I was in The Dollar Tree (I heart) the other day buying cheap and worthless items for the YCC Party the other day. Cheap and worthless because to a bunch of 2 to 12 year old kids the cost of the item doesn't matter, all that matters is that it tastes like refined white sugar and resembles severed parts. Oh, and if it makes noises that resemble human bodily functions, the more the better.

While I was there, I ran into (almost literally because she's nearly blind) my Great Aunt. I was holding the door open for all the people coming in and going out, like a polite girl should, when she walked by me. My Great Aunt is the type of person who reuses plastic wrap, feeds her guests ten year old frozen left overs, and goes to places like The Dollar Tree to buy off-brand German Chili for twenty cents a can. She also turns her hearing aid off whenever you talk to her.

Yeah, one of those relitives.

"Hi Darthee" I say, ever the nice tolerant neice, "How are you today?"

Yes, her name is Darthee. Spelt just like that. Don't ask me, I can't tell you.

She squinted at me for thirty seconds before saying, "And who is it I'm speaking to?" Which is exactly what I figured she'd say, after all, I'm the invisible one in the family.

"It's Jamie" I reply.

It's here where I am highly thinking of tracking down the services of a good clergy man and begging for forgiveness. Because, when she asked who I was, I, with horrible glee honestly debated the idea of telling her that I was Jesus, landing in the parking lot of the Keizer Dollar Tree on my sparkly white cloud, come to whisk her away from worldy sin, and take her home.

It was mean, and I apologize.


I will go down with this ship,
I won't put my hands up and surrender.
There will be no white flag upon my door,
I'm in love and always will be.
Congrats to Robin, who on October 18th gave birth to a 13 pound, 23.25 inch boy. Let us all now cringe in pain, for poor robin. Congrats also to Robert, the proud father.

Love you!


Stolen from Fred's journal, and then done because every now and then it's fun to revert back to Jr. High. `Corse, all people mentioned herein are people who read this journal, and since only my darling net met friends read it, only people mentioned are you! Aren't you special? Yep...you are. Now, you fill it out.

[My name is]: Jamie
[In the morning i am]: Quiet
[I dream about]: Novel ideas and a man who's face I can't see

-W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X-

[What do you notice first?]: A guys personality. You can tell right away if a guy is a good person or someone you just don't want to be around by the way he behaves. And hands...I like guys hands.

[Last person you slow danced with]: My ten year old brother.

-W H O-

[Do you have a crush on?]: You! Yep, that's right, I have a crush on you.

[Easiest to talk to]: Michael, Fred, Ally, Melissa, Robin, Kelly, James...um, everyone.

-H A V E .Y O U . E V E R-

[Fallen for your best friend]: Yeah. Every time I've ever fallen for a guy, he's been my best friend at the time. The whole friendship thing is important to me.

-W H O . W A S . T H E . L A S T . P E R S O N-

[You talked to on the phone]: Selene
[Hugged]: Lane
[You instant messaged]: Caleb
[You laughed with]: Fred

[Could you live without the computer?]: Yep, because I have everyone's phone numbers.
[What's your favorite food?]: Bocca burgers
[Whats your favorite fruit?]: Peaches
[What hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?]: Emotional. I have a seriously high physcial pain threshold, but I cry at dog food commercials.
[Trust others way too easily?]: Why shouldn't I?

-N U M B E R-

[Of times I have had my heart broken? ]: Oh a few
[Of hearts I have broken?] : I've made mistakes and hurt people, everyone does.
[Of boys I have kissed?] : Lots! Because I'm a total flooz!
[Of girls I have kissed?] : Define 'kissed'? Friendly? Greeting? Changing teams?
[Of drugs taken illegally?] : None. Wait, that's not true. I took someones Vicodin once because I was hospital bound and they take too long to get to you. Lock me up!
[Of tight friends?] : I adore all my friends, not only because they put up with me, but because they're themselves.
[Of cd's that i own?] : Slues, before the evil record companies got more evil, now I only buy independent bands CDs.
[Of scars on my body?] : Four. Left hand where I split my palm open with a butcher knife. Right knee where I sliced it open on construction cable. Right big toe where I sliced it open on brick. Forehead, from chicken pox.
[Of things in my past that i regret?]: Nothing. I handled situations to the best of my ability at the time, and that's good enough for me.

-O T H E R . T H I N G S-

[I know]: things. About you. Lots of dirty, dirty things.
[I want]: to really believe that 'I am fully equipped for the divine plan of my life' like the card says.
[I have]: everything I need.
[I wish]: I was comfortable financially. - You and me both brother!
[I hate]: nothing.
[I miss]: certain people. Sometimes.
[I fear]: that I'm not smart enough, or good enough.
[I hear]: the ever so sexy Perry Mason.
[I search]: for the perfect taco salad.
[I love]: where I am.
[I ache]: noplace.
[I care]: for everybody.
[I always]: want it better for you, because you deserve it.
[I dance]: like a chicken.
[I cry]: because it's good for me.
[I do not always]: believe in myself.
[I write]: because if I don't practice, I'll never dethrone Stephen.
[I confuse]: myself, more often then not.
[I can usually be found]: being me.
[I need]: scary, sin invoking material things. A car, better money, an ice cream cake for my birthday. Maybe someone who loves me, that would be nice.
[Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing]: Ha!
[If so, when and with who]: Hmm..
[Favorite place to be kissed?]: Wrist. Why did I blush typing that?
[Have you ever been caught "doing something"]: Ha!

