Want a Politicly Correct Non-Denominational Multi-Holiday Folded Cardboard Portable Greeting Center from me? You do? I knew you did.

So, you want one from me hu? Well, here's what you do. Write me (Or if you're into that posting your addy on the web thing so you get stalked, write me in my comments.) and give me your addy and I'll send you one totally free 100% Politicly Correct Non-Denominational Multi-Holiday Folded Cardboard Portable Greeting Center from Skyte...and then all your Non-Biased Politicly Correct Holiday dreams will be answered.
It's fall. With fall in Oregon comes enough rain to drown all the rats in New York. Normally here in the Valley our rainy season starts about October and usally lasts until May/June depending. Last year was a dry year, this year seems to be catching up. This makes me a happy girl, because I love the rain. That, and it means that maybe - just maybe - people won't have to reuse bath water this summer. (You know, to go along with the covered wagons, butter churning for electricity, and indian scalpings. Which offends me, well not really, but should....)

Of course, the down side to all this rain, is it ends up looking alot darker then it is. Which causes prolonged sleepyness, slight depression and homocidal tendancies. In other people, of course. Not in me, because I stopped offing peop..er..doing those things years ago. Anyway, I'll be going out with my crappy stupid worthless digi cam and grabbing some pictures at random in a bit for your viewing enjoyment...but first...

Tomorrow is World Aid's Day and TPC will be participating in Think and Link. So please please stop by and support us, we'd greatly appriciate it. ::smoochies::


Rhea Rhyolin: You know I've almost had my blog for a year?
KaliPrana: wow, you've been a loser that long?

Yep, that right there my friends says it all. Not only am I a loser, I'm a loser you just can't seem to shake.

I've been lectured quite a few times now for not updating here. I haven't updated because my life is boring to the point of passing out and I have nothing to say.

So there. :) (No really, I'll write a long drawn out interestingly babblish post tomorrow.)


Alright, I'm a slacker. Thanksgiving went..alright. I got sick that evening (like Pran..hey, girl gave me her COOTIES!) and ended up pretty misrible during the end of Braveheart and the begining of Far and Away. For a short man, Tom Cruise has a nice tushy. Not, that I was looking or anything. Er...ok.

James posted a post in which he said what he was thankful for and he named me. Oh lord, close the waterworks. That was so sweet. Well James, I'm thankful for you too! AND Kel! (Couldn't leave you out could I? Nuuh...cause I love ya.)

Got me thinking though, even though it's corny as all get out. People really need to tell people how thankful they are for them, and how important they are to them more often. They just don't do it enough. Neither do I. So here goes...shut yer damn traps and save the retching for when I'm done. In flight puke bags are located in the pocket in the computer ahead of you. Ready?

The Ladies of TPC - Lordie, the last couple weeks with you two have been pain on my tummy. My displaced diaphram wasn't meant for that much laughing. I love you BOTH and you're great friends. Remember...if you need anything...go to someone who car...er, I mean..I'm always here.

TSW People - I love you guys..especally the Warriors. I'm not quitting, just on vacation. I'll send you postcards, so relax. Remember..my ICQ is only a couple clicks and curses at Mirabilis away.

Kim & Kim's Sweetie Mike - Kimmi, I love you hon and I'd be lost without you and your help. You're a sweetie and no matter what, you deserve the best. Mike..you're a sweetie too. ;)

Cass - It's no fun stressing without my right hand stresser partner. You are the best. Ever. Period. Get your phone back and come back soon. Miss you.

Everyone in EN (because I know some of you stalk me..) - Loves all around. One of these days I'll come back around and whoop me some slackers. ;) Until then...B.J. I want a card too...David, good luck moving...Autumn, kick David for me...;) Everyone else just behave...and stay outta my damn cookies.

Jerry (& Mary) - Jer..you're a sweet guy and I love ya. Tell Mary I said hi. ;) Write me more, I'm pathetic.

Michael - You're just perfect. A Saint. A God. You bought me a cow. I love you. lol.

Ben - Miss you Bennie. Hope stuff is going great for ya...and I love you too. ;)

Erin & Kev - The brother and the sissie poo...be good ok? Come visit me soon.

Kins - You don't have a computer, so you can't read this, but I had to add you too. I mean, how could I forget my bestist friend? I love my bestist friend! Although..next Thanksgiving keep yer damn phone on.

Furhead - Even though I hate you, I love you and your guy. You know that right? Always. Damn you.

The other Kevin - I'm very glad you're ok, I'd miss you if you were gone. Now write me, you jerk.

