. Today I'm just going to go home, and take a nap.


I am so excited, the owner of Hot Lake hotel has given me permission to spend the night there. (At my own risk, of course. ::Cackle:: But I SOO can't wait.)

I'm not sure when I'll be able to go, because of stuff, but hopefully sometime soon. I'm trying to convince Davie to go with me, it would be so much fun. I hope he will. (Ok people in Blogger land, cross those digits for me.)

So, I'll keep those of you who care (and those that don't) informed as the adventure progresses.

I find that people tend to make scape goats out of people who shouldn't be the scape goat insted of paying attention to their real problems. Take Mr. Kumquat's current position. (The names have been changed to protect myself from the scathing wrath of those who may read this in the future.) Mr. Kumquat has two people living with him. The first, is Mr. Kumquat's son who is, for lack of a nicer term, a slacker. The second is his son's friend.

Now, insted of making his son go get a job like he's been saying for the last 6 years, he let's his son friend move in, and then constantly complains about the son's friend not having a job, and not doing anything.

But, Mr. Kumquat protects the son, and tries to put blame on all the household problems on the friend, when the son is a bigger violater of Mr. Kumquat's good hospitality.
I don't care about blood, relationships don't condone being used. Mr. Kumquat is putting on blinders to the son, and harassing the son's friend and I think it's wrong. I think BOTH the son and friend are users, slackers, and need to move out of Mr. Kumquat's house...but no one listens to me. (I would like to note, that the reason why I'm bringing this up, is I'm the one who listens to Mr. Kumquat's rants and raves, and I'm getting very tired of the one sided blindness.)

Now, I love Mr. Kumquat, and I know he's doing the best he can...but this is insane.


I'm having the hardest time with this durn blog. Every time I try to upload it to my own site, my FTP server tells me I've put in the wrong password. I'm dumb, not stupid...I know my own password, and I didn't type it wrong. So, thpppp to you Envy.

I don't understand people. When they find the need to hide themselves, part or even all of their lives from the people in it, it should be a great big red flag telling them that there is something they need to pay attention to and change in their lives. I mean, if you have to lie all the time about who you are, then you must lead a really sad and lonely life.

What's worse, is in the end, the only person you're ultimatly going to hurt is yourself. Because sooner or later someone will catch on, and it'll all be over. Or, on the other end of the scale, you'll be so ernest on pushing everyone away...that you won't have anyone.

It's hard to lie, I try very very hard not to do it. And it's HARD. I make it a point to be honest, sometimes I'm so honest I can be brutal. (Lucky for me, I'm naturaly appeasing and try not to hurt anyone, so I'm blessed with the ability to soft coat almost anything.) But how could someone who's doing all this fabrication keep it straight? And what happens if you start believing what you're saying? Isn't that just making it worse? What about the people who care about you? How are they going to feel?

I'm not perfect, by any means. In fact, I'm currently letting a couple people in my life lie to me about things (They don't know I'm aware of it) and I know I shouldn't. Because it's bad for them, and it's bad for me. I don't like being used, but a tiny part of me is hoping they'll tell me the truth. I want the truth...I deserve it, and so do they.


<.narrator.>As we last left our heroin she was being flushed to that great hypo in the sky. As we wave our fond fair-wells, we wonder what will come of our cute and witty angel as she rushes away in a torrent of blue colored water.<./narrator.>

Angel too extreme? Princess then.
I'm the princess, so shut up.

I have noticed latey that my usally endless stream of usless and creative psycho babble spotted with 'that was kind of funny' wit has dried out to a very dead, dusty riverbed.
I'm losing my touch. Oh, the humanity.

I've got a new topic for my holier then thou soap box! ::waits for the collective cries of glee to end:: You know what really bothers me? (You know you care, didn't I tell you to shut up?) It upsets me that people find it nessisary to blame other people (or music, or TV, or their mother, or yadda yadda blah blah blah) for every downfall of their lives insted of opening up them peepers and realizing..."Hey! It's my fault my life is the way it is!"

It's a concept that just must be beyond the IQ of all us Jerry Springer lovin' americans.

And another thing? What happened to general politeness? When did it come a fax paus to open the door for someone? When did it become outlawed to not tailgate, not use a four letter word in everything you say, and NOT hack such lovely words as 'everybody' and 'people' into teeny-bopper, 13 year old, I couldn't type right to save my life slang. It makes me sick.

And don't correct my grammar. I'm not at work, so I don't have to conform to your evil sentance structure rules. Bring it up, and I swear on everything high and holy I'll lay waste to you and all your kind. I know where you sleep!

Did you know Davie spent backwards is Eivad? Although he didn't appriciate my amazing breakthrough.....you know how many of my brain cells died in the creation of that?





I hate it when things don't do what I tell them too.

I ask nice! I say please, I don't hit the keyboard, or smack the screen, or yell things that would make a sailor blush. But...noooo. Lord forbid we behave like nice little micro-chips and just make the damn tables look right!

Take today for example. I sat here for a couple hours, and sometime after the caffiene kicked in, I got bit by the Productive Bug. So, I decide..."Hey, I'll throw together the Graphics Corner for the Sooth so Davie's got it ready when he wants to open."

La de dee right? Walk in the park, right? Oh sure. Right. And what plant do you come from?

So I throw open PSP, thinking "This'll be a peice of cake, simple interface." Nooooo...it dosn't work that way. Almost makes you want to cry.
I throw together a cute looking thing, and it's too big. Hey...no problem. I throw another one together, which I really like, and go to stick it up on the page. Does it work? Sure, if you don't mind gaps.

Try again.

Gap. Gap. Gap.

Delete code, try again.


Curse, delete code, try again.


Cry, delete code, try again.


Well, fuck you too.

So now, this half finished, half coded page is sitting there because the damn corner won't align right and now I've decided the graphics look stupid.

I need a nap