I am so tired. I'm running on about 5ish hours sleep in the last three days. With anywhere from 6 - 14 kids running in and out of work every day, I'm even more drained.

I have 4 sites to overhaul and update and 2 to start in the next week or so. It's very important I get my lazy tush in gear and get these going. I'm a total slacker, and I think people are getting annoyed that I haven't reopened/updated certain pages yet.

I am a good girl however and finally got `Skyte Designs open. People have been bugging me to do that for about 10 months now. See? SEE? I said I would, and I did! (I didn't say WHEN I would...just that I would!)

I decided to start using more 3D graphic programs and see if I can get better at stuff. I've got the landscapes down pretty good, I'd like to try my hand at using some figures from Poser or Bryce to make a neat layout for my page, and additions to my gallery. Plus, that stuffs damn fun.

I heard through the grape vine that my cousin (Who talks to me once in a blue moon, usally when the moon needs something) is getting married in June. Good for her :) I wish her the best...::nod:: It scares me how many of these people I've grown up with are suddenly getting married and having kids. I'm not old enough for that! I haven't even gotten my degree yet, or gone to Europe or anything, I can't get married and have kids...that would be admiting responsibilty, and damn if I'm going to do that.

I'll get married someday I'm sure, just not today. Today I'm just going to go home, and take a nap.

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