Ant - One of my newest friends to be added to my friends list. Thanks for believing in me during this stupid novel thing...I'll finsh, promise I will. Glad you're doing ok..and don't forget, you're great.

Liz - Vanishing Girl...where've you gone again? Miss you hon, you know I love ya. You've got a job still, just get your self back here.

Jill - Don't talk to you enough, but I appriciate the damn out of you.

Nathan - I don't know what's really up with our friendship right now, Mister Ping Pong. But you know I love you, and I always will. Because I'm the princess and I can do these things.

Goofay - Ren, thanks for everything. Advice, listening to me yell, everything. Thank you.

Jake - Bad. Bad bad Jake. Love my Jakie anyway! lol...lordie...

Everybody else because I'm drugged and can't remember and starting to get all zombied - I love you. Everyone of you. Even if I don't know you chances are I'm stalking you and love you only from afar. If I didn't mention names, it's not because you don't matter. I'm just a freak on meds and I can't remember my hand in front of my face. You're all the best and I'm thankful for every single day I have that includes people like you for my friends and family. I absolutely couldn't ask for anything more. I wouldn't want to.

So, there. Now go the hell away.

I want pie.

Yes, I want pie. Tis the season, you know. ::coughs:: ::sings:: The Season For Piii-iiies. ::coughs again:: With this tummy problem I've been denied all the God given rights to each American to enjoy during the card-created holiday season. I've been slapped on the hand like some naughty child and sent to the corner without my treat. The top most right? The nummy treat? Pie. And like that child in the corner, I am in pout mode extreme. (Oh come on, I had to) Oh pie, how I long for thee.

Yummy, hot, gooey, snotty, fruity, nutty, oozy, sticky PIE. Pie pie pie pie pie. Flakey crust that surrounds nummy filling that sticks to the roof of your mouth and stains your best shirt because you forgo the fork and used your fingers. Finger pie is the best. Don't lick those fingers! I'll lick them for you! Oh that was gross, what's wrong with me? Why can't I have pie? I want pie! PIE!I can't have pie, I can bearly eat normal food. I can't have pie. But...but...

I want pie!

Please? I'll be good, I'll behave, I'll never ask for another thing ever ever again.

I want pie. Just..some pie...But no...

No..no pie.

No pie.


::whimper:: ...pie...


I haven't posted lately because I've been busy setting up the other blog. But now that it's all set up I'm back.

Salivating in your shoes, aren't you?


Ok, since Pran's didn't work, I made one.

Mine worked. Of course, that just proves Pran is stupid.


::hides:: Kidding, I love Pran..now...our new group blog is here. Go readie read, and be scarred for life.
I want the gums of a god too.

Ok, he's hard to see. But he's still the cutest thing in the whole wide world.

Thank you Michael. ::grin:: ::dance::

I love my cow...


It's got a sweet letter and a note and everything and I love him. ::cries::

Ok, I'll stop gushing now. (I love my cow)

Deena just called, the Admin wants us to do an investigation right away, and she wants to go tonight. So we're rushing around trying to find someone to cover for us tonight so we can go. Cross those fingers, I wanna go bad. I love my cow
AWWWW...Guess what?

Michael (The sweetest guy in the world, I tell ya) sent me a cow from build-a-bear workshop! His name is lil' cow and he's dressed in spiffy wiffy wizard clothes and he's got an owl and and he's my feel better cow and I LOVE HIM.

I love Michael too (THANK YOU!)...::sniffle:: Wasn't that just toooo sweet? (I only cried a little bit.) I'll take a picture so you can see.

::giggles and bounces:: I got a present, I got a present....

I feel a zillion billion times better now.

Sooo..in an hour and a half I get to go to the doctor. Yahoo. I've decided they can't have any blood though, I'm all out.


Got a Doc. appointment tomorrow..so we'll see what their newest new thing. Always fun to go visit the stupid doctor. However, on a good note...I ate today, and it didn't hurt.

Praise Jesus...::snicker::

So, Bridge is applying at the school district because they have a bunch of openings. I'm thinking of apping there myself. It seems to be the season for finding new jobs (Everyone I know is doing it! Baa..baa..::runs::) so maybe it's a good idea. I'm sick of this one, plus..if I get a decent job I might actually be able to afford stuff! Woo! Stuff!

So tomorrow I'm going to go out and pick up an app there and give it a shot...anythings better then childcare. :)

Ally's online!