- A R E . Y O U . A . . . -

[Wuss]: When it comes down to the grit, no.
[Druggie]: No.
[Gang member]: No.
[Daydreamer]: It's a curse.
[Alcoholic]: No.
[Freak]: Yep.
[Brat]: In a good way.
[Sarcastic]: Yes, but it's tasteful!
[Goody-goody]: According to Fred 'Kind of...yeah.'
[Angel]: Yes! And you can't prove different!
[Devil]: Sometimes all you need is a little naughty.
[Friend]: Till the end, like a good Care Bear should.
[Shy]: More quiet then shy.
[Talkative]: Once someone pulls my test tab, I don't shut up.
[Adventurous]: I love adventure. I once got someone lost in downtown San Francisco purely for the adventure. She, however, did not find it as exciting as I did.
[Intelligent]: I try hard.

- C O N C E R N I N G . T H E . F R I E N D S . Y O U . C L A I M . T O . H A V E . -

[Impacted you the most spiritually]: Ally
[Wish you saw more often]: Ally
[Wish you could meet]: All of them!
[Most sarcastic]: Fred, but Caleb pulls a close second
[Wish you knew better]: Ben
[Knows you best]: Ally, Fred
[Best outlook on life]: Michael
[Most paranoid]: Fred
[Sweetest]: Kelly

- S E L F . A N A L Y S I S . Y O U . P R O B A B L Y . D O N ' T . W A NT . T O . D O -

[Your best feature [personality]: I try really hard to be understanding of everyone, no matter what is going on.
[Your biggest flaw [personality]: I don't do good enough.
[Most annoying thing you do]: Apologize. I'm sorry about that.
[Biggest mistake you've made this far]: Never mistakes, just learning experiences.
[Describe your personality in one word]: Dorky.
[The physical feature for which you are most often complimented]: My hair.
[Height]: 6'2"
[A smell that makes you smile]: Rain
[A city you'd like to visit]: Paris
[A drink you order most often]: Dr. Pepper
[A delicious dessert]: Peach pie
[A book you highly recommend]: Any book. Reading is good for you.
[The music you prefer while alone]: Opera
[Your favorite band]: I don't have a favorite band. I like lots of bands.
[A film you could watch over and over]: Alice in Wonderland. It's a film, it is!
[A TV show you watch regularly]: Dead Like Me
[You live in a]: Triplex. In the middle one. Two bedrooms, a garage, a whole backyard to myself because my neighbors don't use it. I like it.
[Your transportation]: Bumming rides because I'm car-less.
[Your cologne or perfume]: None, but I do use orange cream hand lotion because it smells like heaven. I'd eat it, but it doesn't taste as good as it smells.
[Under your bed or in your closet you hide]: Boxes of stuff I haven't unpacked after almost four years.
[Something important on your night table]: My paper journal


Had a fundraiser for my YCC yesterday. It was an ice cream social, we turned the classroom into an ice cream parlor complete with wait to be seated signs and waiters and waitresses. The kids did an amazing job with taking orders and delvering orders, they even handled all the billing (done at the patrons table, of course) it went really great.

We served about seven different ice cream dishes (including these monster ice cream cookie sandwiches which nobody could finish..lol), and with only two of us in the 'kitchen' (the back half of the room where it's screened off) it was totally hectic. I also only ate a banana split yesterday so I was completely sick. I should have known better but it was sooooo nummy.

Unfortunatly, after expenses (because I was too wimpy to set the prices any higher) we only made $34.00 which wasn't as good as I needed it to be at all. So I'm going to put out a donation container and plan another fundraiser for January. I do hope that the small amount of money I made combined with the money I get at the first of the month as payment (I always put it right back in the class) it will cover the next couple months worth of activities until I can do another funraiser.

Next weeks class? Pumkins. Pumkin pie, pumkin seeds, pumpkin punch, carving and painting pumpkins. In the Salem area and have kids? Drop them on by the H.O.M.E Center next Sunday starting at 11:00. We're upstairs in the EASL/YCC room. It's an hour long, it's fun, it's free, and we'd love to see them.

Also next week we will be voting on our spring YCC feild trip and sending off information about our fall feild trip and Harvest Party which is at the end of the month.


After months of waiting for each episode, and cheering for the characters and being really freaked about being left hanging by the Fansubbers (I heart!) Scrapped Princess finally ended.

It was perfect.


Today a tiny factoid dawned on me a great bit thwack upside my already addled little head while I was in the middle of a conversation that had nothing to do with it (this just goes to show how absolutely spaztic I really am).

I've lived in my place for four years.

I've HAD my place for five years this next June, I've only lived there for four. It's a long story that involves lots of laziness and unwilling foreign bathroom fixtures.

Anyway, as I sitting in sort of a shocked shockness I baffled over how fast time goes by, how really little time people have and how important it is to me to accomplish everything I want. I also realized something else that completely soured my mood and is almost as sad and pathetic as not living in my apartment but still paying rent for almost five months.

I still haven't unpacked all my crap.