Oh....just on another note...I read The House of Fog and Sand (Sand and Fog?) It was very sad...good...but very sad. It made me cry. I'm such a baby.
I wanna go to Hot Lake.

I wanna go to Hot Lake.

(Insert whine here.)

The count down is on! Yes, oh yes. Only 78 days left to go. I don't know if I can make it. ::grins::

So, I looked up equipment prices. Because I'd like to have a whole bunch of nice new fun toys to take with me. Thermal imaging cameras run about 11 - 17k for starters. I think my jaw was on the floor for a good five minutes there. ::pouts:: Wouldn't it just be the best to have one? But there is no way I can get 17k up in two months just to blow on a camera. Unless...someone wants to donate to my cause. C'mon...I'll love you forever.

My Hot Lake page is still being trashed and retrashed. Someday I'll have it opened again. I'm just so darn picky. No pleasing me I guess. It's such a hard life...when you're the princess. ::grin::

Anyway...I'll babble more later...I've got constructive things to do! ::gasp::



I didn't get a whole lot done today. Worked...a little on my site. (Just a little!) I proof read a friends paper for her class tomorrow. ::nods:: On a weird book...I think I might pick it up and read it. Just for kicks n' giggles.

Well, I think I got dumped today. (Hence the tired typing...that...and it's 11:12 and I worked alot today.) I'm pretty sad about it, and a little angry. Stuffs up in the air...and I really hate that.

It's ok for people to throw all the responsiblity on me, and not take any for themselves. But then their angry with the choices I make. You can't have it both ways, it dosen't work like that. It's ok for them to show that it dosen't matter to them...but God forbid I be upset about something.

I'm a good person...and I try hard. I'm worth working on a relationship for aren't I?

What sucks the worst, is I honestly care about him.

I'm tired. I guess I'll leave it all up to tomorrow, and go to bed insted. I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep, but...I can try I guess.