Muhahahahahahaha..what's the best way to start your day? Having your bestist best friend online.
Yup, I'm happy. Even if she's trying to convert me to read romances. ::grin::


Well, Pran has joined the conspiracy against me. Blogger won't invite me to the group blog, so I'll just stay here in my own blog and talk to myself. ::huffs:: I don't need you! ::cries::

Speaking of that witch (::runs::) I need to find the perfect present. She keeps telling me nothing, but HA! I don't think so..the only problem is, what do you buy the root of all Evil for Christmas?


Welp, sinc NCM decided to shut it's doors sometime soon, Pran opened MJM, which is great because I can be a total spazdork and neither will care because their spazdorks too.

Feel the love baby, feel the love.

I found her a tick at Cheaptick's for like 221. 12 days.

Now all I have to do is call her and tell her she's coming.

This should be fun. ::ducks::

Oh, and to the cad (Anono? You wimp! lol) who thought it'd be amusing to add the Mac n' Cheese ref. in the bash book.

That was not funny. ::grin::

Ok, blogger is being a pain and erasing everything I write when I hit the 'post' button. I'm sure it's a sign, but who cares. I'm posting again anyway. If I blow up, just step over the peices on your way out.

I had an interesting weekend. On Saturday Ant (Who's a sweetie...really.) came over and subjected himself to harassment and torture from both my siblings and the growing conspiracy to deny me video rentals by Hollywood Video. (Ignore the fact that my ID is expired, it's all Hollywood! It's them!) Regardless of all that humiliation, I had fun. ;) Hopefully Ant did too, maybe we'll find out if he ever decides to speak to me again. ::wink::

Most of Sunday morning/early afternoon I spent sleeping. On my tummy. Mistake.

I woke up and when I tried to sit up I could feel my tummy slide up into my chest. Yes, it was as painful as it sounds. I spent most of the rest of the evening trying to keep water down and ignoring my pain meds.

I'm not taking any more. None. Nada. You can't make me. I hate that stuff, it does weird things to me. So, I've decided to submit a peition to myself against myself taking any more pain or stupid meds. The board of myselves are currently reviewing it as I type this. I hope I win.

Kins called me last night, from Applebees! (Yes! That's best friend love when your best friend calls you EVEN THOUGH she's got a chicken fajita in front of her. I was amazed.) I guess she had a nasty fight with the Aunt from...::cough:: again. They cornered her (Aunt n' Cousin) in a hallway and screamed at her for a while. Then her grandfather proceeded to blame it all on Kins because she was 'upsetting Becky'. According to Al, Becky was the one doing all the screaming. Hmm...who do I believe....

She really really really needs to get away from those people, so I'm looking up ticket prices to get her out of there for a couple of weeks. Maybe I can (even if I'm broke) swing it so she can come during our birthdays! (She's two days older. I never hear the end of it. The ::grumbles::) We can head down to the casino and gamble away our pathetic life savings and hitchhike home with some freak who leaves us for dead in some ditch along the coast.

Sounds like a plan.

The fact that this still lives scares me speechless. People still sign the guestbook even, can you believe it? Reading over it, I've realized I've learned a few things between then and now:

1: !!!!!!!'s are the most annoying peice of punctuation molestation anyone could ever do. Ever.

2: WYSIWYG's are great for the HTML challenged, but nothing beats doing it by hand. You wimps.

3: I still can't write.

4: Smilies are great. Frogs are better.

So, if you venture to that page. Just, take it all with a huge ton of salt. I've grown up a tad since then...but just a tad.


oooooooh, I got my washing machine! I can do laundry. ::does the happy laundry dance::

The fact that I'm this thrilled about it is sad. One more thing to prove I have no life.

I just got off the phone with Pran ::grin:: She's SUCH a trip, even if she sounded like she was an eight year old on speed...::cough:: (Kidding!) it was really fun to talk to her. I don't think she's boring and I don't hate her. (So there!)

I haven't been too well, but I'm getting better I hope. Went to the hospital three times in 12 hours. Twice to the ER (in which one of the Triage RN's yelled at me for 40 minutes.) and once to the hosp. for an ultrasound. I've got to make an appointment tomorrow (erm, monday?) for the specailist. You know what's amusing? My referal doctor works at the clinic. Irony, watch them kill me just because I left without notice. I bet they would too. All those gossipers in the Med. Records room going, "Look, remember Jamie? Here's her file! Yack yack yack, let's call her and hang up!"

In one day I had taken seven different drugs, so offically that makes me a druggy. I'm so proud. They've got me on crappy Vicadin? (sp??? lol..can't even spell the crap I'm taking.) and I attempted to eat something and it hurt bad enough I took two, within the next ten mintes I'm going to be a zombie, so I should type fast before I type something I'll regret. (Or forget...which is what I do. "Blah blah blah..ahh..what was I saying?" it's embarassing.)

