I am so excited, the owner of Hot Lake hotel has given me permission to spend the night there. (At my own risk, of course. ::Cackle:: But I SOO can't wait.)

I'm not sure when I'll be able to go, because of stuff, but hopefully sometime soon. I'm trying to convince Davie to go with me, it would be so much fun. I hope he will. (Ok people in Blogger land, cross those digits for me.)

So, I'll keep those of you who care (and those that don't) informed as the adventure progresses.

I find that people tend to make scape goats out of people who shouldn't be the scape goat insted of paying attention to their real problems. Take Mr. Kumquat's current position. (The names have been changed to protect myself from the scathing wrath of those who may read this in the future.) Mr. Kumquat has two people living with him. The first, is Mr. Kumquat's son who is, for lack of a nicer term, a slacker. The second is his son's friend.

Now, insted of making his son go get a job like he's been saying for the last 6 years, he let's his son friend move in, and then constantly complains about the son's friend not having a job, and not doing anything.

But, Mr. Kumquat protects the son, and tries to put blame on all the household problems on the friend, when the son is a bigger violater of Mr. Kumquat's good hospitality.
I don't care about blood, relationships don't condone being used. Mr. Kumquat is putting on blinders to the son, and harassing the son's friend and I think it's wrong. I think BOTH the son and friend are users, slackers, and need to move out of Mr. Kumquat's house...but no one listens to me. (I would like to note, that the reason why I'm bringing this up, is I'm the one who listens to Mr. Kumquat's rants and raves, and I'm getting very tired of the one sided blindness.)

Now, I love Mr. Kumquat, and I know he's doing the best he can...but this is insane.

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