TPC Prana: I like to be thourough
TPC Prana: I am borg
TPC Prana: resistance is futile
Rhea Rhyolin: I don't want to assimilate
Rhea Rhyolin: I mean, I love you and everything
Rhea Rhyolin: but...not that much
TPC Prana: lol
TPC Prana: you know you wanna be my drone bitch
Rhea Rhyolin: Yeah, I lust after your wrists

Yeah...I'm sorry


Someone found my site by searching for 'My childcare provider is discriminating against my child'

I'm tired....lol

I picked up that new job, so I've been doing alot of prep work to get it going. They don't know what exactly they want on the web site yet, so that's kind of holding things back from me getting it online. Arg-grr. lol.

I've also agreed to do childcare for a couple who have a child from my moms church. The Gov. will pay me, so it won't come out of their pockets, which is nice. She's a sweet kid. However, I have to go get fingerprinted before they'll pay me. WOO! I've never been fingerprinted before..this should be fun. (We all know I'm some heap big bad killer)

On other news, my mom got engaged! Yeah, great hu? Her ring is very pretty...lol. They've set the wedding date for July 7th...Donna is planning it, but I've decided to weasle my way in to helping, I love planning stuff..she dosen't get all the fun! (Donna is also planning her sons wedding for like four days after my moms..crazy woman) Yep..so Congrats to my mom, who dosen't read this. But congrats to her anyhow.


Happy Birthday Missa!

A very happy birthday to Missa :) Go over and wish her happy birthday alright? She's a great friend and an even better Perv. ;)


Um...I believe someone found my site while searching for 'Dinner Diapers'. I have a few questions for you.

1: What are Dinner Diapers, and why does my site come up with that search? (Why oh why?)
2: Who's idea was Dinner Diapers...are they diapers you wear at dinner? If so, that's sick.
3: Why were you searching for them? Do you wear them? Does someone you know wear them? Does someone I know wear them? Do I wear them and not know I wear them?

Just curious...
Congradu-freaking-lations to Jackiewakie of Jackiewakies Snow Pornage Childcare for winning Childcare Provider of The Year.

We are soooooooooooooo proud of you. (And that ain't wasn't no sarcasinim neither.)

Love ya Jackie.

On other topics, I've been incredablly busy. I picked up another client yesterday (No, not that kind of client, a website client.) fun yeah? Yep, I'm now the offical webmistress of The American Landlord Association. The site hasn't been propped yet, so you just have to wait. Words can't describe my feelings. ::Grins:: I was also asked if I would do bankrupsies and other fun things under one of their Sub.Sids that do collections and legal work for them, so sometime today I get to learn how to file BR's. Which is kind of kewl, I always like learning something new.

Learning is fun, and contrairy to popular belief, you can trust me with all your important matters.


Ally called me! ::does a happy dance:: I rarely get to talk to her so I'm always happy when I do. I got a letter from her too! Very kewl..she needs a computer though (now, right this second). ::sniffle::

My weekend was long...I got a opal ring and a necklace out of the jewelry party on Sunday though, here..wait...lookie:

My ring, nice yes? Yeah..ok, you can't see it very well..but anyway Donna gave it to me for helping with her party last month..and Robin told me to pick something out for helping last night. So I got jewelry. ::does a dance:: And it isn't even my birthday!


I've got Gummi Bears! I've got Gummi Bears! and yoo-ou don't...

Thank you, Mellie. ;)

The Pervert Club is back! Even if you don't read it, please stop by and tell me what you think of it's layout ok? I worked hard on it...::sniffles:: and I need someone to tell me I dun good! Because I'm a baby.

Thank you.


Gee, someone should have told me "Graveyard Boogies" graphics were broken. I would have fixed them..but NO, no one told me, and now I have to fix them!
Rain! It's back! I'm going to be sad when winter is over and the sun actually comes back out here in Oregon. (For like 80 days, that's about all we get. I think the stats are Oregon gets 130 days total a year of sun. Everything else is rain or overcast. Gotta love it. Well, this part of Oregon anyway.) I love the rain, it's relaxing and comforting and refreshing. Winter rain is alot different then Summer rain, but I like them both. The only problem with Winter rain is you can't walk around in it quite as much, because it's so darn cold. Yeah..I love the rain, and it's not just because I like being wet either. Jesh, thats sick, where do you come up with this stuff?


I love frogs, can you tell? Here's my newest his name is Stumpy...his tag says so.

So, I've reserved our stores website (well, our soon to be store when we (erm I) get the business plan done and we get to the fun bank for a loan. Send me 'give Jamie money for a store' vibes ok?) so now I get to do layout and the fun part...STUFF for the store!

So, if any of you out there have seen really great hand made stuff, or have a not-so well known product you swear by, or something you'd like to see in a giftshop. (Our shops going to be a combination metaphysical/Halmark, it'll be kewl) Please please send it my way, I need all the stuff I can get my greedy little hands on. Please?
ALLYSON WAITS! (Don't make me use your full name, I can! I will!) Write me back! I know you're out there, I see you slinking around. You've left COMMENTS! Woman! Call me or write me or SOMETHING! ::hyperventalates:: Don't you check your email? ::has a heart attack and dies::

There...are you happy now?
I saw the cutiest thing yesterday morning. There is a Rhody bush that sits right up against my house, and most of the branches are right up against my bedroom window. Well, yesterday morning I got up, and I heard all this twittering so I go and look out my window, and in the Rhody bush was probably about one hundred tiny, fat, adorable little birdies eating the bugs off the bush. It was so cute! I watched them for about 30 minutes (which was why I was late to work, honest..) and then the damn crows scared them away. I'm hoping they come back tomorrow, I want to get pictures. They came right up to the window and everything, it was great!

My cats watched them too, and stretched up against the window, and meowed, and meowed, and gave me 'Please let me outside so I can chase birdie' looks. For those of you who are worried, no..I didn't let them out.

Michael thinks I'm cool. I feel so special. (It's the little things, you know..)


I'm dying in 45 years, at least according to the soap in my bathroom. Yeah..I'm weird, but it's not like the soap said it. I was messing with a bar of soap, bending it, and according to how many seconds it took to break was how many years I've got left in this stink hol..er...in this magnificant life. ::grins:: So, go find some soap that's half gone in your bathroom and see how long you've got left. If you're croaking soon...can I have your computer?
The Shane Co. is really pushing buying someone an engagement ring for Val Day. I'm sitting here listening to the radio and have probably heard the Advert. at least six times in the last hour. Too bad they can't tailor normal radio to each listener. I don't want to hear about engagement rings, no ones buying me one. I wish someone would by me one, or any ring, or flowers, or chocolate, or boiled cabbage...I'm not picky! But no...no one loves me. It's just all so damn sad. ::grin::