Well another Blogathon comes to an end. Thanks to all our sponsors and to everyone who came by today and kept this fun thing going until the wee hours.

Go get some sleep, you all deserve it.
OMG, all, we're still playing charades and we're going absolutely nuts here.

I'm getting so gosh darned sleepy we've got some of the most perverted and wrong things.

Now I'm watching Skyte try and act out "American Gladiators" oh my god, lol.

Okay, will post last post in 30 minutes, yay! We're almost done and I can SLEEP!
More charades, including 'sex kitten', 'christmas', 'pirate with one leg that is dying', and 'scrambled eggs'.

It's almost bed time!
Only an hour and a half. We're all getting pretty darn sleepy and silly, and only a few slips of paper left in the bowl for charades, then I do not know what we'll be doing for the rest of this thing.

Some slips have included things like 'Giving Birth',
'Lesbian Camping Slaughter Movie', 'Ebola', and 'Deviated Septum', needless to say we've been doing a ton of laughing.

I've had the most fun I've ever had during a 'Thon this time for sure. I will however, be super excited to go to bed when we're done.

Only three posts left! It's so exciting!
We are playing Cherades. At 4 am. It is very very funny.
We are now play charades. We are tired. I am tired. God is tired. Sleep is great. I am I sleeping right now. Of course not.......I wouldn't be typing if I was. No wait if I'm dreaming I could be typing in my dream. Oh well. Maybe I should take my medicine
the word is aft
The word is back stop:
We're playing Password. It is super fun.
Like a virgin, touched for the very first time. Like a virririirrirrgin with your heart beat next to mine. Oh oh ohhhhh oohhhhh oh oh oh oh. MMMMMMMMMMM hmmmm like a virgin when I reach inside.
Okay, its officially almost 12:30 now. We're starting to die. We still have 5 and a half hours left, I don't know if we'll be able to make it. I probably won't. Terra and Cory should be back shortly...Terra's bringing me back battttttteries! So I can take pictures with my digital camera of Jamie's frogs doin' it..err...nothing. ;) We'll just wait and see what I can come up with when I commandeer this blog again.

Currently, Jamie's hair is wet and it is making my shoulder wet. Also, I can see the little grey hairs that I am causing Jamie has gotten from age.

She's so old.

Pathfinder is still on the television. I'm getting so frustratingly annoyed at the amount of violence, gore and blood on this DVD.

Maybe there'll be some gratuitous sex or something.

Well, it is 12:30, maybe I can find some porn on Cinemax...the Frogs just aren't doing it for me.

Its time to post again...its 30 minutes after my last post, but I think I'l post again at 12:30 just to get back on the whole 12:30, 1:00, 1:30 times again. This 11:45 and 12:15 posts are kind of frustrating.

Anyway, no idea what I'm going to add to the story. Skyte's not feeling well at all, she's having bad stomach pain and we're all pretty tired. Tiff and Robert decided to go home and Terra and Cory are driving them. They should be back soon, I think.



I guess I'll be back in 15 minutes.


The Next Day the Ballsonyourchin Empire sent a proclamation that all members of the Ballsonyourchin Empire are required to sell their Chinpubes. Unfortunately, the Boy who Wants To Become a Man could not afford to sell his Chinpubes because he needed it in order to be a man.

Unfortunately, on his quest to find the Freedom Within, he was captured by General IamtellingyoumynaughtyplansbecauseIamanevil
badguyandIhavetoanecdoteeverything and was imprisoned because he would not sell his Chinpubes. General IamtellingyoumynaughtyplansbecauseIamanevil
badguyandIhavetoanecdoteeverything decided to explain, at great length, his Evilplan to the Boy who Wants To Become a Man.

And the Evilplan was so Evil it warranted a capital E in Evilplan! But the plan was so poorly constructed it only got a p instead of Capital P. Anyway.

"Okay, Boy who Wants To Become a Man, you are crucial to my plan of...."
...........Man a man with a mission. Long before this Boy was a born there was a Galatic Empire called the Ballsonyourchin Empire. This Empire ruled with world with an iron fist. They torture and killed people. Including the Boy who wanted to be a Mans father. The Boy who wanted to be a Man is on a mission now. A mission to kill everyone in the Ballsonyourchin Empire. With his trusty Seg-Way Bot Optimus Lazyass and his uncomfortably gay friend Pinktriangleman they prepare to go on this most challenging quest.

The next day.............................
It's time for a Story-A-Thon!

I'll begin:

Once upon a time in a Galaxy far far away, there lived a little boy who decided that he no longer wanted to be a little boy, but insted wanted to be a...