I haven't done a whole lot on my novel, but I'm in a writing mood so I'll probably spit out another thousand odd words by tonight. Another Nanoer is coming to visit tomorrow, and knowing him and his pushy self, he won't let me have my dessert until I've writen my 1000 words for the day. (But mo-mmy) It'll probably be good for me, I just hope I don't end up being rude and get rushed to the ER. `Cause that would be bad.


Yeeeeesterday was Pran's bday. (Everyone go over and tell her 'Happy Belated Bday'. Now. Move.) She's 150 but that's ok, just because you're an old foge dosen't mean you can't kick it up. I mean, she's kewl..she likes the exploding whale!

Ahh..she's going to hurt me. Anyway...I love love love her, she is so funny and nice. She dosen't care if I'm not an angel pretending to be an angel pretending not to know you know I'm not an angel. She puts up with me anyway! (Unlike a few people who've made it their goal to expose me...I am an angel, goddamnit! lol. Yeah! I want that domain...www.imanangeldamnit.com, what do you think?)

I'd sing..but I can't...so I'll spare you that. Anyway, go tell her Happy Bdays, like I told you to. And buy her some of this.

Hmm...was I supposed to be writing on my novel? I apologize then, I'll get back to it.

My tummy hurts.


Well...I had a bad weekend.

I didn't get any writing done at all, and I got the joy of spending all of Saturday night in the ER. Tons of fun, that. I've got bad stomach problems, and around midnight it started to hurt...and by 2:30 I was really sick of it. So two sleepy tylenol (hate that stuff), and two showers later, in my jammies (my JAMMIES! But don't feel too bad for me, other people were there in their jammies too. If you squint good enough, it was almost like a slumber party.) I went to the ER.

To wait for five hours.

To throw up.

To feel much better (which always happens after I throw up), but wait another hour and a half.

::grumble:: At least the doctor was nice...and the floor was heated (They win points for that). But they took blood, those antiseptic smelling greedy little stethescope vampires.

With needles. Screw the tummy pain and the throwing up, the needles were the friggin' worst.

I am such a baby.

But on the up hand...I got to keep the ugly yellow so-you-can't-run-away captive ER bracelet. Perfect for any outfit or night on the town.

It even has my name on it.


What you doing?

Researching Plato's theories of Reincarnation for my novel.

Oh, Oh! I want play Play-dough!


I really need some coverstaion with someone who isn't two.

I guess TSW was completely wiped from it's server and the server won't contact Rick back about it. So we're moving TSW again. However, I talked to Rick last night about shutting down TMW until after the first of the year.

I need a break. I'm running the thing alone (Well, I've got help..but...still) and who know's when Cassie is coming back. Becides, if we closed for Nov. there would be no reason to open in Dec. because most of Dec. TSW is shut down for the holidays. It'll give me time to get other things done without spending that 2+ hours every day on TSW stuff.

And I could get all the pages redone.

Ooooo..new graphic sets.


So anywa, another thing I'm kinda happy about is OPIT got permission to do an investigation in a local school. They want us to keep it kinda low key. Lol..like we'll show up with 50 vans and space suits. More like a few people and some fun toys.

They've been having all sorts of things happen. People being touched and pushed, things moved or missing. They go into the gym and all the balls are all over, or they'll hear people playing in there at night. But the kicker?

They decided to give us permission when during a staff meeting a chair moved across the room by itself.

Hell yeah.


Ooo, Norbert evolved...or, whatever it is that his kind do.

Isn't he cute?

TSW is down, there is an Emerg. meeting tonight for staff...I don't know what's up, so I can't inform anyone out there until later tonight. Then I should know something, until then, please forward all comments, flames, and whines to the suggestion box located in the main lobby. :)

The NaNo novel is going alright...I keep getting distracted ::grin:: but it dosen't matter because it's fun nonetheless (I do that just to make you mad.)

Hot Lake? Monday. I fixed the script problems, only other thing that's been bothering me is setting up the library in a convenent yet spiffy way. I think I got it...for the most part. I also have another 30 rolls of film and 200 minutes of tape to upload, so...I'll be busy.

It's good for me, keeps me outta trouble.


Novel started today. Updates on that, or if you want to read it...you can on the NaNo page. Expect more mindless and useless crap from me this month.

Hot Lake isn't open, ended up with a big problem with a couple of scripts, lost some information. It'll be open soon.

Thats all...thank you, come again.