Savvy just messaged me, she wants to go this weekend and see Blood: The Last Vampire which looks like fun. I'm excited. Nothing says hello weekend like campy horror movies. It has Jun Ji-hyun in it, who is a fantastic actress from South Korea.

I'll let you know how it goes.
God is smiling down upon us today, our hot weather is gone replaced with lovely overcast breeziness and the thermometer topping out at about 64 degrees right now. Kins says she is freezing, but that is only because she's a crazy transplant from the south and anything below 85 is cold to her. Also, she's a big baby, but don't tell her I said that.

I'm working from home right now, purely because it's easier for me to get this work done on my own system, then the laptop and touch pad of death in the office. Also I can work in my PJ's. Not that I'm in my PJ's...I am in fact naked dressed, but the idea of working in my PJ's is just as relaxing.

Two of the 'mates are sleeping, one is still gone off gallivanting about. Banana is supposed to be home today, she's been gone since Friday. I actually haven't been in the same room with her for more then five minutes since last Wednesday. It's most likely because she hates my guts with a passion, it seems I inspire that in people by just living. I find it hysterical. I haven't seen any of my 'mates for very long since last Wednesday, come to think about it. I kind of miss their happy faces...or something like that.

I've got a ton of Red Cross stuff this week, I'm trying to get as many hours in as I can before I go back to The Book Place in two weeks(ish), because once that happens I'll be working to jobs, and I just won't be able to arrange the blocks of time they need. Our chapter is in need of super help, so if you're in my area and you've got some spare time this summer, give them a call. Also, if you can give up some tasty..er...important red stuff, you should do that too.


So cool and cloudy!

Today is a day for books,

And piles of laundry.

I've been working from home, and I took the weekend off, so I haven't been eating myself to death with delicious food at RG. I will be back there tomorrow though, and I'm not sure what I'll be trying but I'm sure whatever it is will be super tasty.


Have a safe and happy 4th of July Figments! And a special Happy Birthday to my bother, Buddy, who turns 16 today. Holy crap, where did all that time go? He is now legal to drive, and I am scared.