To be continued...
Seven of us are playing a game of 'Would You Rather' which is very silly and fun game when you're super tired. It is nice and cool outside, and was even drizzling earlier, it makes it really comfortable. Almost too comfortable, I'm awfully sleepy.

He makes his first appearance at this year's blogathon
A long time ago when the earth was filled with things that Jesus says didn't happen. Were people who liked to do things. These people like things that did things. These things were thing that they like. Some times these things they did not like. Sometimes these things that they liked or did not like had consequences sometimes those consequences were dire. Sometimes they were not-so dire. I climbed a mountain once. Sheep, rock, pudding face, alien farmer, dog with spot on nose, and of course.............................................FIN
The kids are back from their movie, and now the house is noisy again! Yay! Something more to keep me awake.

Also, we lit a bunch of candles on one of THREE cakes I have sitting around the house (long story) and made Robert blow them out for his birthday. Not that any of us need any more sugar, most of us are pretty wired as it is.

The cake is a chocolate oreo with some type of cream filling. It's...very sweet. I think I'm going into shock.

Dude, I'm so scared. You have to watch Episode 3 and 4 at YouTube.com as well.


Scare me.

Skyte wants a nap. I keep telling her "No." Because if *I* have to stay up, then she has to stay up...so yeah.

Okie, off to play DDR.
It's posty time!

Savvy left (which is sad, because she LIVES HERE) and the other kids aren't back from their movie. John is watching Naruto and Fred is laying on my bed surfing fellow 'Thonners sites for something good to read.

It's quiet enough now that I could probably start reading again. I wonder how many books I would have made it through by now. Maybe next year.
So I lost backgammon and then we quit a game of checkers halfway through. Fred is getting sleepy. Sav and John are watching Office Space, which is a great Blogathon movie.

Other kids are yet to return from their movie.

I've been up since about 4 am, so I'm starting to get a bit sleepy. I need something to wake me up! Any suggestions?
Savvy here again and I'm sad to say that the Cribbage game didn't last long. Evidently Fred got bored with it (something about his ADD flaring up again and he wants to go get board games from Wal-Mart...).

We're still watching BN and now Skyte and Fred are engaged in a game of Backgammon.

And those other kids are still at the Simpsons movie.
Savvy here and I just won our Uno tourney! Boo-yeah!

And now Johnny and I are watching "Burn Notice" while Skyte and Fred play it out in Cribbage or however you spell that game.

More later...
Savvy is not that impressed with Rent. Score one for my side of the team. There are some things, she says, that can't be expressed in song successfully, unless it's animated.

Terra, Cory, Robert and Tiffany have gone off to see the Simpsons Movie. The rest of us are just going to bum around here and figure out what we're going to post about for the next few hours.

Fred is writing in the dust on my bedroom lamp. Also, he kissed me, which he only does when he's drunk. I swear though, he didn't buy the wine...at least not that I saw.
I'm awaiting more poetry from the masses, so for now I have no new poetry to post.

Most everyone will be leaving soon to go see The Simpsons Movie for Robert's birthday, but they should be back later this evening, with more fun poetry and hijinks.
Another post from me!

Terra and Cory arrived and now I'm working on Tiff's laptop.

We've got more food! (Yay! We needed more food!) And now we've got entertainment! Whootness.

Got to go pick up Robert around 6:00pm, then we get to figure some more stuff out and THEN...yeah.

Kay, bye.
Terra and Cory are here! Hurray! Now the 'Thon is complete, with DBS.
Hi. Its 5:00PM. Its Fred again. Working on another post.

Now we're watching RENT: The Motion Picture. *I* happen to think its a very nice movie. Unfortuantely, other people in the household do not. :P

But Savvy's never seen it so, whootness!

Terra and Cory should be here shortly. Yay!

And we'll have some pictures in the next couple posts or so.

I have a ton of food, this is our 'Thon spread for the evening:

Veggie platters (carrots, celery, broccoli, coliflour, olives (green and black), green pepper, baby corn, mushrooms), green and red grapes, cookies, cake, pie, jelly fruit candies, chips, bean dip, soda, chocolate milk, iced tea, coffee, juice and whatever else I threw at these people to eat.

Yummy. Anyone want some?
Hey everyone! Fred here. They're all watching 10 things I hate about you and Skyte's in the kitchen doing...kitcheny things.

I'm commandeering this computer to post! No one knows, though, so shh, don't tell anyone.

I was going through the past archives on the site and realized there's quite a bit of funny stuff that Skyte and I have said! Hmm...

