So I haven't posted in a very long while, but I have a good reason...honest. I've been kidnapped! I'm currently being held in the middle of nowhere in the desert in California. It's hot, and they won't let me have any water or use the bathroom. Plus, I've been told that if I'm not good, they'll sell me to the local navy base. Not for anything fun with sailors, but so that the science center there can use me as a test subject.


I'm at Melissa's house, staying with her for a week or so while her husband is in D.C. being all smart and chemisty. Actually, although hotter then Hades itself (thank goodness for AC!) the area down here is absolutely gorgeous.

Yes, Melissa is being nice to me. Really. She only shoved me down and pulled my hair once, and I suppose I had it coming, I did try and put some of the slate tiles from her living room table in my bag.

We're having so much fun! Being all girly and gossiping avoiding gossip because it's a sin.

If you want a postcard, send me an email to brighterskyte(spam)@(is)hotmail.(bad)com and give me your address. Gotta do it soon my dear figments, because if you don't send me your address by Saturday, it's no postcard from the airport store in Vegas for you!

Also, if you want the address of the super secret Nekked Prana Cams (tm) that I've hidden around the house, Paypal me a couple bucks, and I'll see what I can do.


An ode to Prana:
You are so fantastical,
Even when you smell.


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