Anyway, here's a poem for everyone:

While the sky waits for the moon,
The sun is saddened by the clouds,
Because they keep her from her boon.
Another poem

I'm sure you're wondering EXACTLY WHO is posting these amazing morsels of poetic genius.

Jam hard at work

Savvy and Johnny watching Carpool. Classy!

Fred is probably not looking at porn...riiight.

Tiff and her froggy muse
More of Johnny's simple eloquence

People let me tell you 'bout my best friend: Bean Dip!!!

But donde esta senior Bean Dip?!

No se. He has not yet made an appearance at this year's blogathon?

Aww, que triste.

Will he or won't he?!

I will be hanging in the beany balance.

Tiffin of the Shire
More fridge poetry from Seaweed Savvy

I hope you are enjoying the Magnetic Poetry, each of us is taking turns writing it, and some of them have been pretty funny.

As for the reading, I feel like it's super rudeness to read, so I haven't been at all. I may start again later when people start dropping to sleep, or taking naps.

We're only 5 bucks away from 100, so if you've got some extra cash and want to put it towards a good cause, please toss it our way. We'll love you forever!
Tiff's second Fridge poem

Johnny's very special refrigerator poem:

Another exciting installment of: Refrigerator Poetry (dun dun dunnnnn)

The third riveting installment of Refridgerator Poetry

The second installment of Refridgerator Poetry

Refrigerator Poetry

Savvy made it! Woot! Now we're only missing a few of our awesome 'Thonners. I think maybe two of them (and they know who they are) fell asleep. It's ok, I'll let them sleep a little while and then I'll wake them up.

Since it would be rude to read with people here, I need to find something else to do during the 'Thon. Some of the things we will be doing is guest posters and myself will be posting magnetic poetry from my fridge. Look forward to it.

Also, there may or may not be bad karaoke. We'll just have to wait and see.
Ran off really quick to pick up some food. I've got hash browns, yay!

So I haven't read anything since the last post, because I can't read in the car without yuking all over the place.

In happier news, Tiff arrived! We found her wandering aimlessly down the street so we lured her into the car with candy and promises of breakfast.

Book #: 1 - Current Book: The Chick And The Dead - Pages Read: 148 - Pages Remaining: 60
I've got 60 pages left. Fred is going to get me breakfast. Yay!

Book #: 1 - Current Book: The Chick And The Dead - Pages Read: 148 - Pages Remaining: 60
I took a break from reading to watch Katie, Melissa's neice in her very first cooking video ever (of a series of gluten free cooking videos shown for the 'Thon). Go over and watch it, and tell Katie what a great job she's doing!

So far, I've managed 115 pages. I'm hoping to have the book finished before 10:30 rolls around so I can start my next book. That leaves me with about 93 or so pages left, which shouldn't be a problem in an hour.

Book #: 1 - Current Book: The Chick And The Dead - Pages Read: 115 - Pages Remaining: 93
Fred installed a new hard drive on to my system, and set my old one as a slave, so now I've got a brand new drive, but nothing on it.

This is dangerous, because it's got so much free space...and there is so much...oh...erm...

My point, is that I had to reinstall Rhapsody which means I once again lost my playlist. Nearly 70 days worth of music. I'm broken hearted, and asking you for help.

Give me some suggestions on artists I need to listen to during the next 24 hours. I will love you forever.

Book #: 1 - Current Book: The Chick And The Dead - Pages Read: 80
Summertime to me always has been a time to read what I call 'Junk Food Fiction' not bad books, just books that are quick reads that maybe don't stay with you for a long time. Horror novels, mystery novels, but never ever romance novels, because those are 'trash fiction' and that's another post all together.

The book I'm currently reading is written with a humorous overtone, so it's a quick fun read and I'm enjoying it. I keep getting distracted however, so I've currently only moved 56 pages beyond where I started from. This makes me sad. It's still raining however, and this makes me happy. Rain is perfect reading weather.

I'm still only $5.00 away from $100...so if you've got an extra five bucks laying around, why not toss it towards the Epilepsy Foundation? I'm sure they'd appreciate it greatly.

Book #: 1 - Current Book: The Chick And The Dead - Pages Read: 56
Thanks to Melissa over at Share Your Angels for sponsoring me $25.00. This brings my total to $95.00. $5.00 away from $100! Not bad for an rebel 'Thonner.

Go visit Melissa who is also 'Thonning this year for RAINN. Sponsor her, she's doing a wonderful thing. Also, she's got some tasty pictures of food, and video of people with accents!

I've been tinkering with this horrid layout to add my own sidebars, so I haven't been doing much reading. I've only gone about 28 pages further along. We'll see where I'm at after 8:30.

Book #: 1 - Current Book: The Chick And The Dead - Pages Read: 28
So why I'm waiting for people to get their lazy non-morning people selves over here, I'm staring at the stack of library books I have that need to be returned, and I've been hit with the shtick stick.

I read unhumanly fast. It's my mutant power. Let's see how many books I can read in 24 hours. Now, this might not work well because I'm going to be faced with many distractions (people, movies, people, a birthday party, people) during this 24 hours, but it would be fun to see just how many total pages I could read in a 24 hour period.

It's 7:35 now, so I've already lost an hour and a half of reading time. So I need to get started.

My first book is one I've already started, but I won't count any pages before the page I'm on, which is 120.

Here goes:

Book Number: 1

Title: The Chick and the Dead

Author: Casey Daniels

Genre: Mysteryish

Total Pages: 323

Total Pages Read: 0

About The Book:
"Ever since the former rich girl-turned-Cleveland cemetery tour guide banged her head on a headstone, she sees dead people. Worse still, she hears them—and they won't shut up! Now it's Didi Bowman, a poodle-skirted relic from the Great Beyond, who's bending Pepper's ear, complaining that her famous author sister, Merilee, has done her wrong. Trouble is, if Pepper proves it, she'll break the hearts of millions of Merilee's fans. And if she doesn't, Didi's ghost may never go away.

Pepper needs peace and quiet (and rent money), so the cash-strapped ex-heiress agrees to take a job as Merilee's secretary and dig around the family tree. But when she unearths more than she bargained for—like an illegitimate daughter, a bunch of illicit love affairs, and a possible murder—suddenly a very poisoned pen is all set to write Pepper out of the story permanently."

Let's get to reading! I'll be back in 30 minutes!
It's raining outside. This is a nice development because last year at this time the weather was horrid. So, my fellow group bloggers who will be spending the day with me (which by the way, total 6 people) should be meandering their way over soon. We plan on spending the day being total dorks because our origional shtick idea fell through...oh yeah, and then I was deleted from the site.

As for Sponsors, thanks so far to the following lovelies who are supporting me and my charity:

Kelly Hall - Kelly sponsored me $20.00 because she rocks. She's doing the Blogathon this year, go support her and the good work she's doing.

Frederick Pettine - $25.00

Robin Galyen - $25.00

Total Sponsors: $75.00

Woohoo! You think I could get that up to $150 before the 24 hours is up?
So I'm not getting any responses to my E-mails, and I can't sign up to reregister myself. So insted, I'm Guerrilla 'Thonning.

I'll be GTing for Epilepsy Foundation. I need sponsors. Interested?
No Blogathon for me. My account was deleted...why? Who knows, I didn't even get the courtesy of an E-mail. As a long time 'Thonner this is the last straw in many dissapintments from the Blogathon, and I'm done for good.

Good luck to the rest of you.


Two of my roommates are gone, and have been for the last few weeks. Generally people are excited when their roommates high tail it away for long periods of time, I am not one of them. I miss mine, and not just because they give me endless hours of entertainment like a living activity book. It's because I love them or something, and it's just not home without them here.


Bright shiny sunlight
A quiet summer breeze blows
It's time for a nap.


The older brother and his fiancée are coming into town tonight for the holiday tomorrow. They'll be staying at my house, which should be entertaining. There are a few different BBQ's and stuff going on around town involving some form or another of family, including a family reunion (that I won't be attending, hah!) at my Great Aunt's house.

As for myself, tomorrow is also my younger brother Bud's birthday, so I'll be wishing him a happy birthday, and then sitting around on my duff with a house full of people eating junk and watching bad movies. A great way to spend the 4th, if I say so myself.

Have a safe and happy 4th Figments. Don't go singeing your eyebrows off your heads, I like you just the way you are.


Loud thumping music
Annoying neighbors are fun
Time to call the cops


Ran the YWCA booth at World Beat yesterday. We were located in the World Showcase, and even though we were under cover, I still managed to burn my face. It's like magic.

We were raising money for the Teen Program, which sponsors Snowball every year for the kids in the Salem-Keizer school district. We were doing pictures of people in hats from around the world. Mostly though, it was Terra and I sitting around in different hats all day drooling over the tasty smelling food and pawing through bridesmaids gown catalogs. I'm not a bridesmaid though I'm a groomsgirl, but a dress of black is still in order. I'm excited for them, she picked her dress on Saturday, she's going to look gorgeous.


Cute French fencer guys
Obligatory joke now
Thrust and parry, heh.